Fortnite’s *LIVE* Volcano Event!

Fortnite’s *LIVE* Volcano Event!
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Love your content keep up the hard work 👍


I always love watching Ali’s vids! They never disappoint❤

Baby foxy

I love your videos ❤❤❤


Love you vids Ali ❤️❤️❤️

Annet Sorongi

love these vids!!

The Mondragons

Thanks for showing us the Peace Syndicate Quests

chases games and more

Man Ali a makes the best update videos they’re so entertaining


Yo Ali A love the content always great update videos
who else wishes we could see Ali A play the game all the time again?

ghost all avina

Love your video, man, and I am happy the story is back


Cheers Ali you alway keep me updated on the Fortnite storyline and all the quests 👍🔥


Thanks for the great vid Ali 🔥🔥

MrCrowsie – Minecraft

Thunder’s voice sounds epic, whoever the voice actor is for Thunder, they’re doing a great job with voicing him!

    Tony X Ultra

    It’s one of the voice actors from ghost of tsushima game.


“I want a sword old man!”
Best line in all of Fortnite.

Henry the F1 Guy

I think next season will be Chapter 5 Season 1. Have any of you noticed a pattern lately?
Chapter 1- 10 seasons
Chapter 2- 8 seasons
Chapter 3- 4 seasons


I do think the volcano will erupt but probably as a side event. since there is a skin that does reference magma and that being mizuki with her bonus page skin.


When do you think the live event will happen

It’s Jaden

These quests are awesome

Hopefully, volcano 2.0 event

CJ Gunn

Thanks Ali… I love watching challenge videos… I wish you would do more of these

Pro Legend

Anything can happen and hopefully it doesn’t end up like the Fracture event.


Keep up the amazing vids

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