The VX1 Exosquad Is a Powered Exosuit in the Frame of a Sport Bike #shorts

Exosapien Technologies’ prototype aims to combine a motorcycle, an exosuit and a quad bike into a new class of hybrid vehicle, meant to let the driver maneuver all terrains with speed and agility.

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Eric G

That’s just a dude in a 2×2

Damion Atherton

Yes I would. It’s so cool


What makes this like a motorcycle? Is it the four wheels or the pitched forward seating position that doesn’t exist on all motorcycles and also exists on some snowmobiles and watercraft?

It looks interesting. For sure. I grew up watching robotech. I’m into the idea of piloting a vehicle that transforms.


Now I can finally be a transformer

Mathew Bateman

That’s scary tech, Imagine getting into a road rage fight with that thing! Damn. . .

Troupe Master

Ohh damn its happening im excited

Char Aznable

Everything looks good in CGI

Lewis Point


Joshua Barbato

Mfs got the mantis from halo 4


Took me 2x to realise that it’s CGI

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