The Rivian R1S Is… The Best SUV Ever?

Rivian R1S is an awesome, expensive SUV. That's on purpose.

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Vehicle loaned by Rivian for review.





You know a car is good when the review is on the main channel.

    Lord Force

    @Eric Jarvis Name a country outside of North America where you can’t live car free

    Raunak P Singh



    @kiwikemist yeah why doesn’t anyone talk about Hydrogen for fuels but it is not too abundant in the atmosphere (it’s the most abundant element in universe but not in the atmosphere due to its light weight)


    Edited videos are on main channel. AF channel is phone recorded.


    More like, “put It on the main channel and we’ll give you an interview.”


How do you feel about the safety of SUVs getting heavier and electric SUVs like Rivians that are pushing 7k pounds? I feel like we are ignoring this aspect of SUVs on the road when we deem them “The Best”, yet the data argues that they are making our roads less safe.


    It’s idiotic that there isn’t a weight to hp limit

    Chunk Muncher

    EVs are here to save the automotive industry and nothing else.


    Not to mention heavier vehicles degrade roads faster


    Lack of regulation in the US, what a surprise 🙄

    Cristian C

    Came to say this. I just had to purchase a new vehicle and I hadn’t done that since early 2000’s. The lack of compact cars was shocking. Everything was a crossover or SUV. 99% of people don’t need a vehicle like this. It really is just a flex to show how small their confidence is.

Come Fast To Get Into My Body

Electrics have a better infrastructure in the US compared to UK, Europe or most places in the world.

    『 𝙵 』『 𝙻 』『 𝚄 』『 𝚇 』



    @Odious Fox Hey guy, the US would refer to the United States of America, which is indeed a country. Canada, Mexico etc would be included if you just say “America”.

    The Official Channel

    That Front End is Ugly As F, put the Front End of a 2006 Lincoln Navigator and that thing would be Beautiful

    Sebastian Seveso

    @『 𝙵 』『 𝙻 』『 𝚄 』『 𝚇 』 u hurt?

    『 𝙵 』『 𝙻 』『 𝚄 』『 𝚇 』

    @Sebastian Seveso Look at his name and profile picture…


thats the best color in my opinion.


    Still Scratches at Level 6 With Deeper Grooves at Level 7


    Stay away
    I don’t wanna know
    Where do it scratches and definitely not where do deeper grooves are 😢


    No one cares what your opinion is, Jerry


    100% agree

    Ghalib Shaikh

    @The Official Channel … uhhh, hard pass lol

Snazzy Labs

Agreed on all fronts! Had a lot of fun reviewing the R1S—considering moving to one from my truck. But I don’t think I can—the R1T is just *so* perfect.

    Dawn Biju

    ​@Josh S 😂g GV BB a

    Thish Dude

    On all fronts? Didn’t he say they have the same front? lol


    hope you are not planing to tow anything with it you will get 103 mile the you have to charge it 13 1/2 hours lmao


    I have an R1T and I just can’t drop the gear tunnel!

    Neill Geldenhuys

    Man, I’m only 20 right now but the R1T is my dream car one day!

Isaac Harvey

I feel like Rivian is quickly becoming an underrated company. Considering two R1T prototypes survived a 13,000-mile journey from Ushuaia, South America to Los Angeles, California, USA within 100 days, I’m excited as to how Rivian models will evolve in the future. I’m considering getting one as the first car not borrowed from/purchased by my parents.

    Sukhkaran Singh

    These reads like a bot comment

    Got Milk?

    @family dude yeah I’m the ignorant one not the person who just didn’t name the country in South America.

    Todd Monroe

    @Joel Morrison i live in rual area We got EV all over the place ….. mainly Tesla

    Joel Morrison

    @Todd Monroe east coast or west coast? East coast is supposedly a lot worse

    Lyndon Baker

    The journey where they literally built a path of chargers to make sure they were actually able to reach the finish line?

Ayush Gaggar

“If I had 3 kids and needed to drop them to school, I’d pick this.”
Marques next video: “So I’ve been testing these kids for the past 5 years now” 😂


    @Víctor Terán Castillo kids tend to have friends and teammates that tag along sometimes.


