The Most Futuristic Laptop You “Wear”

I've never seen anything like this…

Asus ROG Flow Z13 ACRONYM is not like the other laptops or tablets. Welcome to the future.
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Gabriel B

Looking good! Especially for a VR Harness IMO.

Jermaul W

I have the 2022 model and i think this one is doing a tad big to much. Also can someone ask them why do they not sell replacement keyboards??


Damn wow that is incredible, would love to have one! One day i will when i can afford it

    Matt Maas

    Is it incredible? It’s just a laptop with a strap?


    @Matt Maas It does have good specs and performance, i know the normal version does too. But to me there is something about having a unique special version of a said laptop like this. Just my opinion

    Matt Maas

    @SKRRRT but what’s special about it? It’s just a laptop with a strap on it. People have had those for decades.

    Laptops with good specs aren’t new?

    Collin Lutz

    ​​@Matt Maas These are selling faster than they can keep up. So that speaks for itself.

    What’s special about it? Well for one, it’s not a laptop, it’s a tablet. Easily the fastest tablet currently available. Nothing else comes close except an actual laptop.

Emily Clarke

super cool if you live somewhere it never rains. I would be shocked if that’s water proof. Love ROG though =D


    Yeah, it seems more like a statement piece than a functional tool


    Actually you’d be more likely to be shocked if it isn’t waterproof.

    John Galt

    It is not waterproof


    @MoeFingers 🤣🤣


Gotta love Acronym design!!

G Four Gadget

Wearable cyberpunk gaming laptop? Take my money 💸

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Abu Zar

This thing looks like something from the future tbh, wild 🔥💯💥

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Damn this is sick! Shame it is not water resistant with all of the ventilation holes.

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Jaded Bread N Circus

I had something like this in my imagination a decade ago. It’s because of the common ergonomics of a laptop. 3k idk though.

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Mr. Nemo תושב שליו

i hope this picks up. i love the approach.

Gary Bennett

I like it! I deal in a ton of dell gear and a latitude 9000 series with these specs would be $3k or more. I’ll take this any day.

Dino Sawr

Acronym always made some awesome clothes and shoes. This and the first laptop are so sick too.

Peter T_Rex

I can imagine it would be useful for professionals in certain fields but man that’s kinda wild


I like how they took a regular building architect/worker laptop, added a colorful keyboard, and sold it as a cyberpunk futuristic tool…


    architects are not workers in that way most sit in an office.

    Jimmer Seiber

    Not even remotely true

Andrew Moores

If it was a full form laptop it would definitely be for me


Now that’s a unique tablet! It looks so futuristic!

MEOW band

Very quick video – would have wanted some sense of how powerful a laptop it is, can it handle video editing on the go? For instance.

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