The Amazon Basics CPU Cooler

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If you need something quickly and at an affordable price, there’s a good chance that Amazons in-house “Basics” brand has it. They’ve got all the essential items you need in your day-to-day life… and now they have a CPU cooler? Uh oh. Time for Labs to investigate.

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Check out the CPU Coolers we tested in this video:
Amazon Basics:
Cooler Master H412R:
be quiet! Pure Rock 2:
Noctua Redux NH-U12S:
Cooler Master Hyper 212:
Vetroo V5:
Jonsbo CR1400:
Buy an Intel Core i5 13600K CPU:
Buy a ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GPU:
Buy a Gigabyte Aorus Master Z690 Motherboard:
Buy G.Skill Trident Z5 6800MT/s CL34 2x16Gb RAM:
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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0:00 Intro
1:09 This Cooler Already Exists!
2:08 What's Different?
3:19 The Competition
3:54 Results
5:13 Two Of Them!
5:44 Why?
6:19 What We Learned
6:58 Conclusion




Love the video Linus! keep it up😊I feel like Amazon basics could be better in some cases tho, there good for cables and school supplies, anything else it’s just copy’s of everyone else’s things


    They copied gamers nexus’ video on this from a week ago

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



its quiet nice to see you guys continue this series but it would be cool to see some more absurd amazon tech produkts

    Delayed Creator

    Ugh, I can’t believe how some people mispronounce the word “products”. It’s not “produkts”, it’s “products” with a “c”. are people too lazy to pronounce words correctly nowadays? It’s just basic English pronunciation, for crying out loud, I can’t stand hearing this mispronunciation anymore. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. and don’t even get me started on those who think it’s cool or edgy to purposely mispronounce words. It’s not cute or clever, it’s just annoying and disrespectful to the English language. Honestly it’s time for people to start taking pride in their language skills and learn to speak properly.


    @Delayed Creator daddy chill

    Shaun Young

    ​@Delayed Creator That big blob of whinging wouldn’t be nearly as funny if you were aware that you are whinging about the “spelling” not “pronunciation”….

    X Fade

    @Delayed Creator and then you glance over the “quiet” ? At least be consistent then.


3:37 At this point I’m convinced Linus dropping things is literally part of the script.

    john treble

    The durability test

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



    @Alex Davis they have said that they add drop sounds from time to time when they drop stuff and it’s scripted, obv if they drop a fake gpu they won’t actually break it and have a real gpu dropping noise if you get what i mean


    @Delayed Creator linus has admitted that they script some drops… it’s fine, some are some aren’t, such is linus i guess

    Delayed Creator

    @Le Potato Listen up buddy, dropping something may seem like a small, innocent mistake, but it’s not cute, it’s klutzy! It’s like tripping over your own feet or getting your shirt caught on a door handle – sure, it’s funny for a hot minute, but then you’re left feeling embarrassed and clumsy. Dropping things is the enemy of gracefulness and poise, and we should not be encouraging this kind of behavior by calling it “cute”. Let’s save the cute for puppies and kittens, and leave the dropping to the rest of us uncoordinated folk.
    Getting worked up isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get fired up in order to achieve your goals or defend your values. Passion and determination are what fuel progress and change, and sometimes that means getting a little hot under the collar. Sure, it’s important to keep a level head and not let emotions cloud your judgment, but there’s nothing wrong with feeling strongly about something and letting that show. So don’t be afraid to get worked up, my friend. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get things done.


One correction, the Amazon cooler is actually based on the H410R, not the H412R. Hence the difference in visuals and performance. Even Amazon’s own product code for the cooler says H410R. Cooler Master probably said H412R because that’s the refresh of the H410R. But if you visually compare the Amazon Basics cooler to the H410R you will notice literally no difference, other than branding. Even the “cut corners” are there. GamersNexus has already clarified this in their review as well

    Eirik Heggelund

    ​@Photonees Not necessarily. This is very obvious to anyone that has owned this cooler or is interested in the topic. I was not aware of GN’s coverage of this and I knew the very second I laid my eyes on LTT’s comparison of the two.


    @SpoonHurler Back to u Steve

    The Engineering Nerd

    @VicarBrador I don’t think bs like this would be pinned lol

    The Engineering Nerd

    @Worgen4ik still a lot better than clown like GN



Tech Closet

Great review and comparison, ID cooling is shockingly standing out in terms of price to performance.

