A Productive Week in My Life as a Tech YouTuber | Slack at SXSW

Join me on a week in my life as a YouTuber heading to #SXSW with @Slackhq ! Thanks Slack for sponsoring this video πŸ‘‰πŸ» Try Slack Pro, save 50%:

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Slack at SXSW recap

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0:00 Filming a YouTube Video
3:25 Meetings
4:06 Gym Time
6:00 Organizing & Packing Up Film Gear
8:32 Slack SXSW Panel
11:49 BTS & Interviews
16:18 Must find INTERNET & David Perell Cameo
20:45 TIRED.
22:52 Last SXSW Panel!




Your video are so amazingly put together! Thank you for making the content that I love on YouTube! I’ll watch anything you upload!πŸ”₯ thank you for sharing your art

mike Giaquinto

How great would a Kara swisher peachy combo collab be. One can dream

Ben Clum

Top notch editing!! Props to you and your team! πŸ™Œ

Completely agree with the conversation about work flexibility. Honestly I would say β€œwhen you work” flexibility is more important that β€œwhere you work” for me personally.


A great video start to finish! I especially like your dark editing cave where the magic happens πŸ‘Œ

This is Tech Today

Crushing it as always, Sara!

Brady Hales

I really liked this! It was great seeing the tools you use to make your production happen! Huge Sony fan here too!

Chandan Sah

Thanks for the video. It inspires us to do more. 😍

The Tech Sheep

Great video. I love it when Sara is happy and excited 😊

Siddharth Sohoni

Such a nice video. Always wonder what a week of content creators look like. Nice to get insights into your day to days. Kudos!

Paul W Editing

This is a really cool video and a great insight into how the week goes.
What was the note app you were using at 6:04 , it looks cool.

Al C

Seeing behind the scenes was awesome – getting insight into how you pull it all together was great!! Would love to see this as a series

Scott Roberts

Oh my. Saw the gym portion with the band on the leg side steps. Made me flinch. I did those and other band ones with my trainer early last month and pulled the pirifomus muscle. All was good until I did something Friday that made the muscle seeze up and grab a nerve. Ended up in the ER from the pain. Better now though. When you get to be 70 watch out for stuff like that.😁😁
PS. I REALLY look forward to your videos. Thanks.


This might be my favorite video she’s published!!

Justin Dai

This lifestyle looks fun!


I am using Slack for the last 8 months, and yes it’s really so helpful to communicate with my teams. and assign TASK 😍

Carlos Campo

Sara has the good energy ! Great video

Daniel Humphries

Love a well put together Sara Dietschy video, should be proud of this one πŸ‘ Also love the new peachy and creative life merch!

Johnny Cash III

LOVE a long Peachy video honestly! Especially seeing your BTS work and process! Thanks for sharing with us!!


Absolutely love this type of content and would love to see more down the road! 😁

Benjamin Harrison

Sarah and John are absolutely perfect for each other. Not only are they good couples but also great partners and a perfect team ❀

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