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Banned on Amazon. Seized in Brazil. It’s capable of reading, writing, spoofing, and emulating everything from RFID to NFC, sub ghz RF to infrared, and much more. Is the Flipper Zero is too dangerous to be widely available to consumers, or is that just unfounded fear mongering?

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:20 Is it REALLY that dangerous?
2:32 You wouldn't download a car
4:23 RFID
6:06 NFC
7:30 BadUSB
8:44 GPIO
9:40 Final Thoughts




Linus getting prepared to hack the hackers who took down his channel

    Henry Alamillo

    Hackwars, Linus Media Group Strikes Back


    He is not that good. I remember his forum got hacked and my password got leaked. I started getting tons of spam emails and phishing emails. Lol

    The Engineering Nerd

    @iRideTheShortBoos u got that? but i didnt


Probably a good time to mention that Amazon has banned the sale of this product as of today


    not in the UK its still up at £230.73 down from £339.99 but I think I will wait for the Amazon Basics version at £50 ;p


    Brilliant. You can buy fake hard drives that will corrupt virtually everything you put on them, but you can’t buy a simple radio and microcontroller….


    That’s why it’s still available on my country’s Amazon? (for a much higher price than og tbf)
    My point is.. don’t generalize. Maybe in America. Not everywhere. Do research first, then be specific and correct about what you’re saying.

    Dakota Lunsford

    Friend of mine got one not too long ago, his uses aren’t bad though. Copying his garage door opener/his badge for work..

    First Last

    Darn, I want 1 for my switch.

Talking Sasquach

Love seeing the Flipper Zero community represented so hard!! Lets GOOOOO!!!!! We all put our hearts into making mods and content and seeing Linus talk about it is absolutely fantastic!

    StormRend Studio

    Ah, The best Flipper community in existence!!! Thanks for all that you do @Talking Sasquach


    @CanadianSike nerd

    Anna Prosvetova

    @CanadianSike ok i log off

    Anna Prosvetova

    @mrgeraldbrent 🐬❤️


“Is the hysteria simply a kneejerk reaction from the uninformed” 98% of the time, yes.

    Roe Jogan

    Yes, this goes for many things (anti gun, anti vaxxers, etc) The individuals with the least knowledge on a topic are generally the one’s with the strongest opinions against them.


    @Angel Blue I don’t think you’re literate either.


    Covid in a nutshell.

    Anthony Williams

    America in a nutshell.


    @Roe Jogan pro gun*


I’m glad you did a review on the flipper zero I was quite interested in this and didn’t quite understand it.



常守 朱

This device becoming popular is actually great, that means security has to improve.

    Karel Chrastina

    in my country the average car is 16 years old. Please tell me, how the security will improve for the car owners. Please note, they would buy a new car if they could.

    Heart of the Skorpion

    @Stitch Finger yes, but its not that linear. That, as usual, costs money. And as always, it will be the customer that will end up eating the added cost. Companies obviously will not let this eat at their profit margin. Anything that cannot be updated via Software, will have to be replaced. As much as this type of tool can be used for good purposes, something are just best left out of the general public. As someone already said, security through obscurity is a valid approach. And then we are surprised and annoyed that everything requires an online connection, and account, and constant updates and replacement. Something like this in the hands of everyone just reinforces it.

    JR channel

    It also means you’ll get robbed in the meantime


    Start by educating the end users and installers…

    The # of security installation could be Improved X fold by a 1-2$ add on…

    And it’s coming from 1 guys supporting systems for more then 15 years.


If some kid can breach your security with this thing, actual hackers have probably been able to do that for years without you noticing. This just shows that these systems were insecure in the first place.


    @NekoiNemo wasn’t there a section on the video that talks about how it could be used to open hotel and apartment buildings? Also that’s still a fair comparison because most of the locks out there are about that easy as well.

    Disguised cat

    @fasdaVT he is extremely talented… but because of him I found where I live 95% of bike lock are an absolute joke, I was shocked to find I was able to pick my bike lock without experience and handmade tools in 30 minutes. Many locks can even be broken by hand. Yet I havent seen a single case of a thief using this technique here, they ALL use cutters.. I have seen or heard about over 10 thefts using exclusively bolt cutters… the rest were just hijacking unlocked bikes while the owner looked away… its odd, and Im afraid of whats to come…


    @cridus k child

Ben Moore

This is like watching a scripted version of a WAN Show segments. I like it. Thanks for sharing the information outside of the marathon that the WAN show is becoming!

    cath evans

    I didn’t think they woul break the five hour run time….wonder how long until six hours…

    Gregory Norris

    @cath evans I’ve watched the first two hours so far. Hopefully we get some good weather and I can watch the rest while taking walks.


As someone who was lucky enough to get a flipper, the uses are very interesting. I’ve utilised it a few times during penetration tests and was sometimes amazed by the performance.

For a small, pocket sized, battery powered device, I’m not surprised this caused a stir…

However, it doesn’t help that so many people are making a big deal of these and showing “hacks” online that just aren’t real.

