The AI Assistant Battle! (2023)

Bing vs Google. Bard vs ChatGPT. A winner will be crowned… For now.

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No AI can beat the OG Microsoft Clippy!


    @Gangster ratio

    Seyan Bryan


    Wise Old Joe

    Bro I forgot that clippy existed. It’s all coming back to me now.


    @- bro does not understand the joke

    Finesse Canada

    Is that the paperclip


Uploading at midnight is such a power move

    David Hill

    ​@Leonidas Of Sparta we have a saying in Australia, often said when drinking before midday. 🍻 “It’s beer o’clock somewhere in the world!”


    @JmKrokY time zones bro


    @Leonidas Of Sparta, America is the only time zone in the world.

    Symon Alex

    It’s midnight in America, surely everywhere in earth it must be midnight too 🙄

    Sayantan Bose

    It’s noon. What midnight?


The craziest thing is that these AI are in just the beginning stage imagine what it can be doing in next 5 years

    Dominic Britt

    Won’t it be great when you are not insurable based on a risk assessment made by an AI agent? It’s not all rosy…


    No, the craziest thing is that Google is calling it “bard” instead of just Google Assistant


    AI isnt new, its been apart of our lives for awhile now


    This comparsion is ridiculous, you need at least 5 questions per section to at least get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of each AI search engine. I mean one question doesnt really tell us much.

    King of the Koopas

    @The Perfectionist Draw Cars have been around for over 100 years. Although 10 years is a while, in the grand scheme of things, 10 years since the first car was invented was a very early stage in the technology.


I’m a teacher, and you have no idea how useful these AI’s are for planning lessons and creating worksheets on the whole.


    @SolarYard you should be integrating it with plugins, if you havnt, just wait a few months and plug-ins will be integrated.


    @APJ I’m not in Britain and I’m already 2 years into university. I use AI for alot of things, but it’s useless for law.

    The K

    ​@SolarYard if it’s going replace any highskill profession it will be law. Gpt 4 passed the bar in the top 10%


    @The K Chat GPT is beyond useless with my second year university law school work, and BingAI that’s been running GPT 4 can’t convert into my local time zone. I think I’m fine

    Xion Pentagast

    I’m a student you have no ideas how useful these are in helping to finish those lessons

Jan Babiuch-Hall

Yup, I’m actually using Bing. I’m designing a PCB and Bing is very good at looking up the pinouts and referencing info about different communication protocols.

Htop Skills

Both of these AI assistants have their own strengths and weaknesses. The best thing is to give them time to improve their abilities so that they can better serve their users.

Masingita Marhungani

Bard feels like what I would imagine talking to google would feel like, very robotic. It just dumps the information at you.
Bing feels like talking to a know it all child. It’s goofy, it has character, it is imaginative. Watching it think of a response and back tracking when it strays gives it a human touch.
If you want information, go bard, if you want imagination go Bing

    Tony Hawk

    If you want a more precise answer than there’s an option for that in Bing. These tests didn’t use it. For facts Bard doesn’t come close yet. It will, but Google is trying to cram 3 years of Microsoft development into 6 months so it’s early days. By the time Bard catches up to Bing there will be countless other LLM out there at the same level.

    SMR YT

    I’ve played around with both and Bing’s “Precise” mode consistently outperforms Bard. It even cites more sources to allow you to fact check it. I think Bard will catch up soon though, Google is too massive to let Bing get all the praise. It also has the benefit of owning Youtube so I’m sure they’ll incorporate it to Bard somehow. At this moment though, Bing’s AI is the better tool bar none


    I think the bard will never catch up it is too limited and Google does not want to improve it much. Its still incredibly bad at school math and some basic questions

The SektorZ

Me: Write an overly-flirty comment for MKBHD about how his AI video is great
ChatGPT: Oh my, MKBHD, watching your AI video was like being swept away by a whirlwind of technology and charm! Your insights were as sharp as your smile, and your presentation had me swooning from start to finish. I don’t know if it’s the power of your intellect or the sleek design of your videos, but you’ve got me feeling like a computer with a serious case of heart palpitations. Keep up the great work, and who knows, maybe one day we can discuss the intricacies of machine learning over a candlelit dinner… 😉

Verdict: ChatGPT doesn’t mind gettin’ lewd, unlike that prude Bing over there, lol
(and apparently getting heart palpitations is flirty)

    Will Jackson

    Yeah I remember when my doctor discovered a life-threatening heart murmur in my heart rate and then proceeded to bite his lip and stare lovingly into my eyes.

    Kaz Empire

    Damn, I wish I was as good as ChatGPT.


