Stay Out Of The House

Don't go in that house… From the maker's of Powerdrill Massacre comes another retro horror game with practical advice!

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Respectfully, if Mark is in the house I will not stay out

    PBNJ Gamin‘


    Parashock Protogen



    I Respectfully agree



    The Puzzlax

    This feels vaguely threatening. Or just threatening.


Funny how you can go from extremely bored to extremely entertained the second Markiplier posts a video


    ​@speece no




    @Ash L bozo



    Hedda Keihag


Carolyn D

It’s always a good day when mark is playing a puppet combo game

    Conor Giroud


    The Dodo

    Very rare too so it always feels special.

    The Pepsi In The Comments

    He should definitely play Nun Massacre’s new updates with those other modes…

    He’ll never beat it within an hour, that’s 💯☠️💀


    puppetcombo sucks

    lys ibrahim

    YESSS. i physically pogged seeing the title and the thumbnail of this vid when i first saw it

The Dodo

Markiplier playing Puppet Combo games always feels like a genuine treat 👌


“I know im gonna die” The fact Mark continues is proof that he is not a masochist, he just wants to test the limits of his body

    Ashish Binu

    ur face is everywhere i look

    random person

    @Ashish Binu nmrih source mod’s alt account i guess

    Ashish Binu

    @random person hmmmmmm


    I’m sorry buddy, a bot copied your comment and got more likes than your one

    Ashley R

    You’re everywhere


I love the way Mark’s hair has evolved over the years.


    It has become sentient

A Blanchard

Watching Mark struggle to read then click forward just for the text to pop up crystal clear really made me lose it 😂😂😂😂

Void Void

32:27 I love how Mark just immediately trusts the dog despite only having seen it once


    How u at 32 minutes it’s been out for 17

Tech Gaming

I’m a person who gets scared easily and everything but seeing Mark play and his screams just makes it way funnier and less scarier

    Nova shy

    Mark is my filter too

    𝔽𝕦𝕟𝕥𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕩𝕪

    Literally same

Tech Gaming

Mark literally turns any horror game into comedy

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Markipliers screams are the soft sounds that sooth me into a perfect sleep


    Music in your ears?

    Samantha’s Bunker

    – Mozart

I’m Marissa

Mark’s confusion and breathless laughter makes every video worth watching.

Edit: 15:10 Corpse Cameo?

    Brandon Fischer

    That’s what I thought too! (About corpse)

    Nessa Anacoura

    Great that I wasn’t the only one thinking that😂. It literally has to be Corpse tho. I KNOW THAT VOICE WHEN I HEAR IT

    ღ DeannaaMay Popee ღ

    Omg yeah, Corpse cameo. I know that voice anywhere


an hour of markiplier playing a horror game?
truly a blessed easter today


I just realized. This is my first Markiplier comment and, wow. I can’t believe it. Over 8 years I’ve been watching him and I can say, I will never regret a single second. This man deserves a spot in history.


    8 years and no comment? That’s crazy!!


    @FreshTeeth their account is from less than a year ago so take what they said with a grain of salt


    @SoullessKuriboh you can watch videos without actually having an account though, would explain not having commented at all for so long


You have no idea how quickly I realized that Corpse is the one who voices the creepy guy


    The Fastest things on earth:
    Cheetah, Airplane, Speed of Light and us who realized stranger was voiced by Corpse Husband


    I heard the voice and was immediately like CORPSE??

A Blanchard

When Mark finally realizes the killer is trying to get him instead of the freezer door he really just accepted his fate so casually

Emma !! Ready For Friendship

I love horror games man, especially watching Jack and mark play them. This is a good day, one of each 2 hours apart🫶

    Jaxon Hawk

    Fr! I just got finished watching Jacks video lol. I love Mark and Jack so much


    @Jaxon Hawk its a bot dont respond

Reece Radford

I find it amazing how Mark got his clone to play this game just to keep us entertained while he works on his movie

Really shows how much he cares about us ❤

Arianna Rodda

Yelling “You offered me a rideeee” took me out when the girl drove away. You make me day when you post Markiplier

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