No… THIS is the CLEANEST Setup

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We’ve made clean setups before but always had to compromise. This time we’ve gone to extreme lengths to make sure unsightly cables are seen on this desktop.

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Desk years in the making
1:34 Zero compromise peripherals
4:44 GAMING 😎
5:10 Wait, what happened to the rest of the cables?
8:49 Maintenance and cost



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What other peripherals would you add to this set up? Remember, it has to be wireless!

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Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

    S KR

    pretty sure mine is cleaner


    Perhaps a DAC amp inside the desk would be cool. Well, cool and _cool_ – it’ll be warming up quite nicely inside a desk without ventilation

    sm ayaan

    No more G, Linus goes for Qui spots😂


    really wish there were at least some links for product shipped form canada (beside ltt store)

    Stephen Longer

    what about sound ?
    That monitor has no built in speakers. Is this a headphone only build?

Drip Amogus Mapping

The fact that Linus is spending 1/3 of his day managing cables is insane

    心灵深处 Innerspirit

    He game without sound and speaker, weird


    Would love my work desk to be this clean – wonder if the boss would notice if I took a chunk or 2 out from under it… 😇


    And spend 2/3 of his day roasting people with visible cables

    B T

    It’s just 2 hours

    Fonzy S

    He saw some techscource vids…

Shivain Khera

I am sure that Linus will very soon come up with even cleaner setup where even mousepad isn’t visible.

    Gavin The Crafter

    Just make the whole desk a deskpad

    Evan Greavu

    It’s just a table, the setup is so clean you can’t see it

    Gork Skoal

    that’s called a trackball


    Glass mousepad, optical mice need not apply

    Shani Ace

    Followed by an even cleaner setup without a PC. The end goal will be a setup without a desk.

Unknown Blogger

Imagined if Linus teams up with DIY Perks. They could make the best no compromised, invisible PC….

    Alex Gibson

    I am honestly not sure what LTT would be bringing to that party. Mr DIY Perks has been levelling up his DIY skills for quite a while now…


    They could even create a Furniture company

    Dean Cameron Kaiser

    You’ll still need cables sure they are hidden away but you still a solid connection be it for charging or actually being able to use the device.


    It would be an awesome collab. That guy takes no shortcuts.


    DIY Creators is another that is really good

Jonathon Henderson

With all the work that was put into the desk I can see a future line of LTT desks coming in the next 5-10 years (I would have guessed less but I know how long the screwdriver took to develop and how much of a perfectionist Linus is)

    Dany Mend

    @W. L. In the video they did about a hypothetical desk like that it was 6 bucks per coil if i remember correctly?
    Probably even less, so it’s not that pricey

    Pas cha

    ​​@e21big 300 for a desk is nothing. I build myself mine, and in wood and hardware it cost me about 600$ and I dont have any wireless charger in it.

    Potato Furyy

    @Pas cha How did you manage to make it cost 600$ when you made it yourself? lol

    lord storm

    if he want’s a lawsuit for damages or housefires definitely, hopefully he will stay away from fitting a piece of furniture you put electronic stuff on top of with induction coils to sell to customers…

    Pas cha

    @Potato Furyy Wood is expensive. Also, for me, its not just a table. It has two level, one for keyboard and mouse, and another elevated one for my monitors. It has a monitor stand. also a spot to put my pc on it and my 3d printer as well as a top shelf for my books and things. Its about 8 feet wide. but still I dont feel like its a big desk because I built it to be efficient in space for the amount of thing it can do.


You could definitely do this with a hand router, it would just take quite a while.


I’ve had the idea of placing the powerplay mat under a desk for years, but it has always seemed like such a daunting task to do it alone! I’m happy to see someone has finally done it!

    PopeNiea Fantome

    You might be able to do this with a desk that has a front drawer. Just stuff the wires under there along with the charging mat. It allows for easy access if something breaks or if you want to add more items.


    he said 2 MILLIMETERS? better not click too hard..

