Hands-on with the flop that changed Apple forever

Apple’s Macintosh, released in 1984, is celebrated for ushering in a new era of user-friendly computing. But! The Mac owes a lot to its lesser-known, older sister Lisa. Here’s how the Lisa, while seen as a flop today, used clever interface design to welcome everyone into the personal computer era. Though as new technologies like AR, VR, and AI chatbots arrive, are we finally leaving Lisa’s legacy behind? #Apple #Technology #History

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Computers of the 1970’s
01:13 The Beginning of GUIs
01:40 Xerox PARC’s Alto Computer
02:10 Other Tech Inspirations for Apple
02:42 Goals behind the Apple Lisa
03:20 Hands-on with a Lisa
04:35 Developing the Lisa with Bill Atkinson
06:22 Introducing Macintosh
07:06 Lisa vs Macintosh
07:24 Countdown of switching applications on a Macintosh
08:15 What the ‘Desktop Metaphor’ means now
09:28 Final thoughts with Bill Atkinson

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The Verge

What other forgotten-but-influential tech deserves more recognition?

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    Commodore computer.

    Cliff Snyder

    Early attempts at portable multimedia. In the early 90s we could see that video, sound, networking, and portability were all going to combine at some point in the future, but there was no way we could get there with the tech of that era. The Toshiba T6600C/CDV from 1993, for example, comes to mind.

    Romella Karmey

    The mp3 player with camera (picture and video), games like super mario, mp3 songs obviously. I remember it was 2008 to 10-ish in our country when that device was popular… I remember recording a video of my friends in the field lol that was before I knew what facebook or youtube is…

    sandwitch lotter

    @Chris Skitch came here to read that comment👍❤

i am subbing back to everyone who subs me

Anyone who is reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better.

Aaron Crilly

Named after Steve Jobs daughter as well, despite the fact he was denying he was her father at the time. Just goes to show he did have a speck of love for her within him

Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

I’m Ex apple User!!! After Mr. Jobs Pass Away then I Decide to Sell all of My apple Devices!!! Mr. Jobs is Main Reason I Buy apple things!!! 👌🏻☺👌🏻


    So you were in love with a man you never met. And that led you to purchasing products that made no difference on your personal life.

    Romella Karmey

    What technology you use right now?

    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    @Romella Karmey I’m Using Samsung & Lenovo Because They are Innovative Developer that Use Android!!! Open Freedom Ecosystem!!! They Fullfill My Inner Desire with Their Product Creativity!!! They always Support Customer Request like me. For Example : Lenovo Make Lenovo Yoga Book 9i & Ultra Big 14.5inch Android Tablet & Samsung Make Ultra Tablet 14.6inch also 2in1 Convertible Laptop too 👍🏻😍👍🏻

    Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang

    @KIO Actually Because He is Some Kind of Visioner!!! Think Different is His apple Symbol!!! That’s Why His Product Creation Have Special Value & Innovation. Then One Year after He Passed Away. I Try to Wait Mr. Tim Credibility but He is only Pure Businessman who don’t Have Same Quality like Mr. Job so I Sell All of My apple things!!! 👆🏻🤓👇🏻


Man. This one gave me goosebumps

KJ Mok

One must not downplay the legacy and impact of Apple on modern computing and technological leaps.

Dave Gardner

Apple is the best

Paul Thompson

Definitely interested in more Lisa.

    Romella Karmey

    There’s one famous one in South Korea 🫢

Razvan Radoi

It’s cool exploring ideas that flopped in the end but still influenced the world today. But with Lisa being just one piece in a whole industry moving in the same direction, it’s hard to argue that it was really revolutionary or why it stood out amongst other similar Desktops at the time. Especially with its stand-out features (i.e. multitasking) not being unique to it at the time. I guess it was just an early example of “apple didn’t do it first, but did it well” (so that’s why we remember it).

    Romella Karmey

    Still doing things well today… lesser bugs than android competitors

James B

Oh, the memories!


Drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.

chinmoy s

Love Verge ❤️

Casey Penk

Thank you for creating the personal computer revolution, Steve.

Callum Sewell

Let’s be honest, regardless of what you think of Apple, the Macintosh revolutionised personal computing more than almost anything else.

melvin kaye

still wondering why they killed hypercard

Romella Karmey

Steve Jobs was a hottie back when he was younger and still have hair

Christopher Yee Mon

Also don’t forget that Steve Jobs was going through a divorce and rather than reconcile with his daughter, Lisa. He named a computer after her

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