Testing the Ram 1500 Rev at the NY Auto Show #shorts

We got to check out and roll around in Ram's new electric truck, the Ram 1500 Rev.

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Travis Floyd

500 miles? In what conditions?



    Shakeel Ali

    What does it matter? That’s like asking how long is a piece of string. Ev’s and ICE vehicles are both affected by weather conditions and more importantly the way the driver actually drives and their habits.

Nameless Musik

This whole car is useless for 99% of any person. If you realy need a car for heavy work i would not buy a Ford…


    You do realize this isn’t a Ford? Dodge makes the Ram.

Jordan Crockett

Who is this?! I love them. Very funny, hope to see doing more auto reporting for The Verge!


14000 of towing? I really would like to see how much range I can get with 14k pound.


That “folding step” is a ‘power running board’, also that’s not a bench seat, and he said 110 volt but it clearly read 115 volt at the end. 🤦🏻‍♂️


    thanks champ

Malini V

Jai shree ram 🎉

Binoy Mathew

EVs have so much space. It’s promising where technology is headed. 😎👍🏽

Big Jalapeno

This thing looks cool

Steve Sunny

I wish pick up trucks weren’t getting so big, it’s making it really unsafe for people in smaller cars and pedestrians


Ban SUV vehicles

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