No one special

Kudos on the no compromise clean set up. Nice work and entertaining to see your solutions. The only upgrade would be imitating the add on secret lab has for there desk where you mount your tower to the leg and have a power strip built in. That way there is only a single cord required to go outside the footprint of the desk for power and you can raise and lower the height at will. Unbox therapy recently did a video showcasing that desk and it’s super clean……the only thing it lacks is your QI charging set up. Super sick. Always entertaining to watch you Linus. Thank you 👍


Can’t wait to see this show up in the lttstore for $50,000. 🤣

In all seriousness, this is a cool project. Nice to see them using all the various machines and capabilities they’ve acquired over the years. 👍

    Shani Ace

    Nah they said it cost less than 300 to make, so even with added profit it wouldn’t be nearly as expensive.
    Come on LTT, do it!


    @Shani Ace That was just the material costs though. What about the machining time? What about the assembly? And shipping costs would be very high, too, I would assume…
    (But yeah, obv it would not be 50k lol)


    @Blacklands maybe close to 2k to gain profit and cover the rest of the stuff

    Ondřej Kuchař

    Hmmm, maybe auction it for some charity 🙂


    i’d buy it

Miles Gerschefske

I think selling this as a kit would be a viable ltt store product, with the cad plans for the desktop itself, and the assumption that the buyer would be working with a local woodshop/woodworker, to convert a preexisting desktop or an IKEA alternative. Or maybe do some collab with a furniture store that does shipping in limited volume.


    Making the buyer have to work with a local woodworker would make it a VERY niche purchase which probably wouldn’t be worth selling

    Shani Ace

    Why not go ahead and sell the finished article directly? If it only costs <300 to make, they could even sell it at a reasonable price and still make a profit.

    James Happell

    @Shani Ace Correct. I am lazy and don’t have a laser cutter for fricks sake. Would buy in a second.

    Miles Gerschefske

    International shipping cost of a large flat piece of wood is not viable, ltt probably only has one CNC router set up for wood if they tried making the whole deal in house it wouldn’t be worth it on any scale selling prewired kits however, especially considering the keyboard wiring needs to be DIYed, might be. skilled local woodworker exist, need support and business too.

Adam C

You can also add hinges at the back of the desk so that it can be opened up like a laptop to replace/repair stuffs inside.


Sick build. Adding laser engraved icons marking the wireless charging points would be a nice quality of life addition that barely compromises the clean build.

    Carlos Ramos

    I was thinking the same thing. it would look cool too


Would totally buy this. They legit should team up with a producer and make these.


Would love to see a version of this where Blacktail Studio creates the table top and LTT adds the tech.

    Christopher Dent

    I love the YouTube rabbit hole of desk building and I agree that would be fantastic. Idk how much crossover there is between tech YouTube and carpentry YouTube but I’m down.


    Is Blacktail based in Canada?


To make it easier to make, I’d take inspiration from DIY perks Invisible PC with “sandwich” approach. It’d make assembly and service a bit easier. Just instead of aluminium, glass fibre sheets would have to be used to allow for EM waves to pass through.
Also, instead of “umbilical cord”, there could be just a couple of connectors on the stand, so there are no dangling cables when it’s moved around

Henri Brillon

Very cool build! The only thing I would change is to put the I/O port on the left side of the desk. Two reasons for this: 1. most people use the mouse with their right hand, thus leaving more room on the left side of the desk for accessories; 2. most headphones with only one cable have the cable attached to the left ear, so it would make more sense to have that side attached to the audio plug.

    Kata Seiko

    I have put a USB port with hot glue under the desk on my left side for that exact reason. I am very far from “no clutter” though.


Have you considered cooling for the chargers? Otherwise this seems to be a firehazard.

Coffee Dude

Front edge chamfered would look way nicer.
Is it possible for the desk mat to be available in dark or mid gray? It will match more timber tones I reckon

Erik Liljencrantz

For the “rest of us” adapters and cables can be mounted on the bottom side of the desk “only visible from below”.
You could also do without a router by making a wood frame+grid with a thin plywood top (and optional bottom) with sturdiness/weight balanced through grid density.
With laptop+dock I’m considering mounting the docking station upside down under the desk – inside would be cool but too difficult to replace.
Cudos for fun practical project and would like more “builders insights” from the staff doing most of the work 😊


UPLIFT might be interested in making something like this. They offer a lot of cable management options for their desks.

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