A Monster Lawsuit Is Coming For Me – WAN Show April 7, 2023

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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

The mythical 5 hour WAN show has arrived

    Zach End


    Carson Brown

    you can drip feed it over the whole work week now



    Robert Pearson Jr.

    The fact that I managed to watch 5 hours of this before realizing 5 hours passed is impressive.


    They’re gonna have to skip some merch messages eventually.


Dennis has such chaotic energy, he’s a monster at what he doe–wait, what do you mean a lawsuit?
[0:00] *Chapters.*
[1:32] *Intro.*
[2:33] *Topic #1: Monster Energy sues for a game having “monster” in title.*
> 3:04 Comparing logos, company sued for using the color green.
> 4:32 Linus discusses Monster Energy drinks & the incentive.
> 6:36 Monster Fish Keepers, Luke on abusing trademarks.
> 8:54 Recalling Kylie lawsuit, Brookhaven Bears, the point behind trademarks.
> 10:25 Luke on documented confusion of Linus with Linux.
> 11:47 Linus recalls Tech Sack’s past name.
> 12:18 Monster sued Ubisoft, Luke on game names & Unity demos.
[13:33] *Dennis hijacks WAN Show using Uncle Linus’s Sack.*
> 15:22 Linus reads Uncle Linus’s Potato Farm letter.
> 17:06 Discussing rules, all are from restaurants.
> 22:02 Linus did not plan this, Dennis says the answers.
> 24:44 Luke calls out someone for flexing with British food.
> 25:46 Linus’s preference, Luke on “Cold mall fry,” Dennis’s drive.
[27:06] *Topic #2: TechLinked temporarily deleted.*
> 28:37 Unrestored comments, Linus mentions past hack.
> 29:32 Luke’s Content ID theory, discusses lack of warnings.
> 33:24 Linus on Floatplane transcoding & writing “www.”
[36:22] *Topic #3: Intel’s Arc Battlemage & Celestial.*
> 36:46 Luke dislikes Linus’s habit, reporting rumors & NVIDIA.
> 40:41 Luke recalls Arc challenge, “review GPUs before it comes out” idea.
> 42:46 Linus on predictive content, LTT’s artificial CPU pre-review.
> 45:01 Luke was hopeful for Arc’s future.
[46:02] *Topic #4: Luke fragmented the infected M.2 SSD.*
> 46:53 Luke missed hititng it with a bat.
> 49:14 Specs of the SSD, discussing malware.
> 50:18 Luke’s freakout, Linus on the motherboard’s cost.
> 51:40 Luke’s reaction to the motherboard, “updated” to Windows 11.
> 52:48 Luke on lack of spare systems, Jaiden works on a Steam Deck.
> 55:38 Standardizing workstations, reliability of laptops.
> 1:00:02 Linus & Luke on the feasibility of 10GbE & workstation specs.
> 1:03:56 Linus recalls others contributions to the content.
> 1:06:26 Showing the server graveyard, planned LTT vlogs.
> 1:08:24 What does LMG do as a company? ft. Linus “Media Group.”
> 1:13:01 Linus on the badminton center’s name, Luke on Geeksquad.
> 1:16:51 Linus asks ChatGPT, gets “Smash Club,” Luke’s suggestion.
> 1:18:39 Luke speechless at Linus not buying the domain.
> 1:19:29 Black lights, partnership, Luke on “Smash Club” & domains.
> 1:24:37 Linus’s LTX stage idea.
[1:27:20] *Topic #5: Starforged Systems’s parody video.*
> 1:38:15 SAMMIT’s video, Linus & Luke “watched” it all.
> 1:39:34 SAMMIT’s references, Luke’s habit, LTT fidget toy idea.
> 1:41:22 What Linus & Luke watched, invites Linus to drifting.
[1:46:22] *Merch Messages #1.*
> 1:47:50 Thoughts on AMD’s Alveo MA35D?
> 1:56:37 Do you still use all the janky stuff?
> 1:58:51 Any fun anecdotes while making the Uncle Linus video?
[2:04:14] *Sponsors ft. Linus’s Google rant.*
> 2:05:50 Covalence.
> 2:06:44 Zoho One.
> 2:07:52 Squarespace ft. “Imported Juice Exchange.”
[2:10:30] *Topic #6: Artificial Intelligence update.*
> 2:11:16 Microsoft’s Jarvis, mentions Wolfram|Alpha.
> 2:13:49 Linus returns, HuggingGPT, OpenAI sued for defamation.
[2:15:52] *Topic #7: VR adoption is slow amongst teens.*
> 2:16:44 Discussing the dataset, Luke on “it’s not the size.”
> 2:19:02 Linus on Gen Z, Luke’s past with consoles & present.
[2:23:17] *Topic #8: General Motors removes Android Auto & Apple CarPlay.*
[2:26:55] *LTTStore’s new windbreaker.*
> 2:29:42 Preview size is inaccurate, Linus on showing prototypes.
> 2:33:14 LTTStore’s new neon motherboard T-shirt.
> 2:34:27 Linus on dad hats not selling well.
> 2:35:46 Luke reviews the LTTStore laptop bag.
[2:44:01] *Merch Messages #2.*
> 2:44:31 Why did Linus start or stop calling Luke Slick?
> 2:46:51 Best paint to paint PC case?
