Shaman’s Point of View

The fact that there isn’t that many views made me actually question if this was your video or not 😂😂


    We should just remove the view count.


    ​@SleepyWolf yeah, the view count seems pretty abused on the platform.

    Hn.S Mr Xmix

    ​@Mr.reddead12@ its a lot for me


    @SleepyWolf should it? I don’t think so


We lost a good one 😞

Hitchicker 42

You asked for the button to be removed, not just the counter


You’re always good for a laugh jack


a jacksepticeye fall guy skin would slap ngl


They sent Ridley from the GBA Metroid games to get him! I know that shriek anywhere!


The reason why dislikes aren’t back because we can’t dislike the decision they made xD


    ​@Revised Candy thats complete bs i cant turn my videos dislikes on or off


    @Revised Candy I think only the video creator can see them but can’t show them. There are apps that can show estaminets but not give the actual result


    @Michael cant see them either

    Sardex 6

    Agreed… Now what’s the YouTube @? Suggestions? Feedback. You literally can’t dislike anything as a typical user.

Demon Skeleton

Jack we all have had the thought of would YouTube be better without the dislike button, and just because you said it and it disappeared doesn’t mean it was you, even if it was you who made YouTube remove the dislike button, ill still have your back.

    Samko Hlo

    I do agree with that, but I don’t think EVERYONE has had that thought.

    Demon Skeleton

    I can give you the simplest answer to that, have you ever had that thought your self?

    Samko Hlo

    @Demon Skeleton No


YouTube has some serious problems, if they don’t stop, I gonna have to tell their mom on them

    Arthur morgan

    Im gonna send them a mildly worded letter if they dont stop

    The Chicken

    I’m gonna tell daddy google what YouTube is doing.


    @The Chicken we gotta tell their grandparents too so they didn’t receive any presents next Christmas


    I’m gonna send them to time out with a comical dunce hat, if they don’t stop,i will also give them a stern talking to.

Gonzy Estavez

Don’t worry Jack. We’ll save you once you get YouTube to bring back the dislike button, just like how you made it disappear in the first place


    Haha I’m with you on this one ☝️ 👋

    Sonic Supremacy

    I would like, but it’s at the funny number


    @Sonic Supremacy you may like now


    @Sonic Supremacy you may like now


    I think the most ironic thing is how the dislike button is technically still there, it just doesn’t get publicly quantified the way that likes are

    Is it somehow profitable to only see likes and be blind to negativity when you choose what to watch and spend time on? ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe!


He was the trigger all along…

B. Chuck

Tbf, the initial thought of removing the dislike button doesn’t seem like a bad idea. It’s like, yeah, let’s remove negativity from the platform! Seems good on the surface.

It’s only when you really stop and think about it that you realize how damaging it can be for creators and their product.


    I mean there is reason why people who say “Let’s remove all negatively! Always be positive!! No hate please!! Good vibes!!” turn out to be the most toxic, self-centered, and egotistical people. You are NEVER going to get rid of negativity on anything.

    Psychedelic Fox

    @Madness Arcade right but the numbers beung visible has a point for viewers and people can disable comments. I’m talking strictly about dislikes for what i said – people spreading misinformation and the like.

    Boodle Demic

    @Psychedelic Fox do tell what Shapiro and Peterson say that is a lie please. Or do you just dislike that they hurt your feelings 😢 grow a pair man


    ​@Boodle Demic well, shapiro has said/written multiple pieces and then later retracted/took his words back, so he was kind of saying himself that his past self was lying in those cases.


    ​@Boodle Demic for example,
    In the spring of 2016, Shapiro wrote an article for the Daily Wire in which he exclaimed that he “will never vote for Donald Trump”.
    On October 19, 2020, Shapiro announced that he would be voting for Trump in the 2020 presidential election.



Nah its not your fault, that’s pure coincidence at best


Jack, first off we are here for you. Second off, we all thought the dislike button was pointless at some part of our lives. Sooo we still love you, Youtube is just the one with all the problems

    Annie Major


    Team Toons

    Everyone: We hate dislikes!
    Youtube: We’re removing dislikes!
    Everyone: Now we can’t see which videos are bad!
    Youtube: Too bad lol

    Violet Orchid Rose

    Don’t know what you got until it’s gone

Cynthia Padilla

Today’s Fact: The first video game to feature voice acting was ‘Cliff Hanger’ in 1983.


    ​@jgcoverkknot I care


    @itzCR1SPYxX me too, i found it quite interesting

    Setanta Curtis Mchugh

    What does that have to do with our present situation?

    Underscore ____

    I loved that cartoon XD

    (Yes I know they were talking about something else)

    My honest reaction

    @jgcoverkknot Nobody? Don’t speak for me dawg 💀💀

Chelsea Nicole

Sean took “please subscribe and like the video!” to another level 😂

Theo Stokes

As funny as this is, I need more Dredge from you Sean. Pretty please? 😂

Kennedy Register

I’m here for you man! Also, drop another dredge video! I enjoyed it a lot and I’m sure many others did too!xoxo❤

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