    David T

    Yep, love my ID cooling. Took a chance on them back when they barely had any reviews on Amazon and it’s been great so far


    I got an ID cooler as a temporary cooler while my aio is on backorder and it’s worked way better than I expected


    another great affordable cooler is the thermalright pa 120 se/non se


    After Bitwit did a video with them, I decided to try one of their 360 AIOs for my 3900x. It’s been doing pretty solid so far. OCd at 4.3ghz and I believe it topped at like 70 after a 10 minute CInebench R23 run

    Jerry Tiong

    Not that ID cooling is good, it’s because cooler master is bad.


You should review the thermalright peerless assassin. That thing is a beast for its price. It even rivals nhd15 in some cases.

    Paint Master

    Got it recently, probably overkill for ryzen 5600, havent sren 50c


    They can’t , i’m pretty sure they have a deal with Noctua of sorts … Linus still saying they make the best 120 fan when everybody knows the Phantek T30 has been the best for over a year now …


    ​@Paint Master I’m using the single tower assassin on my 5600x and it’s an absolute champ, even in an air starved NZXT H510.


    They copied gamers nexus’ video on this from a week ago


    @Paint Master Same. Running it on a 5600x and 49 at full load is the hottest I could get it. Swapped out the 2 fans for 1 a12x25 though


I’m actually really surprised that the Vetroo V5 did so poorly considering it has one more heat pipe than the cooler master. I’d love to get a deeper dive as to why.


    I also found that really strange, it was hardly an improvement over the stock cooler which contradicts tests done in the past


    agreed numbers seem off

    Aaron Thomas

    Could just be a bad sample.


    Yeah, I’m pretty surprised by that too. Everyone’s reviews have shown it to be a pretty decent budget cooler.

David spyra

I think the labs should more often (whenever possible) do test of multiple units of one specific product to determine the consistency of their data

    Pat The Logo Guy

    ​@Thunder Arch eh just get 3 and avg

    Michael Brestel

    @Sam Levi but even two units is much, much better than just one. You dont need perfect to be better.


    The problem in this video is that LTT had 2 Amazon coolers, noted one performed worse, and concluded that there was a QC issue with the Amazon coolers… not the *identical* Cooler Master ones it previously stated were likely made BY Cooler Master specifically for Amazon. You can’t make a claim like that from a sample size of 2, and you definitely can’t claim the Cooler Master wouldn’t also have the same QC issues (if indeed that’s what it was) from a sample size of 1.


    Every time you measure something, you should measure it AT LEAST trice: first time to get a value, the second to confirm that the measure was not, in fact, repeatable, and a third to decide which one of the first two was a fluke. Since the third will also differ from both the first and the second, you usually end up needing a fourth and a fifth…


    @JZ They didn’t copy anything. They tested the same product (as many other channels did), did their own testing and came to the same conclusion.

Mr Cravin

I’m shocked you guys didn’t put a Thermalright cooler in this test since they’re killing it in this class of lower end coolers… I’m sure Noctua enjoyed the gap.

    The Joe Tandy

    ​@JZvideos are filmed so far in advance, it’s highly unlikely this ever happens.

    Qusai Farid

    They could’ve also included an AK400


    Yes and it’s not like they don’t know about Thermalright either. In their 7800X3D review they made pcpp lists for a 7800X3D and a 5800X3D build, both of which featured the Thermalright Assassin X 120 as the chosen CPU cooler. However that’s an absolutely poor choice for these chips as I have a Peerless Assassin 120 se myself and I struggle to keep my 5800X3D cool with it. So I highly doubt a single tower cooler with 2 less heatpipes and a lower tier included thermal paste is gonna be anywhere near good


    I have been using Thermalright coolers for 15 years, but I think it’s only gaining popularity in the North American market in the last 2 or 3 years. If someone buys an amazonBasic cooler, he/she probably doesn’t have the best knowledge of computer parts. The coolers chosen are simply the top choices on amazon, not necessarily the best budget coolers.

    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    LTT content quality is degrading slowly.. they cant be bothered to make an effort to research anymore


“Alright, Amazon. I’ll play ball – but we’re gonna do it *my* way!”
*drops the cooler*

Most Linus moment of the video.


