New Apple Patent Design Hints at AirPods With a Touchscreen Display #shorts

A recently published patent application shows how an AirPods case may work with a display built in.
#apple #airpods #airpodspro

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Aefzhe Valai

We’re going back to the iPod 😂


    😂 good point. Why not just use your apple watch for that. I have a feeling this will not happen.

Harshith Reddy

Just why?


You better believe I’d buy that! Might check into the reviews of JBL’s ear pod case when it’s released. Love this idea!


    Why? Seems like a stupid idea. Why would you carry your case with you instead of your phone? Or why use the case instead of the stems

Michael Nichol

An iPod with built in airpods pro would be sick


i think apple won’t do it because apple products are famous for there simple, minimalist design. But a product like this, few customers would like that but on a majority, i seriously doubt on the customer base. Also, it would lead to unnecessary price hike and the case itself will need a stronger battery to power the display which would either led to downfall in the overall efficiency of airpods or apple had to adjust a bigger battery which would make the product heavier altogether which is an unlikely thing apple would do.


Sooo an iPod

Port Cybertryx

This is a terrible idea…most people put the case in their pocket now imagine handling this slippery case every time you need to play next or something. I mean kinda makes the Apple Watch redundant not to mention your phones power screen which again is one more thing that can be easily down without this complication. But doesn’t hurt to have a parent I guess


No, this would go against Apple Design philosophy behind the AirPods. They are a device that’s by nature designed to have have the device removed from the case, following the case being put away such as back in the users pocket or bag. Adding a screen would be redundant as the design uses the mobile/computer display itself to control the AirPods as they are companion to those devices. Besides, the AirPods Max would not be able to receive this function, which would cause Apple to confuse users on what devices are better, which is also against Apples design philosophy.
——— ——— ——— • ——— ——— ———
TDLR, no.


Did they just copy off from JBL😅

    Bahaa Eldin Mohammed

    Yes, you’re right, similar to JBL, but it’s a good thing. Maybe they’ll add more features 🤔 😊.


Thats kinda stupid tbh. You can already control from the stem, im more likely to carry my phone with me than my case.


It would be sick if it turned into a speaker

Abel Rodriguez

Air pod nano

Legacy Reaper

AirPods with touch screen? Wtf for?! Is apple really out of ideas?

Troy Boatright

How about they just put the airpods in the iphone directly

Siyabonga Tshabalala

Lol how can you patent something you copied and already exists and is for sale?😂… and how on earth do Apple get away with this without being called out by the tech community?

The fact that Cnet made this video is shocking.

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