> 2:49:07 Did you scrub through unpublished Techlinked videos?
> 2:49:48 Is Linus going to push his kids to college or trade school?
> 2:51:14 Linus’s extension for Labs when shopping idea.
[2:55:52] *Topic #9: Reusing thumbnails & faces.*
> 2:59:56 How Linus feels about seeing Yvonne in the merch messages.
[3:01:08] *Topic #10: Microsoft emulator loophole patched.*
> 3:02:47 Nintendo DMCAs PointCrow’s videos, Linus on ASUS’s ally.
[3:06:07] *Topic #11: WD My Cloud locked due to breach.*
> 3:06:38 Linus discusses his investment in the NAS company.
[3:14:13] *Topic #12: Samsung data leak using ChatGPT.*
> 3:14:54 Luke’s predicts the return of local servers & systems.
> 3:18:12 Locally run systems.
[3:19:37] *Topic #13: Next “smart” devices remotely controlled over the internet.*
> 3:21:10 At what points do these security gaps count as negligence?
[3:22:56] *Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show after dark.*
> 3:24:11 Luke’s opinion on people wanting to stop AI’s development?
> 3:26:24 Is LTT Labs going to review bad company’s products?
> 3:28:02 Has LTT or Floatplane had to overcome legal hurdles?
> 3:31:16 Will we see an increase in technology mythology? ft. first AI-caused suicide.
> 3:38:51 Features you want on a hand-held high quality holster?
> 3:41:20 Game mechanics you’d like to see AI applied to? ft. Google Translate.
> 3:47:50 What is the ideal endgame for LTT?
> 3:56:24 Any experiences Linus carried from NCIX? What he did to Labs.
> 3:57:51 Most surprising feature on a new graphics card?
> 4:00:34 Has Linus went to a Michelin star restaurant?
> 4:01:32 What’s the rationale behind using mesh pockets for PJ pants?
> 4:02:16 What do you do to recover when you’re emotionally or mentally exhausted?
> 4:04:02 Walkable cities in NA not being possible without bulldozing.
> 4:07:38 What is DLL’s biggest SO biggest taboo?
> 4:11:06 Did Linus see ElectroBOOM giving away his LTT screwdriver in Cuba?
> 4:13:22 Does LMG use data visualization software?
> 4:13:55 Will there be a place where people can wait in-between LTX/LTT trip?
> 4:14:17 Handling stress while ensuring you make the best decision?
> 4:17:10 Does Linus ever end up working while on the floor?
> 4:18:08 Luke’s thoughts on Adam Conover’s AI scam video.
> 4:19:32 Linus asked about the WAN beanies he wore.
> 4:20:40 Will the LTT branding be on everything LMG sells?
> 4:22:48 Nick replies about the WAN beanie.
> 4:23:06 Full on gaming LMG channel? ft. pending approval Labs logo.
> 4:24:42 What is the best resource to educate seniors in law about AI?
> 4:26:22 Most common LTT bits sold in order?
> 4:27:18 When are we getting a Luke AI talk?
> 4:28:10 Technical EV cart damage update.
> 4:29:03 Ever collected employee favorite recipes for a recipe cookbook?
> 4:29:21 Most egregious deadline change you’ve faced at work?
> 4:31:36 Possible accent colors for LTT screwdriver?
> 4:35:22 Autograph signing exhibition for LTX?
> 4:36:08 DIY military tech thanks to LLM?
> 4:37:09 Update on acoustic panels Linus mentioned?
> 4:38:41 Giving Hacksmith’s James advice to avoid burning out?
> 4:39:50 Computer issue that annoyed you until you fixed it?
> 4:41:46 LTT watercooled chair idea.
> 4:43:29 Luke on Floatplane development & blog content.
> 4:48:15 What are Linus’s, Luke’s & Dan’s keyboard preferences?
> 4:51:28 Linus on bridging internet connections.
> 4:54:04 Linus on privateering unlisted LMG videos exposed by hackers?
> 4:57:36 Whatever happened to the $1 PC giveaway? Craziest thing you’ve given away?
> 4:58:09 Open sourcing software Labs make? ft. Floatplane updates.
> 5:04:54 Favorite type of curry?
> 5:05:31 LTTStore dog puzzle toy idea?
> 5:06:28 How ethically does LTT make the cloth?
> 5:08:12 Multimedia mouse keyboard combo?
> 5:08:45 Ever considered pride merch?
> 5:11:44 Are you looking into bikes tech?
> 5:13:40 Can we have LTT iron-on-patches or LTT flux?
> 5:14:34 Any movies or documentaries Linus wants to make? Goal or legacy training?
[5:15:52] *Outro.*

Over 200 hours total timestamped. And with that, I bid you all farewell and thank you for your patience.

    Roland JR Carino

    Just 3 more comments, come on people


    You REALLY are a LEGEND!

    austin clatte

    Someone needs to start paying this guy. 😂






ooo boy, a five hour wan show! Loving the long ones, they give me something to listen to while I work! cant wait for the Sunday WAN!

