PlayStation – 39 Things You Didn’t Know.

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Vince Kris

YES! These are my favorite type of tech videos! Always nice to learn new stuff about my console

leader janan

As a person who owned about every playstation and handhelds I’m actually surprised how I didn’t knew all this over the previous years


Man puts sooo much effort into these. I love you and your content

    i am subbing back to everyone who subs me

    Never gonna give you up

    CowboyHunter ROBLOX&more


    Mr Teddy

    ​@CowboyHunter ROBLOX&more yeah

ofir 99

Amazing how he keeps up with the videos output while managing all sort of things in his life and the quality stays the same.

Enchant Fortnite

YES! These are my favourite type of tech videos! Always nice to learn new stuff about my console


I have been watching you for last three years can’t believe how you evolved your content and still being interesting.

    Bo4 Elite

    A bot copied your comment and got 60 likes in one minute! πŸ˜‚


    @Bo4 Elite wtf lmao

Mario Duch

Arun, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you and your team put into these videos. They mean a lot to me since I have been watching you for a long time and the progress is insane.

I finally decided 2 years ago to start on the YouTube journey myself, and it is the best decision I have made. Thank you for being my idol in the tech space.

Madarax Ed1tz

He never disappoints me ❀

Witness Chinengundu

Awesome content, great attention to detail keep up the good work.

Hai-Young Kim

I love all the work you do! Keep it up!

50K Subs With Videos

You put in so much effort into your content. I love you and your work. ❀


Props to Arun’s team for counting each individual shape on the PS5 controller grip πŸ˜‚





Hassan Mahamoud

You never fail to give us great content


Great video as always! Looks like you pay as much attention to detail as Sony does with their PlayStation easter eggs. Keep it up

Κ€ ᴏ ꜱ ᴇ-Vlog Go to My Channel

The 3D display thing has great potential. I’m not sure where, but an airport had a similar concept where if you were standing in a certain spot, a camera would detect and recognise you and display your flight info in a way where only you see it, everyone else just sees the public flight info. Really cool!

    Simply Edher πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

    report and move on guys, report and move on

Sahil Sohani

I love how we are directly into the video
No intro, no time wastage
The sponsor message at the very end
This man makes the video so good I watch the sponsor ad at the end every time.


your videos just keep getting more and more entertaining. that’s so neat, keep it up

5K Sub With No Video

Kudos to Arun’s team for their attention to detail in meticulously counting every shape on the PS5 controller grip.

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