Alienware m18 Review: A Massive 18-Inch Gaming Laptop

With a giant screen and Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, this is about as powerful as gaming laptops get.

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Alienware m18 Review: A Big and Bold Gaming Beast

00.00 Intro
00.35 The specs of the Alienware m18
01.51 Alienware m18 vs Razer Blade 18
03.21 The 18 inch screen
04.15 Performance
05.52 Alienware command center
06.49 Cooling system
08.01 Conclusions

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channelclosingastrollshave followedmeherefromwork

32g ram wthhhh… I had a Toshiba 32gig ram 20 years ago 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


    No you didn’t.

    Vector Pacer

    Most intellectual indian

    channelclosingastrollshave followedmeherefromwork

    @DIGITALDOM OK it was 16 and I moved the partition to use 16g of virtual ram also.


Laptop sounds amazing looks cool. But the fact they offer a 32gb in 2023 no thanks and they shouldn’t have that in 2023 🤦🏾‍♂️




    I’m so confused. Is 32GB bad?




Terrible review due to very limited technical testing and such

    Dead OG

    It’s typical of cnet 😒

    Venka Dx

    The way he holds wasd keys and the mouse … uff feels like a business laptop review


RIP off, $3500 for a 4090 gpu that has been proven to be lacking and considerably so, against its desktop brother….these types of gaming laptops…i dont know who they are for, why buy a laptop gpu, that is very expensive, but quite far behind in terms of specs of its desktop equal…its pointless. Get a steam deck, i use xcloud streaming my game pass, you got everything you need and save 3k cash.


    Because not everyone stays at home … people travel and are willing to make the compromise … or maybe they can afford both …

    Or maybe they use it for work that requires a higher performance machine


    I hate game streaming, feels very unresponsive. It may be fine for an RPG or so, but not from Doom, Competitive Gaming etc. Additionally, I find that a ATX or Large ITX tower Fall out of fashion. There is nothing sleek anymore with this monster 4090 RTX cards. Honestly I would love my MacBook Pro to be able to play more games, since Steam Deck is nice, but no Age of Empires or Blizzard Games, looking at you Diablo 4. So for me Gaming Laptop is the only option to have something which looks sleek, can be moved away while not in use and I can bring whereever on my business trips.

Beau Croom

Somebody at cnet PLEASE tell me when they FINALLY make a laptop with a 17” OLED display (the asus zenbook doesn’t count)


i wish see more gaming tests


Wish the Razor Blade 18 would hit a bit a lower price point. 1500.- difference at the moment for very similar specs.

Sir John

Just Buy Macbook Air M2 for portability and Buy a Win Desktop or Xbox/PS for Gaming.
Gaming Laptops are garbage.

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