Ultimate Chicken Horse – Lui’s Favorite Game of Sabotage!

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    wolven tiger

    I’ve been playing a while my name is ZombieSlong



    تعليم معدات ثقيلة Learn to drive

    Enjoy watching the loader excavator congratulated❤😂🚜😸❤️🚜😸❤️

Mike Lee

This is literally my favorite game of all time. Glad you guys are enjoying it

    bomer doomer

    Vanoss and his crew should revisit ALL the games that they played back then.
    Just imagine the amount of *content* that was forgoten due to age

    Immortal Warriors

    I love this game to


    my favorite game of all time is dodge mortar shell coming at you at mach speeds


    I love the pain

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Hi guys


Lui has always been secretly chaotic


Vanoss vibing with the homies never gets old, glad to see them vibe in this 2016 classic



    Most Hated Most Wanted

    Note this is old videos

    lorenzo P

    More like 2014 classic

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    If you say 2016 is nostalgic, I’m an old man already..


Anyone else always watch Chilled play this? This game is a certified classic


    ChilledChaos? man i saw McNasty’s model in one of the Gmod videos the other day and was like “NO WAY IS THAT CHILLED?!” 😔😔😔

    SalSa Official

    @Spimbles yeah, that Chilled.


    @Turnip Crazy Oh yeah, I remember them. They have like 150 videos of UCH

    Bailey Duvall

    @Turnip Crazy Stumpt Gang Beasts were the best videos

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


Moth Girl Hina

Dude there’s no way? This was such a great game back in the day and it is awesome to see the crew playing this together! Hope you upload more of this in the future, I guarantee there will be some rage quit moments…

Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Vanoss with the boys playing a game where you can sabotage your friends will never not be amazing and hilarious.

    Source 3nergy

    Shut it bot


Vanoss: *plays a new game*

Also Vanoss: What guns do we start with?


lui’s laugh is so contagious 🤣


Lui chose this game so he could effortlessly 1 up everyone else. He had what? 5 years to practice for this moment? Haha.


    I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture


    @TippyHippy 😭😭😭 WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT

    Kim x

    @MackCheeses imagine dude was dying to get this confession out so he just let it out on youtube

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    I had an Guineapig and threw it out the window to see if it could fly …. It didn’t 😢🪦🪦

The 8th Degree

I am both shocked that Vanoss is playing UCH, and surprised that it took this many years for him to play it 😂

Alex Fliearman

Honestly surprised it took them this long to find this game. It fits them so well

Brayden Adkins

After a decade, vanoss is finally sponsored by COD


Vanoss playing Ultimate Chicken Horse? This is literal my dream!


Their unique deaths each round had me cracking up

Richie Alba

I legit just played this two nights ago for the first time and it is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. I’m so glad the Vanoss Crew has also given it a try

Cameron McDonald

It makes me happy to see lui being back in all these “recent” videos

Edit name

Crazy how I started watching this dude 9 years ago with his friends on gmod and he hasn’t changed a bit


I love that they are bringing the old classics back.Keep it going

Sumit Joshi

I wanted you lot to play this game for so long, so happy to see you guys enjoying it.

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