AMD Deceived Us… and YOU – Ryzen 7 7800X3D Review

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Hey! We got this one out on time! AMD already introduced their fancy 3D V-Cache tech to their Zen 4 series of Ryzen processors with the 7900X3D and the 7950X3D, but this is the one that everyone is waiting for. The follow-up to their so-good-its-a-problem-for-AMD 5800X3D. Can AMD bottle lightning twice? Can they take down the mighty 13900K, the king of Intel Core processors? …Something is making me think that Intel might be developing a fear of thunder…

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
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0:00 Intro
1:09 V-Cache
2:30 1080 Results
3:17 Why it beats 79xxX3D
4:50 1440 Results
7:00 AMD Chicanery
8:37 4K Results
9:26 Productivity
10:03 Power Consumption
11:24 Market Placement
13:29 Outro




why do these reviews never test simulation speed? like stellaris, civ6, hoi4 (maybe even football manager?)… It’s one of the main strengths of this cpu pretty much no one knows about.

There’s a test that exists where a 5900x is put up against a 5800x3d. The 5800x3d destroyed the 5900x in stellaris speed, simulating 25-30% more days in the same amount of time. If this happens with alot of similar games, then this CPU could be a gamechanger for alot of people, but no one seems to explore this further.

I still see people recommending non x3d chips for these type of games, because of “higher single clocks”‘ and I think alot of people are still making this mistake. Hoping to see someone test this extensively someday, but here we are 1 year later, and still no one has.

edit: please stop saying “no one plays those games” FM23 & civ6 alone make up of 110k players rn on steam. That’s not counting any of the total war games or paradox games, or any other simulation/grand strategy game… (which is probably another 200k+ total)


    @Yoshie and you “literally” didn’t read my comment.


    Tbf Stellaris is not multi threaded properly

    Адис Джумадылов

    @Chives You can still offset randomness by making more tests but as you said, probably too much effort. Cities:Skylines doesnt have randomness tho

    Colin Knapp

    Because what you are seeing is companies using single threads in sim games but that likely won’t continue forever.


    idk its always bugged me as someone who plays total war civ alot would my 4090 with a 7950x still doesnt get the highest fps ultra settings total war i always look at reviews hoping they cover my games but they dont, would be awesome to play total war in 4k 120


AMD’s naming scheme is like when you get to high school and suddenly math has letters


    @Peter Henrik Aslak Petersen Yes. But product names aren’t computors 😁

    Alief Fauzan Rizky

    ​@B.G.K TeamMe too 😂


    @Brian Brown Yea, which shows how Intel has an even more confusing naming scheme lol.


    @B.G.K Team Same, but the letters in 7/8th grade are just friendly. The ones in later grades are aggressive, downright evil.

    Huai Jun Ku

    … high school?

Kristof K

This CPU with the extra cache is an absolute monster for World of Warcraft up to 30% extra frames

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    Doesn’t WoW already run on a potato?


    @Cracky wow is over 15 years old…but you realize it constantly gets updated right


    30% compared to what? It’s no good stating a percentage increase when you have no baseline reference to compare the percentage increase from. i.e. 30% increase compared to a last gen flagship? or 30% compared to a 10 year old CPU?


    Tetris runs so well with it too.


    This CPU with the extra cache is an absolute monster for World of Warcraft up to 1000000000000000000000000000000% extra frames. (tested retail with a 1 core old pentium vs classic wow with a 7800x3d, statement still correct)

Bruno Ribeiro

The way Linus completely obliterated Paulo Coelho 🐰 was something to behold

    Manu Toniotti

    indeed, I cringed a bit


    As a Portuguese speaker I paused the video and go back just to hear again hahaha Linus destroyed the pronunciation hahaha

    Of course not his fault… but it was funny! 🤣

    Logojan Gruia

    @1ZeeN I’m Romanian, and even I cringed hearing his pronunciation.

    Rafael Lanna



    ​@1ZeeN same xD


I love how Linus never misses any opportunity to mention how AMD abandoned X399 lol

    Nisco Racing

    Thanks for the GPU video’s 🙂


    I’m not a person who remembers CPUs by its chipset names, do you mean the Threadripper non-pro lineup?


    I’m mad too; 20grand down the drain damn near

    Arsi Arskila

    who cares about who you love

Arvids Godjuks

7800X3D will sell like hot cakes in Factorio community the same way the 5800X3D did – the performance boost is so massive that it allows you to scale to much much MUCH bigger factories.
Also, memory latency really REALLY __REALLY__ matters to Factorio. A DDR4 2666 vs 3200 MHz made like 10-15% difference in performance provided similar CAS latency ratings. On DDR5 this is even more pronounced and could be a fascinating rabit hole for the LTT Lab.


