This Voice is Entirely AI…

I have a theory about this generative AI

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Jody Kurdi

Plot twist: this isnt even MKBHD’s voice.

    joobin ordoobody

    @Majd Bro the guy is entirely AI generated didn’t you know that!?


    Double plot twist: this whole video is generated by AI.

    Also I feel in the future there will be groups of vigilantes who’ll sneak garbage into the training data to save us from AI overlords.

    John Lafitte

    I honestly thought that’s what it was going to be based on the title 😂

    Good Minso

    Yeah right it sounds kinda weird😂

    Antionne Ball

    Bruh…Doooooon’t do that! Cause now I’m really questioning everything! OMG! 😭😭😂😂😂


Imagine the world in 20 years, Marques looking back at this video and going “heh, I can’t imagine I actually used to sit and talk in front of a camera”

    Lets Think

    more like 5 years lol

    Karl Flick

    I don’t think it’s going to take that long — I think about 2 years max. I spent the whole video watching Marques’ lips thinking that the audio was probably AI reading a transcript in his faked voice.

    Rodolpho’s Tech channel

    Hopefully not.


Maybe AI can generate a new System of a Down album since I’ve been waiting nearly 20 years 😅

    Иван Зарков

    Ok… you won, todays best comment 😀

    Johnny Banana

    Check “Manapart” band, they sound like SOAD.


    it can and it will


    @Johnny Banana woah, I could kiss you right now


    Make me 10,000 hours of new SOAD music!

Jacques Slade

The technology is moving fast and this is pretty wild.


    Technology is way further then people think it is


    @RawBot nonsense


    so imagine the revenue it’ll bring >:)

    Random YouTube Acts • 6M views • 2 years ago

    You are goddam right

    Dmitriy Volobaev

    I really love idea with levels. You can help. There are more levels. We all need to learn asap – for example channel of Robert Miles can be great to understand that the issue is real thing.

    level 1 and 2 is about “they took our jobs”
    3 is about “it took our lives”
    4 is about “there is no future any longer – we are outdated and join 99% of extinct species”

Yan Garza

witnessing all this develop in real time is totally crazy and I don’t think it’s totally sunk in for me personally


I was so nervous the entire video, waiting for him to tell us that his own voice was really an AI dub. Now I can finally exhale.

    Kgaugelo Mfene

    “So, I have been using this AI dubbed voice for about 3 weeks now…..” 🤯

    Prathmesh Hambire

    ​@hiddendrifts Agreed

    Michael Schneider

    Upvoted your comment – just to realize, it was vote number 666!


    I was waiting for it the all time


The more people can’t tell the difference between what’s real and what’s AI-generated, the more people will revert back to live and face to face interactions.

    Caloy Diaz

    @Xenoni I ❤ this. I hope most people will go this way. ☺️

    2020dustindustin dont worry

    That’ll be a good thing. The small minority will go back to face to face interactions. The vast majority will merge with A.I to become human 2.0.

    Rylac Zero

    I agree, real life interactions matters more to me now.


    idk man, if AI gets so advanced it can even deepen the social problem – AI girlfriends, AI entertainment. Any news will be so difficult to acknowledge as real… our society might get more miserable

Steve from Boston

A friend of mine is suffering from ALS and he recently lost his ability to speak. He used AI to synthesize a version of his voice and it was so real I literally wept when I heard his voice again.

    Luka O

    how about bringing people back to life based on audio, video and content of their recorded conversations and interactions with other people before they passed? Creating an avatar with whom you can talk… Sounds like a good business idea. Is there a company that does that?

    2020dustindustin dont worry

    @René Some sort of digital implant or mark that synthesizes with your real digital I.D.


    ​@Luka O neuralink is claiming to do something similarly but instead of voices, videos etc. they’ll be using the person’s whole brain. But i can’t see that happening anytime soon.


    What program is he using? 😮 I could use that.


This is what you feel when you feel that the world is passing you by. AI will make everyone feel out of touch with what’s going on; it’s moving so fast that even people tapped into tech and current events are like: “wait, what?”


We grew so reliant on digital communication so quickly and deemed it trustworthy…now we’re going back to only trusting what a video or audio depicts if you were there to witness it in person.

    Alex Dubois

    A solution could be the inclusion of digital signature in the raw input (microphone, camera). The creator would have to also add the raw input (because if you modify it it breaks the signature). What is scary is level 2 but applied subtly so that it is not wacky. You can easily sway people’s opinions


    @Alex Dubois Clever people would find a way around that. There’s no solution. The world isn’t united enough for regulation and bad actors would ignore them anyway.

    Youtube Pizzer

    video’s still got years at least man, photos and audio are conceptually simple and easy to fool but our eyes are trained to be really really good at detecting when motion and changes in an environment look artificial

    Mamma Jamma

    There’s generative AI for video too. Remember the whole deepfake issue from a couple years ago?

    Lekhaka Ananta

    @Dan No, it’s mathematically impossible to find a way around that (in that sense at least). If you cryptographically sign it, there’s no way for fakes to forge a cryptographic signature unless they steal your key, which is a different problem. The only way to compromise it is to break the security system, not by faking more convincing content.

