Roku Plus Series Review: Roku’s First TV Is Good, But Not Great

The Plus Series offers decent features and a good remote for a fair price.

00:00 Intro
00:46 Features and Picture Quality
03:35 Roku Remote In-depth
04:00 Bluetooth Connectivity
04:18 What's Missing?
04:53 Overall Conclusions

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Charlene Addington

This video is so emotional


this is prob some OEM with the Roku name printed on

    Holo Scope



    That’s like saying iPhones are Samsung because Samsung makes the display. You both are silly

Inez Miller

24” ONN smart TV I bought is fantastic and so affordable.
I stream a lot of YouTube videos to my TV’s (I have 2 of them) Works beautifully!
The remote is also easy to use!

Matthew Datcher

4:15 I’ve been using private listening with the Roku remote for years. I guess I missed the point of this comment. I only use the app to search for content.


Your Playstation5 is upside-down 😂


    are you sure?


    ​@CNET @ 1:04 Yeah I’m sure


    ​@SB.Digital it definitely isn’t lol


    ​@lexcorp1516 it most definitely is


    It works in either orientation. Sony’s literature has it with the drive underneath. So, the label on the BD faces up. Some people prefer to have the drive on the right. Nobody should care how others place their PS5.

Michael Wyckoff

I’m wondering how well the sales will be for these Roku brand tvs? 😊😊😊

Jay Green

Even on my other YouTube accounts I been following cnet & ign since school years I had a lot of gmail account back than & some go back father than others

Kevin Bennett

Vizio still makes tvs? Jesus lol

Chris Tenorio

Is it an prototype firmware?

Luke Peddicord

Where’s David Katz?


    Luke Peddicord: Why? Her presentation was just as good as Katz would have done! Hmmm…♐

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Wiwing Margahayu

happy ramadhan fasting

Jonathan Diaz

Hopefully you can turn off that always-on mic

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