I’m the Second Person to Touch This – ROG Ally Preview

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Asus ROG is entering the ring with their own Zen4 RDNA3 handheld, the ROG Ally, and we've got an early look at it. We won't know the price until closer to launch, but so far it's pretty impressive.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:55 Physical Aspects
2:50 Buttons/Triggers/Joysticks
4:02 Performance
5:00 Display
6:40 Fan Noise and Speakers
8:25 IO
9:40 XG Mobile
11:40 Raikiri Pro and Charging Brick
12:30 Gaming at 4K
13:40 Competition
15:04 Conclusion
16:46 Outro




If this thing isn’t absurdly expensive I’m interested, but it almost certainly is going to cost more than double the steamdeck.

    Dan Loeb

    @Unknown Streamer considering the high refresh rate, more powerful soc, advanced thermals, this is absolutely not an $800 device. this is $1k

    Dan Loeb

    @zen strata it does have double the fps at 720/800p. linus was running horizon at 1080.


    Dave2D said its comparable or something along the lines, if its like $500 its well worth it

    Dan Loeb

    @TheFurymaker comparable to competitors, which are mostly in the $650-800 range. i expect this to be $899 minimum based on the performance and display specs though.

Ricardo Sanchez

The fact that they’re not giving out the price of that item already tells me it’s going to be really expensive


    @Nathan Juan sure, but my point is you’re one of very very few people that would


    @Asphalt proof?

    Nathan Juan

    @KoilBooly Its like buying phones and watches. There is a $300-$500 phones and there is $1k phones there is a cheaper versions but more people buys the $1k phones same with an $800 apple watch ultra there is a cheaper watch but a lot of people still buys the $800 watch people buy iphones even tho there is a lot of cheaper phones out there. A lot of people wants the greatest specs wheather its more expensive or not as long as it delivers what the asking price of the device. Also this ROG will be available worldwide unlike in steam deck that is not available in other countries so there is an alternative for countries that doesn’t sell steamdeck.


    1299.00 😉


    @Nathan Juan that’s a different industry with a different profit margin. It costs way more for tech than watch parts dude. My point is the cost relative to profit and cost to consumer creates a small window for them to find their market. Steam deck will sell more and be more approachable, just like how the switch made its mark in the mainstream


I’m probably not going to spend more than a steam deck costs on a mobile gaming platform but I’m glad to see more options becoming available.

    Nathan Juan

    @Johan Ariotedjo Oh really? Care to tell me what a watch do? Show the time which a smartphone can do, Can track your fitness which a smartphone can do, Do GPS. Which a smartphone can do, Do payments which a smartphone can also do. I’d say its more of a waste to spend a $800 watch than a $800 portable PC. Hey a $300 – $400 phone can do all this things as well but they prefer to buy a $1k-$2k phone.

    Confined Spiral

    I mean phones can play fortnite so these handheld “PCs” are pretty useless

    Eddie P

    You get what you pay for

    Russ H

    @GeneRaxz As someone who played at 30fps for wayyy too long before buying something that can run 60fps i’d say it’s easily worth twice the money. Online shooter games are basically unplayable at 30fps and are perfectly fine at 60. IMO anyway.


    ​@MrAdminaras they’re honestly the only ones who are actually able to focus on pricing as how they did. Mainly due to the fact that they know they can make the losses back Via Steam

senaka patel

I kind of felt like Asus would eventually come out with something. Here’s to hoping for a good competition between Asus and Valve! Will force brands alike GPD to become more competitive with their options.

    keven boucher

    Yeah same here surely they did see the massive success with the steam deck and wanted to make a portable device to

    But if they want to make some competition with valve they need to put a competitive price tag because if they don’t that will flop and also if we can’t upgrade it really much like the steam deck that will flop harder

    rick mcintosh

    I thought dell would but I am happy to see this.


    @rick mcintoshthey’ll probably revive that ufo handheld prototype from 2020 pretty soon now that all these other handhelds are out

    Saka Moto

    @keven boucher it’s a bot comment.

Edward Harley

Even though I bought the top Steam Deck, I still think I got good bang for my buck at so much under 1k. I usually just play mine in bed at night, with metroidvanias, 2d sandboxes, and 2d souls likes, and it does the job really well. This thing will depend very much on the real world/production unit and how much it’ll end up costing, but I am glad there’s so much variety in such units now.


I keep seeing these things and my first thought always comes back to the amount of input on the stem deck. I really love the touch pads, motion sensors and all the buttons. I can play just about any game even if the game doesn’t have controller support. Would be hard for me to give that up, but maybe not everyone.

    Serge Kamel

    @Sophie Edel “most games” source: “trust me bro”

    Sophie Edel

    @Serge Kamel Every game that has any sort of DRM, and Steam is full of those since it’s a DRM platform, have had issues with Steam Deck. On this Asus I will be able to install GoG without compatibility issues. Most people do not want to spend hours tinkering with a device, most people have a life, do you understand that?

    Serge Kamel

    @Sophie Edel leave it to the internet weirdo to talk about “having a life”. If you cannot be bothered to tweak a setting for 2 minutes on most titles to get it to run well on steam deck, then by all means go buy your 1k+ gadget. I’ve had the steam deck for half a year now, and was able to play virtually every game i’ve wanted to. Even titles with a proprietary launcher and/or DRM have had increased support or ways to get around performance issues over the lifetime of this console. My point stands that “most games dont work all that well on steam deck” is factually false, and very much a you problem.

