Fastest Android EVER vs iPhone!

The ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is the Fastest Android on the planet – so lets do a camera, battery, and speed test against the iPhone to see who wins! Get Surfshark VPN at – Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 extra months FREE.

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Okay, but I literally cant change my phone because im too broke.




    Same over here

    Itsarto TV


    life is funnn


    ahmed merko

    โ€‹@Kage 777 nah it ain’t completely his fault.


Thank you for all of the ๐Ÿ”ฅ videos you make. I can always trust you to give the best product review on the internet. ๐ŸŽ‰

Uberlord X

You should really do the S23 Ultra vs iPhone 14 Pro Max performance test. It has a shocking result and is more realistic. A flagship regular consumer phone vs flagship regular consume phone

Edit : I’m not defending the iPhone, I’d like for Arun to show the people who flex the iphone with old generalizations of “android has worse performance, it takes a gaming phone to beat iphones” that Samsung now performs better


    @Squid Screw getting around is a necessity. For a normal live! Is being able to install software from outside sources a necessity? No itโ€™s not. Your comparing unrelated things


    @daghrb6 iphone still better


    โ€‹@Ibrahim Al Atrash no. The battery on samsungs is much more powerful, charging is 2x faster, performance is better and display is better quality, aka super AMOLED.

Tafheem Hussain

I really look upto your perseverance and commitment to make good content, hope you succeed in becoming one of the best content creators on YouTube โค๏ธ

Relatablity Of Students

Phones evolve, but the quality of Arun’s content evolves even faster.


    Frr aruns content is ๐Ÿ”ฅ




The fact that Arun puts in much effort in the video is so enticing I don’t think there is any other tech YouTuber who moves around explaining every single bit of the phone as this guy


    That wasn’t really a fair gaming test, he should of used something more demanding on both CPU and GPU, like a proper 3D title.


We really need a third phone OS to shake up the market ๐Ÿค”


    we did, windows phone sound familiar? look at how that ended up

    Aniket Mahajan

    Harmony OS

    Heheh Boiii

    HarmonyOS definitely!

    creative higer

    But tbh I don’t think any OS would be able to compete with Android or iOS given that their OS would be brand new , it would have a lot I mean a lot of bugs issues software glitch etc , which would take years to patch up . And at time Android and iOS would be more useful than The newer OS

    Xris Manessa

    I bet you are an American. You always want more


Can we agree that he is most consistent tech video creator who always come up quality contents. Most time when I watch tech related contents i usually skip and watch the part I wanted to know . But when I watch your videos I will never skip and watch the full video.. Hats off man!โค


    @MG Gaming anganeyalla man evde nokkiyalum malayalikal aanen paranjatha

    sini joseph

    No we can’t agree๐Ÿ˜Š

    MG Gaming

    @Krishnaprasad haa angana ano ๐Ÿ˜…

    maaz maqsood



    he is a bit biased


It’s almost like taking a life decision while choosing between mkbhd and Arun when they upload at the same time.

    Absar Uddin Tariq

    @Omichromium fr. Eventhough whosetheboss has started throwing of fun-not-useful recently, his reviews have so much depth and pointers. MKBHD is not even close. Plus he recommended iPhone SE second gen. fanboy sala



    Sebastian Tan

    Arun all the way. Mkbhd just reads specs


    โ€‹@Omichromium i like both of them but MKBHD always focus toward the camera department, regardless what phone that is.

    Marwan Mahdy

    go with Arun, MKBHD is an apple shill

Master Moose

Congratulations Arun, your videos have inspired millions. You should feel very proud of reaching 14 million subs!!!! You never fail to entertain me!

desi bhai

the last game was a CPU intensive task because its 2D and requires calculations linearly, ofcourse apple wins it because of faster CPU, but in terms of what actually defines a modern game like genshin impact is the amount of parallel processing done to render 3D which is so much better in this generation of androids than on apple, just by seeing the GPU benchmark you can say its generations ahead

    Grass and rock

    Exactly but sadly these “tech” channels never go deeper


    Btd6 is not really a good game to test performance, the game lags because of the game engine itself doing many calculations instead of cpu or gpu performance


    โ€‹@usernamequaalquerr He had to give a draw to iphone somehow, probably looked up “most CPU intense game” to get it lol


    @Shrumz thatโ€™s a bold assumption


If you run both speed tests at the same time, the speed will drop by a lot. You should also check wether or not the phones are on the same Wi-Fi frequency/technology.

    John Xina Sr.

    of course they already done that

    jack afron

    โ€‹@John Xina Sr. Right lol


    The test is done correctly because, when you’re gonna play, no one is going to stop using their phone just because you are playing.

Mahesan Chanderseker

Congrats to Arun and the team. You guys are doing an amazing job.

Ivandale Pasustento

0:48 “Don’t even think about it editors” *does it anyway; love it when Arun doesn’t have control of everything ๐Ÿคฃ

Drizzle 13

That was a great, really well-rounded comparison. A little unfortunate that you weren’t aware that increasing objects in a game like that is actually totally a CPU-specific task though lol. Really doesn’t have much to do with graphics at all. Not a lot of games would have that type of bottleneck


    @Normal that’s true but he tested a very unrealistic scenario of 999 units appearing on the screen at once with that game. The game itself isn’t very intensive. Besides I’m sure people that primarily use their phones for “gaming” play games like those I mentioned. I’ve seen both the s23U and iphone 14 pro max struggle with keeping the framerate constant in Genshin. Would’ve been nice to see these two side by side. I think the benchmark point should also have gone to rog 7 considering it had about a 40% lead in GPU performance but a less than 10% disadvantage with the CPU.


    Nothing says fair like comparing 3200MaH to 6000MaH…


    โ€‹@Diogoit’s kinda fair since they’re both the same price


    โ€‹@A A A Well obviously, he’s basically paid to make iphone look good.. He’s been becoming more and more like mkbhd recently unfortunately. He probably tried hard to find the only (or one of the very few) game(s) where iphone beats ROG Phone in terms of performance just to be able to give iphone a draw.. If he gave a full point to iphone I would’ve unsubbed the way I did from mkbhd for not giving honest opinions but rather opinions based on who paid him more


    @Buttsagonton price doesnโ€™t mean anything


You should try doing the benchmark test on both phones Manny times to see how the performance drops

Ly Silveira

a fan here of your clear and concise delivery of useful information ๐Ÿ™‚

Ashley Madison[H0rny H0usewife]

Great review of a great phone. This is a great android phone although I feel like it would’ve been nice to play a game the warrants the use of the triggers to compare overall improvement to the gaming experience.




My jaw DROPPED when I saw the battery test. Great video Arun! ๐Ÿ‘

Nura Come Fast To Get Into My Body

The color correction (or whatever you call it) in this video is significantly better than your older videos, which looked overly vivid and saturated sometimes. As always, very informational and entertaining review.

    Wonkiest wonker


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