I’m on Observation Duty 4

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See you in the game soon!

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your average russian santa

The entire markiplier community is on observation duty for a new video.

    تعليم معدات ثقيلة Learn to drive

    ❤❤❤😂😂Enjoy watching the loader excavator congratulated





Pop Culture Data

Markiplier has to use 99% of his big brain whenever he plays I’m on Observation Duty games


    You mean 1 percent

    Seagoing Berry81

    ​@lizquine It’s either a bit or a troll to get you to go through like 5 channels and 15 videos, along with 20 other comments before it ends.


    he needs 100% to identify if something is inside or outside the house

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    Bro when will markibro will play resident evil 4 remake

    cat cat

    @ChancieMationYTits a bot trying to use reverse phycology
    I T S A L W A Y S A B O T >:(

The Pickle Armada

“I will never do this again” thanks mark cant wait to see you in part five!


    @Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma when he’s not so incredibly busy i assume

    Just claws



    Ong bro but to be honest I do like him playing this game.😂


41:00 The dramatic irony of Mark’s cocky laughter as he presses “Parlor” at the end of the video is *_immaculate_*

    (: :)

    ​@Phoebus i don’t see it


    @(: 🙂 The black circle that move (Pupil) have a pair on the right side to see the giant face

    Tane’ Bree

    Lmfao I legit cackled when he did that. Sitting there in all his prideful glory and then immediately shot into “NOOOOOOOO😢”

Logan Lindon

“I forgot about the concept of outside” Mark is so relateable

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    Bro when will markibro will play resident evil 4 remake


    @Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma He is currently filming a movie so he said that he wont make videos on long games for now and would post some videos that he has recorded but not posted yet (i think this is one of the pre recorded ones).
    so yea i think he wont play re4 remake anytime soon.
    also sry for bad english i am not a native speaker.

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    @Yozzled ho ok bro thanks


    touch grass? what’s grass?


I want Mark to play with Sean so they can gaslight themself and scream at each other 😂💀

    Shikari Fox

    With Evelien pointing everything out to them


    ​@TippyHippy what made you compelled to tell us that…?

    Daniel Peña

    WHAT MOVED!!!!!

    Fork God’s Descendant

    Imagine how funny it would be if one of them tries to make the other lose on purpose by denying the anomalies.

    “I KNOW that dinner plate didn’t have a butter knife in it.”

    “It DID! I’ve been eyeing them every time you switch to this camera!

    “No no no… You’re messing with me.”

    “No! Come on, man! Pay attention!”

    “I HAVE been paying attention! And I think, YOU’RE LYING.”

Jaded and Empty

Mark: I’m a genius!
Also Mark, 3 seconds later: I’m boned.


Mark is the only person alive who could make me watch a sponsorship and enjoy it

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    Bro when will markibro will play resident evil 4 remake

    Suzanne A

    I like Mark and Ryan Reynolds too.

    Todd Vogel

    You’ve never watched a Lazerpig video then. His sponsorship reads are sometimes the funniest part of the whole video.


    Seriously though. Who would download Dislyte?


The amount of times mark didn’t see the rug in the kitchen missing 😂 I was wishing I was able to let him know

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    Bro when will markibro will play resident evil 4 remake

Coz Porter

I hope Lixian is also enjoying these Observation Duty videos. I wonder if he’s also pointing out things Mark missed without needing to look them up like us in the comments

JennyJen -JJ-

After all these years, I still find Mark hilarious 😂


Mark screaming bcuz he didn’t realize that the ‘outside’ option was a thing was too funny


The reason i like this series is that Mark actually put effort into playing this and using his God level brain for once. 😂

Rachel Bee

mark is the kind of person who would want to do this on livestream for the help but is too damn stubborn to let anyone else help him


I can’t wait for the next episode.
EDIT: It’s good to see Mark gradually get better. Not so good to see him lose all that knowledge when he plays the next time.

Tech Gaming

Nothing like standing all night in a broken elevator with the homies.

Tech Gaming

Such an interesting concept delivered so well without the need of jumpscares to be scary

    Prathyudhan Reddy Dharma

    Bro when will markibro will play resident evil 4 remake

Tech Gaming

Just imagine Mark looking at everything in his house after this like: “Was that always like that?”


Tomorrow it will be exactly 11 years of Markiplier on YouTube. 11 years since his first YouTube video. I can’t believe it’s been so long.

Wallace Whitfield

I like how Mark almost never takes a sponsorship, at least here on YouTube, but when he finally does he makes a goddamn cinematic short with it. Just this sponsorship has me hyped for his upcoming movie.

    ᴍᴇꜱꜱᴀɢᴇ ᴍᴇ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ👉@Official_Markiplier001


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