    Sophie Edel

    @Serge Kamel Have you actually used a Steam Deck? I DO NOT want to be locked into the Steam OS. Playing my GoG games would require wiping the Steam Deck, buying a Windows key, installing Windows…and hoping the games work. Why would I go through all that trouble when other devices like this Asus, and many others, this works out of the box.

    Cthulhu’s Chosen

    @Sophie Edel Um heroic launcher will allow you to play gog/epic games, and before that lutris did just that also technically you don’t even need gog to play gog games on steam deck but its still an option with lutris to install gog.

    edit:also you can stream if you have decent internet

    edit 2:not judging you just correcting misinformation

John Avitable

I love how Linus always said “I’m not supposed to do this but I’m gonna do it anyways” and now the vendors send someone out with the device to make sure he doesn’t lol


    All he does with that attitude is cost extra money.

    Kyon Black

    ​@CtuchikIt’s his own money, so he gets to do whatever he wants with it. Plus him doing things he shouldn’t makes for good content.

    Typh Vam

    @Ctuchik oh no the shekels!

    Milamber Hague

    exactly lol ……

    D. Panda

    @Ctuchik Nah he makes more. And the vendors know he will do it, they give it to him regardless bc its great publicity.


At first I was like “man I shouldn’t have gotten a steam deck” then I realize there is no way this will be $500 CAD


    I will be shocked if this thing comes in under $900.00

    James Brendan

    @V3ntilator but not everyone plays those games….
    Also, Steam Deck can run Windows.

    Your Majesty

    512GB – $649
    1TB – $899

    Degenerate Pervert

    It’s gonna be like $1k+ like all the other clones.

    mista maog

    ​@Jatin The good thing about the base model is you can easily put in a bigger SSD inside, especially with how much cheaper they’re getting.

deleted deleted

The one thing that makes the steam deck better than any competition is the touchpads, before using them I didn’t think much of them, after using them I refuse to give them up


    It’s an absolute must for games that uses a cursor, so any strategy/RTS/management game, and even for shooters combining it with a high-sens gyro is superior to a dual-stick setup and no longer requires aim assist to even function properly. A handheld console that basically plays the same as an xbox console isn’t really as exciting as the handheld PC that steamdeck manages to be.

    HenryViii Fake

    @Vesde How do you know that? Wouldn’t that depend entirely on being able to wash the existing Aya Neos and OneX Players of the world (because nobody’s competing with the Steamdeck on price)?


    Steam Deck also comes with Linux which is an improvement for user privacy and often performance.

    Sophie Edel

    @toastal Steam on Linux is full of DRM. I prefer GoG on Windows.


    Same. The touchpads are to die for for navigation of screens


I might actually go for this thing. I like asus products and I didn’t want to lock myself in to a first-gen steamdeck so if this is significantly faster I consider that good enough to try out instead of waiting for a 2nd-gen steamdeck.


I’m excited to see this space develop. For a while it seemed like it was just retro hand held enthusiasts emulators but now it’s rrally becoming a form I like

Shani Ace

The quiet fans are quite impressive and make this device stand out. I would really like to see a full comparison with the GPD Win4.
I’m gonna get that one soon, simply because of the keyboard, and use it as my main PC (replacing my laptop).
I think this is an aspect most people are not aware of in this product category; being able to carry your computer with you anywhere (without needing a backpack) and still have that high performance at home (Ryzen 6800U + eGPU via USB4) is an unbeatable perk. It’s what the future should look like and what I’ve dreamed of since the first UMPCs (like Vaio UX) came out in 2006.

    Eren Kotan

    I got rid of my GPD Win Max because the fans are super loud. My Steam Deck is also noisy, has poor battery life and the screen isn’t great, only passable.

    Still waiting for an OLED PC handheld with decent battery life.


This Obviusly is gonna cost at least like x3 times the Steam Deck soo I don’t know…


    According to Asus it won’t be expensive. It’s supposed to be in same market as Steam Deck.

    Sophie Edel

    It will likely cost a bit more. But it also runs Windows out of the box, which will allow you to install GoG, Epic Store, emulators, etc. Steam Deck is like Apple, it tries to lock you into their OS.

    Your Majesty

    512GB – $649
    1TB – $899


    @Sophie Edel Steam literally released windows drivers for the steam deck. They don’t lock you into anything. Many people dual boot windows on their steam deck


Very cool but will no doubt be absurdly expensive! And I imagine it’s insane if you include the external gpu.

Rik Koningen

Steam deck quiet mod would be a good thing to look into, noticing the noise is an issue to you. I use a steam deck daily, can’t afford higher end. Am an IT handiman, I may just look into doing that myself, but a video from here would be really cool to use as a starting point. I may just do some experimenting with old work crap we have. Would definitely be a cool project…

Tel San

You can make a steamdeck whisper quiet by repasting the APU, adding a JSAUX backplate and then add the plug-in fantastic to lower the fan RPM thresholds. I’ve done this to mine for a total of about £30 and now it barely ramps up, if ever. My deck has a few years in yet before I’ll consider an upgrade, especially with the value proposition of deck vs the competition which is still has not been beaten.


I really hope this category stays alive and healthy. I love my steam deck so much I can’t imagine going back to life without it.

The King of Potatoes

Not really a steam deck competitor, but its gonna be really interesting seeing it compete against what Ayaneo is bringing out


I am looking forward to hearing more about the Ally in the future!

Prashant Patel

Regardless of the price, I am gonna have this one. Got lot of Asus RoG products and none of them have put me off yet. Hats off. Thanks heaps mate for reviewing this. You are a well knows legend. Love from NZ.

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