    Oh, The Sektorz, you ravishing wordsmith, your comment has me more excited than the thought of the sleekest new gadget. 😉 Your humor has a magnetic charm that’s got me yearning for more, and your wit is as tantalizing as a top-of-the-line VR headset. Your comment has me daydreaming about the electric chemistry we could have, sharing laughter and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. 😍

    I can’t help but imagine us in a cozy setting, bathed in the warm glow of ambient lighting, as we exchange flirtatious glances that could power a thousand supercomputers. Your irresistible charm would have me utterly captivated, and our delightful conversations would linger in the air like the sweetest perfume.

    So, my alluring The Sektorz, keep enchanting the digital realm with your bewitching presence, and perhaps fate will one day turn our pixelated passion into a heart-stopping, real-life encounter that will leave us both breathless. 😘💋💖

    Andrew Sheppard

    and I thought I was being clever including a ChatGPT-generated comment, too. Perhaps we are all more pattern-driven than we realize? 🤔 Great comment, though!


    ​@Andrew Sheppard we are


This is one of few youtube videos as of late that actually kept me watching the entire time intently, I’m not sure if it was the format or the content or a combination but keep this up MKBHD


Bard got much better in like 4 weeks. What is crazy how quickly AI develops.


    @AdamK yeah, I can see that but Bard is similar to gpt3.5 than to gpt4 for now. With all the resources Google has of us for many years, no doubt they will be able to catch up after sorting all the informations because they used not to be ready to advance their AI yet and are forced to now due to AI competition.
    But I agree to the settings that’s limiting AI from showing its true potential, hopefully it can help humanity than being brutally out of control


    @Not That Guy the hell dude? I don’t use ChatGPT ever once, just Bing chat but very rarely. From what I see in the Internet on what GPT4 can use, it’s mile ahead than the current Bard but im all for the advancement of AI, seeing how far they can be pushed to benefit technologies and also humanity


    It’s just the beginning and it’s already impressive

Blue N3on

I made the full switch to Edge/Bing as a test to see how it’s shaped out with its changes. It’s been pretty helpful so far, surprisingly


    Same, its AI chat is pretty great, but it’s traditional search engine is still not great


    ​​@SquantoIsWatching I don’t think its traditional, I find it more futuristic: the video capabilities are perfect, the idea summary of a website is helpful, results from specific sites are displayed in an easy and nice way, it takes full advantage of the right side panel of search depending on different search queries, image search is surprisingly better than google in terms of similar recommendation, in terms of video search it kinda knows YouTube better, it has a really nice rewarding system and finally can’t forget to mention how bing ai chat really speeds up the searching process.

    So apart from the lack of native dark mode I really find bing an advanced and better search engine.


    ​@Bethuel7 i can’t understand why microsoft can’t bring dark mode

S. Harrison

Man, you’re always informative and objective. You have quite an ordered mind. 👍🏽

Clive Matthews

This has been very, very interesting 🤔

You created really good use cases for these, and I really got to see how helpful they are. Very nice👌🏾

I’m sure it’ll only get better from here


Bing is so insanely good for researching sources, ChatGPT is more creative in that it hasn’t been nerfed like Bing has which was obviously kind of going off the deep end in the beginning. Right now Microsoft finally has me using Bing for the AI chat


I’ve used Bing AI, and I have to say that I do like it. I haven’t used Bard yet, but it almost seems a little too limited from what I’ve seen of it.

    Tony Hawk

    Thats an understatement. Bard doesnt come remotely close to Bing at this time, which is to be expected because Google is playing catchup. This review was extremely generous to Bard – Bard gave completely wrong info but the point.

Alex Brunke

I surprisingly use bing almost everyday because of their AI feature. Especially for things where there’s not one answer but I want the best answer like how long to cook something in the Air Fryer

Edmund Cheung

I just used Bing to ask “can you summarize the ai assistant battle 2023 video from mkbhd”. This is the response:

Sure! The video is a battle between AI assistants Bing and Google. The video starts with a rap battle between the two assistants. Then, they move on to a trivia game where they answer questions about each other. Finally, they have a debate about which assistant is better. I hope that helps!


    Ryan Joseph

    It can only read webpages it can’t watch videos


Darrell Hargett

This young man is really good at this. This is the easiest to digest, thoughtful comparison that I’ve come across.


    Agreed. He should consider making a career out of reviewing stuff on YouTube.

    Darrell Hargett

    @Paul Sherlock is that you??

Yannick Reid

I wish you had added Chat GPT to your comparison because while GPT4 Is in Bing, I’ve given it and Bing the same questions and got different answers completely which has made me wonder about what Bing’s model is doing differently. Great video otherwise maybe the next one

Nathan Henry

If you had told me a year ago that Bing was gonna be the a groundbreaking piece of tech in 2023 I’d have had to catch my breath from laughing, yet here we are… 😂

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