    @Víctor Terán Castilloyou can’t put small kids in the front. They need car seats. Small cars can’t fit 3 car seats across. Sure, it’s for a relatively “short” time of 4-5 years before they are in boosters and they’d fit. But that’s long enough for most people to want a 3rd row.

    Lyndon Baker

    @Víctor Terán Castillo Two adults in the front + two kids in the second row + one in the third with room to spare for storage or friends.

    Timothy McSwain

    @Víctor Terán Castillo Do some math… if you have three kids, a six-seat car will have one empty seat. You could get a five-seater, but you’d better have kids who get along perfectly and who don’t have any friends. That’s very unlikely, especially the former condition.


I do hope Rivian comes out with something lower to the ground eventually like a civic, just because I’d love to get one and I’m more comfortable low to the ground. Excited to see how the tech evolves over my lifetime.

    Rob Bay

    A station vagon would actually be very neat in this suv world.

    Darrien Glasser

    Agreed. Really tired of these huge lifted cars. If I’m buying a car, I want a bog standard, low to the ground, regular car so I can get stuff done


    If only they made Estate (Station wagon) rather than wasting everyone’s time and road space with SUVs and pickups.

    Todd Monroe

    They have the cash for the RD right now …. As good as their cars are They struggling with cash ….. they make through this year They got a shot


    @Todd Monroe they are burning $6B a year, yes, with the B! With the cash they have, they probably can last a year and half, but who knows if investor will dump the share before the cash run out. Then company like Amazon/Apple will buy it all at the discounted price.

girish koppula

Darn everytime I see a car review video, the amount of production values and tiny details from scripting to shooting and editing is just spot on and amazing

Marcus Kee

I can’t wait for them to produce a small crossover or sedan. I’m excited to see how Rivian develops.

    Olle Borgström

    The waveform podcast just had an episode where marques and the CEO of rivian talked about the r2 platform 🙂

    Yurii Bondar

    Yeah I’m amazed every time at how big American cars are. They’re like barns on the road!


    afaik the next platform will be the same, just a size smaller. Still just SUV and truck.
    I don’t think they will make crossover, sedan or hatchback this decade.


    a station wagon would be great

    Timothy McSwain

    I don’t know much about Rivian, but it doesn’t seem like a sedan would fit their business model. They seem to be all about “adventure” vehicles. I could see a crossover at some point for sure, and maybe even a sporty hatchback, but I’d be shocked if they made a sedan.

Matthew Hennes

I do a fair amount of offroading, and I met a guy with an R1T at an off-road park a while back. He could do with his truck probably 90% of the things I could do in my very modified ’93 4Runner, and my only real advantage was ground clearance, and the shorter wheel base should help a little with that. I’m sure there’s some stuff he could do with all that power that I couldn’t, too. So assuming the R1S is comparable, it is even pretty incredible from that perspective (although obviously recharging in the middle of nowhere is an issue).

Paul Jazzman

Great review. I’m glad you explained the high pricing clearly as it sometimes seems as if most electric vehicles are just aimed at the very well off.

Claudiu Stian

Exceptional presentation, Marques. Focused, sharp, educational. Your speech flow was remarkable. You’re consistent in this, but this one was in a higher league. A pleasure to watch you, my man.


    The meat glazing is crazy

    Azzajay Brah

    @danceyrselfkleen Professional Knob Jockey just sending it lmao


    @Azzajay Brah doing backflips on it

alexandre oliveira

Incredible car! It could do with a bit more stiff suspension, u can really see the acceleration and breaks effect on the chassi, but just incredibly beautiful and awesome!

Timothy McSwain

I’m not in the market for a $70k+ car, but if I was… the Rivian R1S would be a serious contender. It’s wild how many EVs there are out there now… it was once just Tesla, so there was nothing worth buying, but now the market has some pretty good options. It’s been fun to see the Auto Focus videos on all these cars and explore just how good EVs can actually be when they’re designed well.

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