Legal fact: Under antitrust law and settlement with the government, Amazon had to scale back the frequency it listed its own “Amazon Basics” products as “Amazon’s Choice”. It still occurs but less frequently as Linus points out in the beginning of the video

Thomas Layman

what surprises me the most here is seeing id-cooling’s se-214-xt placing top 3 in these charts consistently, competing with the pure rock 2 and u12s. it’s 20 bucks btw!! what an incredible cooler


    This includes doing cpu stress test for about a hour in CPU-Z. It’s so quiet I can’t hear it on full load while keeping good temps.

    Martin Lopez

    I just ordered one last night for my nephews upgrade build. Seeing the numbers in this video makes me glad I went with it.


    @Martin Lopez It’s a great cooler. You should have 0 problems with it.,


    i love id cooling, i have their 120mm aio and it works awesome, it was the cheapest aio on the market too.


    I bought one recently it reduced my temps from 90+ on stock cooler down to 60 on full load its an insane budget cooler (5600x)


I would argue in fairness to all coolers. It can vary quite well from each installation attempt, each fan and each thermal compound application. But to be honest I wouldn’t expect miracles either. This video is to me pretty spot on. Very nice Linus, and also we can thank the LAB team as well.

Adam Ramsey

You really need to add something like the Thermalright PS120SE to the mix in this price bracket, usually around $35 for a dual tower, 7 heatpipe cooler is insane value for money (and it works pretty well too!)


    They copied gamers nexus’ video on this from a week ago

    Adam Ramsey

    @JZ Producing a video on the same topic/subject/product isn’t necessarily copying. I’ve seen both videos and enjoyed them both. Not really sure what you’re trying to achieve by spam responding to every comment on this, aside from driving up engagement stats meaning this video will get pushed harder by the YT algorithm.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Hi ĝuys.


    wow this comment is just getting all of the refuse that a YouTube comment section produces

    Adam Ramsey

    @dafrandle just need a few more until I’ve got the full set 😂

Nebojša Petrović

This video shows how much value a 20$ cooler (ID Cooling SE 214 XT) is compared to everything else here. I have that cooler on my 12100 and it never goes beyond 60 C°, even in Cinebench R23.


One of the first things I suggest you do with LTT labs is profile the “delta-T” among various cpus. It may not even be measured in deg-F/C , it might have to be measured in calories or joules. Bottom line is: on a range of 1-10 units, how many therms/joules can any given CPU “dump”? Once you establish that, it makes heat sink comparisons trivial. You would already know how much thermal energy any given CPU/GPU can ever try to drop, so next cooler review you can just use a butane torch underneath with a carefully regulated dial.

Linus Tech Tips

Regarding our statement that the Amazon Basics unit is based on the Cooler Master H412R: the H410R, H411R, and H412R all use the same heatsink, but have LED fans of different colors. Cooler Master’s own product pages show identical specifications for all three, including weight at 358g. Additionally, reviews of these coolers from the time of their release show that Cooler Master doesn’t appear to have used the same angle on the corners as the Amazon Basics unit.

Given that the H410R and H411R have since been discontinued in North America, while the H412R remains for sale, we’re still comfortable with our statement that the H412R is the basis, even if it’s more complete to say the 41X family is the basis.

The big take-away here is the poor performance and the quality control deficiencies that we observed and verified. Our conclusion remains the same: don’t buy this product or whichever heat sink CM based it on.

    Kawashi K

    ​@Azzajay Brah Oh don’t worry. We all know haters want to bite whatever miniscule mistakes they can bite at. This is nothing new.


    I owned a H410R many, many moons ago… they look extremely similar to the point that without seeing or hearing that CoolerMaster was involved I asked “Is that the H410R” I never owned a H412R (cause I bought good coolers after that LOL) but I’d assume it looks very similar too. I would also think that Amazon would legally need to slightly change something outside of just the branding for the product to be considered unique even with an agreement in place, that is very common practice in the electronics industry at least. All that said, love yourself and go buy a Peerless Assassin.

    Robert Anthony Bermudez

    @Azzajay Brah so your issue is that a lot is making comments and making it a big deal?


    @Alex Davis the “but we actually didn’t really make a mistake and here is why” part.


Glad you guys included the ID Cooling CPU Cooler. It’s one of my favorite brands for cheap and affordable CPU Coolers and AIOs. They also make a 240mm GPU AIO that compatible with a lot of GPUs.


That ID cooler is incredible for being only $20. Definitely an absolute must buy if you’re building on a really tight budget.

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