Does this ACTUALLY hurt your PC?

One of the oldest pieces of advice in the book: don't hold down the power button to turn off your computer. But is there actually any validity to this?





Anony Mousse

True for every OS, by the way.

    bryan ransom

    ​@Dana Vidal you can for windows too. I prefer it that way. I like to wait on updating.


    ​@Anony Mousse It’s not the same as when you do it with UFS though. If you shutdown UFS without the filesystem being unmounted, you will have to use fsck manually to reconstruct your filesystem. I’ve had everything from random files, to my inbox, to the entire root filesystem dumped into lost+found without names. ext’s fsck is automatic and uses the journal.

    Anony Mousse

    @bryan ransom You can put updates off, but if you’ve got an internet connection you can’t stop them entirely. With Linux you can squelch all updates if you want, regardless of safety.


    Never had any fatal issues with it on Arch. Even if it corrupts it’s something in user space which prevents your system from turning on. And even if you shutdown during kernel update you can easily roll it back.

Alexis Ortiz Acosta

Hold the power button when you open a weird PDF!


    ahh, I get it

    Daniel Adam

    @Niko Bellic Niko, wagwan me bredda?


“It is now safe to turn off the computer”

    Khulhu Cthulhu

    @Julie Boruta you really had a USB flash drive in your windows 98 computer?

    Chunky G

    Windows 95/98/ME flashbacks. Who remembers hover included with Windows 95 or the multiple daily BSOD screens on Windows ME?

    hup lim oon



    oh maaan, windows 95 times
    i think even in Windows XP there was that option, but most PC’s had ACPI

    Edgar Lepiten

    Ah! Windows 95

Piped Golf

We all have that one friend that switches it off at the wall while it’s still running games 😂😂

    Dr. Spatula

    Yeah, no. I have a threshold for how intelligent my friends have to be. It isn’t high but it’s not that fucking low

    Panda_tcg TikTok

    Does nothing to anything? Lol maybe he’s just not worried about recent save! Only thing it could corrupt


    I did that raging at my ps4, during a bo3 game… had to wipe my ps4…

    Romain Savioz

    You mean parent

    B K



MAN I still remember being scolded for turning the PC off too early — BY THE PC — and having to wait for the screen that says you can flip the switch because they couldn’t turn themselves on or off


    Yeah those days. Which is why older folks now who were 30-40 then, are constantly not used to how much is automated in tech nowadays and keep asking for verbal prompts at each intermediary steps when playing with tech.

    The younger people expect the automated steps, those older expect no automation and are looking for things they have to do with the tech, and that ends up meaning they click or do things they aren’t supposed to messing up an automated process. (Sometimes leading to data corruption)

    There I’ve cracked the code of generational tech boomer ness. 😅

    Elliot Kaufman

    Back when you were essentially flicking the power switch that’s on the back nowadays

    Kevin Mitchell

    I remember launching windows from dos.

    Giuseppe Sabatelli

    Resetti be like DID YOU SAVE


    Yeah, the BIOS should lock you out and put up message.


I legit just had that happen to me the other night… I couldn’t wake up the pc so I held it down and fought with graphics drivers for an hour…


    sounds like a fierce fight between you and the GPU.




    It was probably busy trying to repair the mess and you kept interrupting it. Just walk away for a half hour and hope it eventually figures out what to do.

A knife

good call, ill just switch off the power supply next time

    Jorge Ramirez

    Pull the plug



    Scott S

    Wait us this not how we all do it? Why does that switch even exist if we can’t use it

    Jacob Gibson



pull the plug straight out of the psu to avoid this. dont let the pc know your next move, tease it with the button fist then go for the kill

    epic person

    @Tealice this is the solution!!!😂

    Yusuf T-Deen

    Unnhhh, stop teasing my power button, step-gamer-chan 😫

    Jasper Ted Vidal Tale

    ​@Super User Lmao


    It can still corrupt hard drives, etc.

    Brendan Schoen

    Ahh, the art of the Drunken Repair.


Was updating my graphics drivers… told me to restart the computer, instead of restarting like a normal person I used the button…
Needed a fresh windows install

    JJ FX

    @OrangePacker The driver was done installing to the point of saying a restart was required then a hard shut off bricked Windows. Makes sense.


    @JJ FX telling you what happened not asking, screw off if you don’t believe me


    Yep, indeed


    @JJ FX Safe mode still uses the video driver, same for any HD controller drivers. That is why windows eventually allow you to load drivers during an install starting with Windows server and then windows 8. Windows 7 was pure junk anyway.

    Great Bullet

    @toriless you can actually decide what drivers and if you want to use drivers on safemode xD


what doesn’t kill a pc will make it stronger. I unplug it during bios update.


    I hope your MB has two BIOSs

    Flynn taggart

    If you simply don’t like your pc throw it away


    @Flynn taggart Hopefully where someone who likes restoring and repurposing them will find it.

    Garreth Tinsley

    🏋️‍♂️ power move right there

    Adam Jones

    Aw no xD


That’s what I did. PC stopped responding during alt-tabbing games. Nothing worked so I held down the power button. The windows or a driver got corrupted in such a special way that there was no option to fix it. I started suspecting it’s a hardware damage but when I installed a fresh windows on a different partition it worked fine. Not fun.


I like holding down the power button especially when the computer freezes. It feels like I’m holding a pillow over its face. Yes, now it’s time to sleep!

Darryl Adams

The only unrealistic part of this short is Horst using a PC!


This is actually really really good. Love the editing


i only use the powerbutton method when the computer becomes unresponsive and that used to happen a lot more than now. actually been a while since I’ve had to hard shutdown the computer


Back in school my computer class teacher taught the whole class to hold the power button until the computers powered off instead of logging out because it was “faster and more secure”. Even as an 11 year old, I was baffled by his stupidity.


I do this all the time , now I know why my drives went missing one time


I just cut the power line outside my house whenever I want to turn off my PC and then I tie it back together when I want it turned on again.

No more neighbors stealing my bandwidth.

Piyush Raj

It has actually happened to me before. I was working on some school project at night and then my laptop just didn’t shut down so I long pressed the power button to shut it down. The next morning, my laptop just changed as if it just had a freshly installed version of windows installed(even the wifi modem was not working). Luckily it was fixed and I was told that it was because of windows update. Never forced shut down my laptop during updates again

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