    Alex’s proposal is basically calling for the world to adopt public-key cryptography widely, and have a social norm of only trusting things signed cryptographically. Which is theoretically a fine solution. Personally I’m disappointed we don’t have such norms already. For example, all emails could be encrypted at the protocol level, but they’re not!

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

It’s only a matter of time before A.I will be able to scrub through your entire channel, view every video you ever released, learn your voice, the way you present yourself, your exact look, etc……and then be able to tell it to make a MKBHD video and tell it what you want it to be about, and then it spits out a video for the channel, looking like it was a genuinely recorded and edited by you and your team, even though it was all secretly done by A.I.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in less than 10 years, you can just go to an A.I website, tell it something like: “Make an MKBHD video about the Samsung Galaxy S30.” And then it spits out a video that looks like you genuinely made it yourself. I’m telling you now, it’s only a matter of time before that becomes a legitimate reality!


    Yup. When people talk about the ”AI apocalypse”, they imagine all kinds of Terminator scenarios. But in reality I think it’s going to be a future where it will be impossible to tell if any content or comment was made by a human or AI, hence making the entire social media space as we know it today, useless.

    Rylac Zero

    Everyone is scared and they should be. A great wave of change is coming and it will take away many livelihoods with it.

    Jitesh Gawali

    Interesting and totally imaginable


    10 years? You can literally do this today with technology that runs on your home desktop.

    John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    @Mewcancraft I know it won’t take 10 years… is advancing too fast. I just used that as an example. But, if it’s possible right now, I’d love for you to do it to show us how it’s done lol. I’m sure Military and Giant corporations have the technology to do it now …..but the average person is still quite some time away from being able to do it themselves lol. Although I do agree it will definitely be possible in less than 10 years.


The thing that concerns me the most is that the way these generative AI are trained. Marques talked about making tools that can detect whether any content is AI generated or not. The reality is that such tool exist. And the worst part is that these AI are trained using that tool itself. During training, the goal of such AI model is to generate an image which fools that tool.

So, it is kind of a feedback loop. The more better that tool will become, the more human like content will the AI generate.

David Harmeyer

Tools to detect ai content are very hard to create. Unless you’re looking at something other than the final product, the AI was trained by looking for patterns in itself vs. it’s data set, and then trying to remove all these patterns entirely. If you can easily detect AI vs. Non-AI, you’ve just shown the AI exactly how to improve.

    Samiullah Khan

    Is it like decrypting a pretty complex encryption algorithm

Astro Boy

This is even scarier considering the fact that a massive wave of Ai generated model accounts on Instagram are taking over, I came a model who I’d seen on a different account with a different name, age and location, with subtle facial distinctions, but they looked so similar, So I started investigating and noticed how they all take pictures at night with the same generic pose. They have 20k plus followers, and the masses don’t even know they aren’t real.


IMO your theory deeply resonates with the plot of Ex Machina: they develop a reversed Turing Test, in which both the protagonist and the viewer are aware of the mechanical nature of the robot, but its human likeness is soo perfect that we are pushed to ignore its true nature, empathize with the machine, fall in love with it and free it from its cruel creator! Super interesting movie btw, highly recommend


i’d say the song’s example was a mix of ai with regular music production. many artists get their voice tuned by a producer before their recordings make it to the final song. this feels no different for me.

but just the ai spitting out ready-to-use results will take a while i suppose. but even with some effort into level 1 stuff, you can achieve a lot right now.

Rio Cahyadi

As a newbie graphic designer, this whole AI thing is really scary. I have heard so many of my friend lost their client because of AI generated artwork.

I don’t hate AI completely but i wish AI are used to support mankind to be better, not trying to replace us.


    AI can definitelly replace some parts of graphic design because some goals don’t require a very specific touch. Imo casual graphic design for T-Shirts is gonna be replaced by AI because it only needs a guy who understands trends and can type some prompts well… and a guy who can explain why a design is good/bad


I wanna let you know that Amazons AWS55X made it this year. What better way to start a global change? Don’t get me wrong I know they are not like altruists or something but they keep doing the right thing to improve the situation, power the ecomonmy and so much more. We need players like them and we can always jump in the train at good spots such as this one


    2000 likes, no comments on a bitcoin post… nothing shady about that.

    Arshad Siddiqui



    Speaking of bots…


I hope you are right about AWS55X? Thanks for the super educational video. Keep up the good work buddy


    yeah, no.


Btw, a side note on the tools that can detect AI (Context from someone who works in ML) : They would only help for a little while and then those tools might actually do the opposite of helping. A popular form of generative AI is called a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) which is where you have 2 AI’s, a detector AI and a Generator AI and they both learn at the same time and the Generator tries to beat the detector and vice versa. If we build advanced AI detection tools, people could train the generative models in a GAN style with those detection tools until they improve to be able to beat the detectors. Which, unfortunately, makes it a pretty tricky problem.

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