Fortnite Creative – Yep, There’s a Backrooms Here Too!

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John Garcia

Vanoss can’t get enough of back rooms and I love it

    Robert Haggerty

    Like Nogla and his Pokemon cards

    Abdul Raheem

    Don’t watch this video then


    @Abdul Raheem I didnt

    Chilly Blaze

    ​@TOXICITY same


Another great video by the legends! Keep it up vanoss!

Nevyn Obando

I appreciate the effort that he puts into his videos every day ever since he started his YouTube channel. Love you man ❤❤❤

The Flip Flop Boi

He still finds a way to play something backrooms related, awesome

Jonah Montes

The vanoss crew is still one of my favorite YouTube crews to this day


    @Suave what are you on about?


    Oh I said the Vanoss crew is undefeated, I do miss when the entire crew was together and played more though. Like it would be cool to see a video of everyone get together, even the people who were in the older gmod videos that don’t really show up anymore


    @Bullboss also, I’m 22 fam

    Ovyto 626

    The Vanoss Crew and Dashie were the one that really got me into YT back in 2014…
    been enjoying all of them ever since, yet just about a year ago, I started getting into The Boys crew, they’re pretty good too


classic Vanoss, back at it again with the backrooms content. I love it.


    Is it classic though?

    Ga1axy Toxic

    You got it wrong it’s the Bathrooms.


    ​@Astrocide it’s repetitive

    Astro Nomical

    @Miko_ you’re repetitive


Just love the fact that vanoss is just too obsessed with the backrooms that any game that includes it he’ll just play it 😭😭


its nice seeing vanoss truly enjoy something, idk if its the bit at this point or what but my dude loves anything backrooms related lmfao

Carlisle Cheung

This ironically is the most Backrooms game than the actual games I’ve seen Vanoss play.

TH3 ZacklanPlayz

Vanoss about to play all kinds of backroom games and we’re all here for it


They’re back playing fortnite, i love it! Vanoss crew back at it again 😍

Wesley Ward

At this point, I think Vanoss is just stuck in the Backrooms and is playing these games to get ideas on how to escape.


Vanoss will do anything for Backrooms content 😂


Vanoss is getting more and more addicted to the Backrooms.

Aria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body

With the recent release of UEFN, I would like to see Vanoss play some of the upcoming horror games in Fortnite. Hell, someone is creating a really cool looking backrooms game rn.


    l put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture

    abdullah irfan

    ​@TippyHippy *sips coffee*

    Just another day

    Landon Fee

    Bots ☕


    @TippyHippy Filthy Frank moment


The delirious and vanoss duo is unbeatable theyre unnaturally funny

Amanda Huggenkiss

15:35 love evan’s fascination with the courtyard lmao

Logan Brown

I wouldn’t be surprised if Vanoss turned his entire living space into a Backrooms map at this point lol


Thank you so much for playing my Backrooms Map! 🙂 🧸
I’m very glad you enjoyed and I hope others will too!


Ahhh the nostalgia of this crew, they’re hilarious cant wait for part 2

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