Shiv Sanker Mondal

I wish courage and health to timestamp guy .


    Honestly they need to start paying timestamp guy a salary at this point lol

    Shiv Sanker Mondal

    @Daphoid yeh ,saw said same to him, when i wrote the comment there was only 8 comments in video . so i wished him in advance for hard work he does .


    @Daphoid yes he is, he is retiring

    Robert Dascoli

    Youtube needs to give awards to comment heroes

    Steven Backenstoes

    I hope timestamp guy gets a free ltx pass or merch gift cards or something


very excellent episode. the “wan after dark” segment was some heavy stuff.

Green-Pill Neo

Longest WAN show yet, this is beautiful.

Chris Mohawk

I feel sorry for them. I know they have to be tired but I enjoy the long WAN shows.

    Amina [F?СК.МЕ]


    Sam Walker

    They’ve made the choice to do it at the time they do. They could do it during the day.

    Enchanted Goose

    @Sam Walker How would you propose they do that, when Luke is busy running Floatplane and Linus is busy doing all of the tasks that he is responsible for?

Muhammad Huzaifa

Next there will be a 24 hour wan show. I wonder how before they were able to do the wan show in 2-3 hours. Its crazy the amount of time Linus spends with his audience. The best tech influencer out there who always prioritizes his viewers to give us his opinion on all the latest tech news. Thanks Linus


I just know Dennis had a plan in his head and Linus and Luke just did not follow the headplan. 😂


    I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture

    Dairis Kuznecovs

    @TippyHippy did it squeek?

David Belecci

Growing at this pace WAN show will be a continuous 24/7 live stream at the end of this year. 🎉


    Wan show gonna become a news channel 😂😂😂


    This made me actually lol

    Miles Gerschefske

    Never late, if it never ends


    I know the meme is funny, but please no. 5 hours is already borderline unwatchable. Stop this.

Korrigan Dervendall

First time WAN-show was still going when i woke up and headed to work. Normally i just Listen to the record while working. Today i could just listen live. What a nice morning.
And now i can just play the Show from the beginning, thank you Guys and Happy Easter Holidays from Germany❤


    My bro, get some more sleep. It’s vital to long term health.

    Nicholas Arenas

    @M if he’s in Germany then his timezone is like 8 hours ahead of the timezone WAN is in. He probably did get a full night’s sleep, and WAN started partway through it lol

Juliett A

One day in the not so distant future, WAN show will be 48 hours long across the entire weekend.

Brent Fraliex

I want Pixar to sue Monster for use of their trademark with Monsters, Inc.

    Jonathan Wilson

    A fight between Disney (who own the right to Monsters, Inc.) and the Coca-Cola Company (who own Monster Energy) would be a fight I would like to see.


    @Jonathan Wilson 2 mega-conglomerates in court would be a site to behold XD

    Like Bot

    I see they didn’t sue Adidas for trademark infringement yet, for the three stripes. Give ’em time.

    Captain Cosmos

    Yeah. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    Honestly there needs to be a class action lawsuit against Monster Energy for this. And the Copywrite laws need to clearly define that if a word you use in your company was made up by someone ELSE a LONG time ago and it’s widely used in many things, YOU CANNOT COPYWRITE IT. Nor can use stop others from using it


Now the WAN show is a 5 hour therapy session
edit: I think Linus has to go back to his potato farm


    something directly opposite, I survived 2,5h and felt bad for just how stupid and irrelative things are discused. Have to turn that off.

Mattie Stewart

Linus has the patience of a saint when it comes to Dennis.

    sempre desliguei

    Dennis is a impeccable knowledgeable worker!!! Why is that?

    Samurai Guy

    I got the opposite impression. He was guessing fries before the game was explained.


You know WAN Show is becoming too long when you get up saturday morning in France and WAN Show is still Live.

    Okay DETar

    You should be able to go to sleep Saturday night and it still be live, it can never be to long.


    That was just beautiful, lived this morning:3

    Freaky Snuke

    fr fr happened to me during the hackening stream

    Сергей Валиуллин

    I woke up at like 9 am (my time zone is +5) and decided to wait till it was over before starting to listen. By 11 I gave up and started listening. It was still live with me about half an hour into the show. It’s 6pm, and I have over an hour left. I’ve been listening for pretty much my entire morning, half the commute and throughout my entire workout routine.


Just 3 more hours of the WAN Show and I can listen for an entire shift at work. Keep it up!


    Yeh, it’s annoyingly short

Joshua Alan

Linus literally last week: “we need to rein in WAN show, these 4-hour regulars are getting out of hand”

Thomas Harper

you know the WAN show is going off the rails when dennis shows up XD loved it

Phil Salmon

When it comes to Monster Energy, I don’t think I have ever been so confused that I have tried to drink a computer game

    Peter Walkerden

    If only there was some logical way for an energy drink company to try and cash in from gamers….. Hmmmm


    Bro I’ve drank 3 games thinking they were cans of monster 😅

    Mijc Osis

    @EricZ28 did they taste a Bit gamey?

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