“Watch the flipper hack CCTV!!! Omg!!!”

No Travis, you turned off the TV they’re connected to, any phone with an IR blaster can do that…


    @nicoper Xiaomi

    Evgenii Balmashev

    @nicoper Xiaomi and this feature is reaaaly cool, especially in the hotels if they don’t provide remote for their air conditioner for example


    Some Xiaomi and Huawei phones have it.


    The are some tiny IR emmiters that plug in the 3.5mm jack


    @nicoper i got mi 11t pro with ir 😆

Peter Griffin

It isn’t just the ingenuity of the community, is the relaxed cybersecurity standards society has accepted.


    I think that acceptance has come from general ignorance surrounding how any piece of technology works. Especially stuff like rfid

Linus Tech Tips

What would you use a Flipper Zero for? Nothing nefarious we hope…

Check out the Flipper Zero here:

Sanpopo NFC Tags:

Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group.

    Daniel Vollers

    I use it all the time to test things and control my fan system in the house 😂


    I would use it for trolling

    Travis R

    I travel alot for work and pleasure. Gym memberships are annoying. Definitely getting one.


    Well, it has no particular meaning for me but I always wanted one just to have it in case… Who knows when you might need something that could do what it does…

    Doc Brody

    I’d use it to clone my rfid building pass, which I keep losing.


In my college, there’s a management company in charge of the building that won’t allow students to open lab rooms with their student cards. The college themselves want us to have access, but can’t because of this management company, so normally to get into labs, students ask a nearby lecturer to open it for them. My friend somehow managed to clone a staff keycard to his phone and was able to open lab rooms when theres no lecturers around.


    There’s more to this story I think. The “management company” has to do what the college’s best interest is since they are hired for that. Maybe students abusing such privileges

    cowboy bridges

    ​@Billy exactly, those nerds are labbing a little bit too much


    “Somehow”. Pretty clear that teacher just handed them a card to open the door (in violation of the security protocol) because they can’t be bothered/too busy to walk to the door themselves, and your friend scanned it before bringing it back.

    someonespotato hmm

    @Billy If they did what was best for the college they would have security that can’t be beat by a phone.

    Jason H

    Had to copy an existing key to allow it to work, this flipper is the same, only the videos online show how difficult it is to use even a copied key. They call the difficulties implementing the copied key as “hacking”

Dimlu Tine

Linus brings up some good points, but there is one that I want to bring attention to… the remote capabilities. He mentions that Flipper’s ability to control remotely sets it aside from other security tools… However, you can actually control the majority of the other security tools mentioned remotely as well. Some, like the Malduino W, have the functionality built in. Others require a little bit of electronics know-how to tie in an ESP32 or similar. I appreciate that Linus brought attention to the fact that this tool really does nothing better than the other tools and just gives you a nice little package for them all. I just wanted to make that distinction about the wireless capabilities. Flipper isn’t some crazy criminal tool. It’s like a computer. I can use my computer to hack, but it’s just a tool. If people want to ban the Flipper, they may as well ban computers too. I was one of the early adopters of the Flipper Zero. I’m also in InfoSec. I say that to lend a little credibility to my argument that it’s just a toy. I’m sorry to say this, but it really is. It’s a neat toy. It’s fun to clone an RFID card and make your friends think you’re “hacking” the office/hotel card reader or show someone their credit card number (but as Linus said, no other identifiable data)… and mouse-jacking is legit fun, but it’s hit or miss as it doesn’t work on all mice… but it’s nothing special. Most of the time I just use mine as a convenient 3v and 5v pin for electronics projects ¯_(ツ)_/¯


    Wow ur a cool dude

Rocket Rooster Films

I am over the moon glad that I live in a time where I can genuinely say “Flipper can not hold a candle to the might of the Rubber Ducky.”

Mihai Gheorghe

This gives me an insight into how cool it would be for LTT to have a dedicated CyberSecurity channel


    that’s probably way too small of a market for them, and there are already plenty of other channels in that niche

    Esa Edvik

    That’s pretty much what Hak5 have been doing for almost 20 years at this point.


    Hosted by SwiftOnSecurity!


This just reinforces the saying “Locks keep honest people honest, and they don’t stop evil people.”


    Ah, fellow LPL subscriber here


    Locks tell lazy thieves to move to the next one

I am Jakoby

Linus actually said my name.
Still so hard to wrap my head around being featured in this video
And it’s the 3rd time now and it still doesn’t feel real.
So cool to be even a small part of something like this.

And I’m glad everyone has been enjoying my work

    Asish Reddy

    Good for you dude.


    But did he pronounce it properly?

    En 352

    What i thought of hackers: Cool, collected

    Hackers in real life: OMG Linus mentioned my name, this doesnt feel real . Whats next? thanking for the likes on the youtube comment lol

    Anna Prosvetova

    same bro


    hacker of the year vibes

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