Here’s What YOU Think of Apple’s VR/AR Headset

Our viewers have a lot to say about the potential for Apple to release a virtual and augmented reality headset. CNET’s Bridget Carey reads out your comments, and who knows, maybe CEO Tim Cook will appreciate the feedback.

0:00 Reading YOUR Comments About Apple’s Headset
0:22 Tim Cook – Cover Model
1:33 Apple's VR Headset Still Unconfirmed
2:18 Would You Rather: AR or VR?
2:45 Getting Social with Apple's Headset
3:57 Applications for Apple's AR/VR Headset
4:55 You Want Your Apple Glasses
5:44 Apple Product Launches: A History
6:47 Leveraging Apple's Existing Ecosystem
8:51 Keep Those Comments Coming!

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Hypothetical BS waste of time!

    Kind Claw

    Thank you I was about to watch this 👍

    CF G

    Apple BS speculations and Apple bashing a substantial money maker for filler videos. “Next iPhone will have a negative weight and only one side in shape of an unicorn”. Next iPhone comes out, 90% has been upgraded from great to better & that’s the opportunity for a video “disappointing, nothing new, still a rectangle” or out 2500 metrics of a well balanced product Huawsung got one of them better by 5% “iPhone Killer?”

Jackson Chinx

I say they are gonna be so gorgeous

Joshua James

Hope it boost my Meta stocks!

    Jackson Chinx

    Apple and meta don’t get along


I’m in love.

Frederick Dalusim

Honestly, I am excited and looking forward for the launching of Apple VR/AR Headset. It will be an amazing product!

    Miro Vida


Wong Jefx

Software? The hardware is one thing, but concerned about what apps will be available.


    I think the software will be good, Apple’s software are usually pretty “complete” though I think it won’t be overly flashy. App devs like working with Apple so think there will be a lot of compatible apps

Mark B

AR sounds cool but VR not really.

    Jensen Raylight

    neither is cool, it’s like wearing an underwear on your head.
    i’m not gonna walking around in public looking like that


Recently bought the PSVR2, and the thing that surprised me most is the see-through camera and the highlighting of the controllers. It looked very good for a VR system. It made me really excited for the future of AR, which the Holo lens destroyed a bit.


Stop making the same video over and over again 😤 every time this time of the year and September

Joshua Herrick

VR could possibly be the first step (both in development of U/I and hardware) and they might pose a future AR glosses devices as the next step or 2.0 version of the google

Arijit Debnath

I didn’t expect my comment to be featured😮… thankyou so much❤

Paul Tuff.

8:54 – Agreed, “that” host seems awesome but we’ll need to see more wonderful content to find out!

Allen Altland

I don’t think the vr/are headset is gonna go anywhere its just another worthless piece of ardware that will lay around and collect dust like the original homepod.

    R Collinge

    But all the Apple fans I’ll spend $$$$ before they lose interest. Apple again is in business to make more money off its “rich” sheepeople.

samuel garcia

would love for apple to release a hologram device


i didnt consider Apple social xr potential and didnt’ know about Apple sport streaming this reminds me Apple bought SpacesVR this could be used for facetime and also bought NextVR which was used to 3d stream sport events in VR

Tristan Goddard

I said and still think the same as some others, to keep the price of this headset down they need to launch it as a companion device rather than stand alone device, I am willing to bet that anyone who gets an Apple headset will already own at least 1 other Apple device which could power the headset. At the least they should bring out a companion headset and a stand alone headset which will cost more.

The last VR headset I owned was a Samsung Gear VR… I’m either going to get this, a Quest 3 or PSVR 2, just need to wait and see what they all bring to the table before I make my choice.

Teddy KGB

I have no opinion on something few of us will be able to afford – but I agree the lady is cool.


If you can’t drive wearing the Apple Goggle and be as useful as the iPhone, it will not be successful.

Wiwing Margahayu

happy ramadhan fasting

Miro Vida

Apple “MONOCLE “, Apples take on AR. Image is projected on one eye and the other is uncovered. Maybe call it “iPatch” (pronounced eye-patch).

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