This horror game is incredibly unique

The voidness is one of the scariest and most unique horror games I've ever played
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Zou Fordham

its a good day when jacksepticeye uploads an hour long video


    Indeed it is

    Ke’Asia Alston





    Yes sirrr


Jack uploading 3 scary games back to back is crazy

    Sean Reed

    It’s cause of me guys you’re welcome, it’s my birthday today and jack just wanted to make sure I got a good present.


    @fast traffic you sir, are a G.

    james conlin

    Your forgetting dredge

    fast traffic

    @Rocky Thank you, thank you


    It’s so tasty, that I love it


Use me as a ”Remind Jack that Dredge exists before he forgets about it completely” button.

    Zac Sweeten15

    Absolutely give us more dredge



    Joel Allonen

    Been waiting every day


    We must revive Dredge before it filly dies 😩

    Epic Wesker gaming

    DREDGE DBD‼️⁉️‼️⁉️🗣️🗣️🔥🔥

Steelkrill Studio

Hello JacksepticEye! Ryan here, the solo developer of the game. It’s an honor that you played my game as I really enjoy your videos. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and I am glad you liked it! Thanks for the feedback also, it really really helps out. Thank you, really from my heart – just means so much to me!❤

The game is still in early access – so please if anyone have any suggestions or feedback regarding it let me know. I currently have some plans for it before it fully release, including also hopefully a new mode. I will try to do my best to improve it so every little bit helps a lot! I really do appreciate everything.

Thank you so much everybody! Hope you all have a great day 💙


    I loved Scanner Sombre and always wished there were more games that used that style. I really love what you did with this and hope to see more! <3

    Kitty toe

    @jacksepticeye hi

    Smoke 6

    @Steelkrill Studio You made a game on a stolen idea from GMOD, you don’t deserve any respect. 🤦‍♂🤡


    Better English translations would be amazing make sure you do your homework on space and the way physics effect stuff!


    ​@jacksepticeye hey you probs ain’t seen this but I miss ur resident evil village vr can u ply it again?


Jack: Acknowledges that the game goes open mic when you hide.
Also Jack: Continues to talk full volume the first time he encounters the monster.

Never change.

    ice cream

    f i r s t r e p l y b a b y

    Jakob Sins

    @ice cream n o b o d y g i v e s a s h i t b a b y

    ice cream

    k e e p t h i s c h a i b g o i n g

Emma Mix

It seems like there were a lot of accessibility factors taken into account with this game, from the black and white scanner option for better color contrast with the footprints, to having the person’s note be both written and an audio recording, to having the main character “think” her objectives out loud when you queue up the menu. That’s really nice, a lot of devs don’t think about those things 🙂


    Yeah that’s cool


    idk if you can change it but one thing that really bothered me was the font (the one used for prompts like “pick up”) it would’ve been nice if they’d used one that’s a bit easier to read. it looks cool though


I can’t get over how good the sound design is in this game. Indie games are the BEST.


“This is stupid this is stupid what am I doing? Fucking winning that’s what I’m doing” love that for you sean


Could you just IMAGINE doing this in VR?! X.X

    Balou & Nahla

    Good lord…

    Dyslexyc Kid

    If they make VR they better make it support multiplayer otherwise they should just rename the game pant shitting simulator



    IamBoring Videos

    well cant be as bad as something like cry of fear in vr , id probably cant get past the intro

Jay Walker

seeing the dev comment makes me really happy bc it means they watched the video and heard jack say “this is EXACTLY my kinda game” and i cant imagine how happy that made them LOL its like secondhand serotonin


Sean saying “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL” gave me more life than I ever thought possible.


Ngl this concept is thrilling and horrifying at the same time. I love it.


i love the editor’s note of “foreshadowing?” when jack talks about the void version of the house linking up with the void he was previously at
it makes you think, while walking around the house, you’ll end up back to the original void between base 1 and 2
the editor was mentioning the end of the game, when the void reaches the house, and consumes it, making the house become the void

or maybe i’m overthinking


Anyone else wish he uploaded more of the boat game? I found it quite nice and a change of pace from the usual indie horror stuff.

    Barely Me

    @Engaging don’t worry bud, people are allowed to love what they love without being vilified, like I’ve been watching seán since about early/mid 2013, and he’s always promoted that not everyone is gunna like something, and that’s ok, have a safe day buddy 😊


    absolutely! it was a chill experience with a looming dread hidden within, super awesome!


    Yeah i loved that game I hope he will make more of it


    @Barely Me i ended up not watching his last of us part 2 series and astroneer series, but I do agree that you may not like what everyone else likes, and that’s fine. Take care of yourself man 👍🏻😎😉


    @Benjamin Cooper dramatic much


“Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Nietzsche

Spirit Z

I love how youtube went form flash/horror games to long let’s plays to indie/horror games

    Aryan Gupta

    indie horror is so much more fun… New concepts and etc

Mike W

The game Perception from several years ago was based on echolocation of every sound in a creepy mansion. It was among the first games I had seen with this kind of mechanic. I hope you try it out sometime!

big oof

i love when games say “be quiet” and then he starts screaming and wonders why the monster isn’t going away lmao

Lara Banana

I just wanna say that Jack’s look is absolutely killing it in this video. He looks like a majestic elf ❤

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

He said he’ll start doing the long videos again, that he doesn’t care about the views and just wants to enjoy video games. It seems like he’s doing exactly that. It really seems like you’re happy jack ❤


    Me he still cares views are what makes him money silly he just interacts with his audiance

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