Dyson Zone Review: Great Headphones That Are a Breath of Fresh Air

The Dyson Zone is a set of large over-ear headphones with a removable face visor that sends purified air to your mouth and nose. It's certainly a first of its kind, and Dyson thinks it's on to something.

00:00 Intro
00:32 Design and Features
01:24 Visit to Dyson's Labs
01:53 How Does It Fit?
02:43 Taking It Out and About
04:00 Versus Competitors
04:30 Noise Cancelling and Music
05:10 Battery Life
05:23 Overall Impressions

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Dyson Zone Review: The Weirdest Headphones We've Ever Tested

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Zk Motivation

Hey, you. whoever’s reading this, this is your sign. everything’s gonna be okay. you did not come this far to give up. I believe in you ❤️

M. Eren Ozyoldash

I thought this was April fool ad campaign


    Came here to say that


    I’m still not convinced it’s not. A thousand dollars???


    Since about 3 years ago, every day is fools day.

Wally Boots

Style tip: If you wanna look really cool and be the envy off all passerbys, wear these with your Google glass


    Just allowed to take it off while munching the bugs.

    Be Low Below

    Thanks, I feel old


This is part when you try to sell a Fridge to an Eskimo type of situation.


If I was wearing this thing I would want to know it would protect me from COVID. Unfortunately these are not n95 filters so they will not. Not to mention there’s no airtight seal between the device and the wearer’s mouth and nose. I’m not sure how functional these would actually be.


    ​@nickcpv Vaccines help your body to deal with C-19, especially if you have a pre-existing health conditions.

    In other words, symptoms of C-19 doesn’t get as bad if you already vaccinated.

Austin Feinberg

Yes… this is a real life product with an actual intent to sell!


    Amy* product from any company has the intent to sell.


    2nd Edit:
    I should say every product.


My home could use an air purifier that ends all dust, that is what I expect from Dyson, the Dyson vacuum is perfect. One question, Is there a matching body skin for the Dyson Zone.


That’s a big no and fail on Dyson’s part. $1000 for a subpar audio experience is completely unacceptable. You’re in audiophile territory with the price point and are better off buying a really good headset and just wearing a mask.


    Yup – I have major fall allergies and I rather get a nice 1000$ headset and wear a 25 cent mask which easily works to block pollens. But there’s definitely a gadget geek in me that’s at least curious about this. Maybe if it was cheaper.

Jean, but in french

Wait, today is not April fools, what is happening?!

Ara Kafafian

Just like every other Dyson product which comes with a 1 year warranty, once it breaks, You’re stick with an expensive paper weight.


For 1,000 dollars, i rather spend the money om better headphones and buy a medical grade facs mask.

Regarding bladeless fans:

Dyson is false advertising the fans being bladless.
If you open op the fan, you will see blades.

unbiased logic

I could see this used in a dystopian future

    Be Low Below

    Would it not be a Dysontopian future??

Tatum Vision

Could work if price was little friendlier…..I would be in the market

Mark Kaganovsky

Wouldn’t surprise me at all if these become super popular in Asia or big cities in the next few years.

Then during the next pandemic when it happens a few decades from now I’m sure these will become more mainstream in the west.

Also there’s the whole allergy and high risk markets.


Wearing that in public is like birth control…your brave bruh


“No one cared who I was til I put on the mask…” 😂

Tim von R

Would be perfect integrated in a motor cycle helmet. Well ventilated and not inhaling street fumes

    Be Low Below

    That’s the only smart thing anyone could do with it


Make a set that looks like Bane’s mask and I’m in. You merely adopted the headphones!

Brett Dickstein

I would absolutely wear these for lawn work if it meant I didn’t have to take allergy pills AND a respirator to do said lawn work so I’m not taken out for 2 weeks by pollen


They should just make the headphone part without the air purifying, seems like the headphones are competent enough and I like the design without the bulky air part.

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