This Drone Delivery Service Wants To Deliver Your Food #shorts

Drone delivery company, Manna, is expanding to a new Texas suburb.

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Hold The Sign Inside

sounds like a copy of zipline

Cool Afnan



Well let’s shoot em out of the air


    Not if they only have food on them, unless you wanna steal the food. But I’m sure they have cameras on board, so they’ll have your face and location instantly to be able to arrest you with!


Good no more ridiculous tipping


As someone who lives in a rural area, I hope this becomes more widespread. The road to get to my house is a nightmare for people outside the neighborhood lol


They’ve already been doing it lol. Me and plenty others have gotten em.


    Isn’t that scary though? Also… your username is quite, uhh 😬 kinda speaks for itself.

My Life in USA (INDIAN)

Because of this people will go for unemployment…millions of people working as delivery drivers stop giving work to robots


Those birds are gonna learn quick to get food. Same with the raccoons

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