    @Silver Joystix a game where the goal is to make a rocket to the moon

    if you have mods it becomes explore space and commit mass planetary genocide

    Rob Knight

    `A DDR4 2666 vs 3200 MHz made like 10-15% difference in performance provided similar CAS latency ratings.`
    erm… at the same timings, 2666mhz is literally 83% the speed of 3200mhz to perform the same CAS task.
    timings and clock speed are intrinsically linked. So I would be disappointed if buying approx 15% faster ram wasnt going to be approx 15% faster. those are not equal ram modules.

    heickel ramadhan

    there is factorio community?


    Factorio is a fascinating game for sure, not just the gameplay but how demanding and unique it is interacting with PC hardware.


    ​@Silver Joystix you can find your local Factorio community by smell


would love to see some software improvements that would better assign the cores on the 7950X3D to appropriate workloads to close the gap

Harshit Gupta

I like how Linus is futuristic for us to be able to get the best of any piece of tech. I appreciate LTT for that.

Dumiso Siwawa

Just look at how the old 5800X3D is keeping up with these new CPUs in games. What a chip!

    Jacob Griffin

    its not old though


    It’s not much older than a 13900k….


    @Jacob Griffin The PLATFORM (AM4) it runs on is very old – September 2016 – that is ancient in PC times.

    Jason Fraser

    @DKTronics70 its just a socket .. the platform is the chipset and its evolved over the years . and ddr5 and pcie 5 are not worth the extra outlay at all


    Yeah, and I’m still trying to get one without obliterating my bank account lol

Geoffrey Bassett

Thank you for mentioning performance per watt. With how performant these chips are it’s now become a very important factor in my purchasing decisions.


    yea the analysis with performance per watt is very good. I think he should have mentioned how you also wouldn’t need as beefy a cooler for the 7800X3d vs other top performing chips. That’s means a smaller PC and/or more quite PC.


100% agree about the delayed launch of a better cheaper product.

If there is a defence it’s this, the 7950x3d performing worse seems to be a software issue (firmware, drivers, or OS). It should be best of both worlds rather than worst of both worlds.

I’m sure original expectation was best of both worlds, and they didn’t adjust their plan when it didn’t pan out that way. Maybe theirs firmware updates in future.

watercannons collaboration

7:08 I love how Adam’s in this bit because back in the first AMD extreme tech upgrade video he really wanted a 3DVcache CPU but missed out on the timing


I think it would be a nice touch if you could highlight the CPU in the benchmarks. It can be a little confusing with so many different CPUs at the same time and it took me a bit to actually find the 7800X3D. I know it might be a little thing, but for me at least, it would make it a bit easier to spot the CPU that the review is about. Otherwise great video!


    Nah its not just you, the charts in this are all over the place. The orders of the CPUs change around and its not even ordered by fps in some of them (5:02). I don’t really get it. Much easier if the CPUs stay in the same spot and we compare its size to other bars easily.


    Yeah GN highlights the CPU in their videos, not sure why LMG doesn’t…


    yeah, Gamers Nexus always highlight the ones that they’re talking about


The cpu we were anticipating and waiting for to see the results after seeing the 7950X3D and know how the 5800X3D performs

Daniele T

It would be an added value for this video, and I know, more time to test things, to see the difference in gaming performance between 7800X3D and 7950X3D while streaming at 1080p with a reasonable number of programs open for streaming (elgato stream deck, xlr, RGB controller, etc).
I think it is a pretty common environment nowadays, and useful too see if the extra money for the 7950X3D is more convenient than building an entire PC dedicated to streaming the video output from the gaming PC (which, it most probably is), or if the difference between the CPUs is neglectable.

Mister Anderson

Just on the graphs: it would be nice if you could highlight the reviewed CPU’s result on every page. It jumps around up and down (since the graphs are ordered by performance) and because each graph has short screentime, it’s really frustrating to try and quickly see the position on each one.


I ended up choosing 13600k for my new build and I think its a pretty good value and has pretty good performance. It’s also on sale often for around $280

Tiff Tiff

Surprised to see how well my 5800X3D holds its own still next to these newer chips, and it most definitely isn’t slowing down my 4080 so I guess I’ll be holding onto it till the next CPU generation 😄

Julia Cora

You’re a great example to others.

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