Can a Gaming PC Survive the North Pole?

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Our new environmental testing chamber can reach temperatures in excess of 50 degrees Celsius, or as low at -40 – the only question that remains is can a gaming computer survive these extremes?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:50 Setting up the machine
2:19 Running a PC in the desert (122F ambient)
7:53 Running a PC in the Arctic (-40F ambient)
8:40 Looking inside the environmental chamber
9:22 Arctic temperature results
10:57 All hell breaks loose when a liquid cooler enters the mix
13:03 How about a custom water-cooled PC in the Arctic?



Pigeon Tech

man really took pc cooling to a whole new level


    water cooling? so 2022


    This actually makes me wonder why you don’t seem more people trying to run their gaming PC from inside their fridge

    Dan Simms

    ​@Liam I think they did a video on that, I know someone did, and a fridge isn’t cold enough, the PC overruns the compressor.


    @Dan Simms cold enough for what? If you have a lower ambient temperature the fans will be more effective

Christopher Knieste

the fun thing about -40° is that you don’t even have to specify F or C


    @Landan Bullock You are very welcome, Knowledge is power. And with power comes great responsibility. 🤣

    Cyber rb25

    @Mano Z literally nothing. Basically 0K is the point where the matter does not vibrate at all, which doesn’t happen even in space.

    Trunk Munky

    @Bunster they do. But I’m talking about how they don’t mention anything about -40c and -40f being the same until much later. I expected Alex to physically say something and not just have it mentioned with on screen editors notes


    stargate told me that:D

    LIFE OF 728

    Linus Frost tips

Torque Test Channel

Linus moving super quickly with the door open so that he can physically beat *check notes* MOLECULAR PHASE CHANGE is hilarious

    tom Mallinson

    Realising you watch ltt made my morning

    Adi Koopa

    They should have brought it back to room temp then removed the components and you even said it Linus. If not dumb then why dumb shaped?😊


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    By believing that Jesus died on the cross and rose up from the dead 3 days later and not just confessing your sin, but also repenting of all sin you have done and putting all your trust in Him in prayer, He will grant you everlasting life as a free Gift.

    tom Mallinson

    @Dove Atheism/ common sense for the win


    He’s one fast boi


Linus: *tries to keep the door opening small so the moist air won’t condense on the testbench*

    kenam reemas

    he is so wise in the ways of science!


    My first thought for that problem was that they so easily could’ve just draped something (surely they have loads of moving blankets at LTT) over the door for Linus to duck under and mostly avoid all that drama.

    Wouldn’t be a proper Linus/Alex duo video without a moment of total chaos though, gotta admit it makes for a better vid to just wing it


    @mercklemore no it does not, it just wasted everyones’ time

Daniel Abbott

Finally! I’ve been wondering what would happen if I put my pc in a deep freezer. I know running it with the air intake sucking air from outside when it’s -6 outside makes it run like a beast but my whole room was cold asf

Clint K

Keep at it guys! It’s possible. I’ve run my PC around -25°C. Left it in my semi during winter and wanted to see what it would do in Cinebench. 280mm corsair AIO, 5900x, strix x-570I. Can’t remember the score but it’s possible. Canadian winter overclocking is fun, free sub zero cooling lol.

    Death_lord SpineK

    People out here using liquid nitrogen or helium while they can just move to Canada

    Contemptor Dreadnought

    @Death_lord SpineK Move to Canada no cpu cooler needed

Jason Jennings

We’ve had Dell reach out to one of our customers and tell them if we didnt raise them temps in the data center they wouldn’t honor RMS’s because it was too cold. Definitely surprised when we heard that one.


I am loving these highly technical, informative videos with controlled enviroments. Great job!


hahahaha, this is fantastic! cant wait to see more shenanigans with Alex. it always seems like when Alex is in a video, its going to get crazy haha

Ilya Shigabeev

Glad to see fun videos like these. I may already know too much about building PCs but having these “what’s gonna happen if..” is very cool!


“Have we crossed the line from fun to stupid?” – I find that any time Alex is involved, the answer to this question is almost always yes.

    Preston Bagwell

    The look on his face tells you all you need to know.


I remember you guys got a hold of the Dell Rugged Extreme G2. Would that laptop handle the temperatures? I think it’s not the temperature that would kill it but the rapid changes.


I love how there were no conclusions. Just went with it, ended it. Just because you know we only wanted for this to happen, not how or why. I love these cooling videos


    Yup, i was going to comment “great!, i learnt absolutely nothing” but i thought i was too harsh, you way of saying it is more correct 🙂

    Bliss / formerly TobyLion

    I get that, but I would’ve loved for the video to go on for another 10 min and become gradually more conclusion- and explanation-focused.

    The Kid

    I think they just wanted to display their ability to force computers to crash due to temps.

Supergirl Video Clips

50 degrees Celsius stress test must be done by computer part manufacturers. Especially if they want to sell parts to Australia, India and other hot places.


    Tropical PC bros need to use a room with AC just to not make their PC into an oven here


the camera work on this seemed more cinematic with slow focus pulls and panning shots, I liked it

Ryan Kendall

You were really close to the job of the accumulator. Instead of moisture in the system that would turn to acid, the accumulator stores and traps liquid refrigerant that hasn’t turned to a low pressure gas before entering the compressor turning it into a high pressure gas. Getting liquid in your compressor is the number 1 reason a compressor fails, so this is a way to prevent that especially in bigger systems. But it is cool lately you’ve been kinda doing some research on how air conditioning works on some of your chillers. Keep up the great work.


I wonder if it would of worked if the CPU cooler was swapped with an aluminum or copper heatsink with no pipes, and the paste swapped with a graphite pad.


Great job on the editing – the emergency cooler swap had about the same feeling as a cardiac arrest scene in a medical drama ^^

Darryl Golan

Linus’ pythons are really showing these days..Well done ! 🎉 Also cool concept video with pushing the boundaries of the hardware ! 😊

Capy Bara

Damn. Would love to see a PC benchmark at such ridiculously low temperatures. I hope you guys can figure out a way to do that. Would be amazing.

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