The ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is Just Ridiculous!

The $1400 ROG Phone 7 Ultimate is the most dedicated hardcore flagship out yet.

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Smartphone provided by Asus for review.




Titus Chon

Anything named Ultimate is normally over the top

    Vanilla Games

    Nah… My standard for Ultimate is Extreme. (I’m a cat after all! Meow! I’d say! :3)


    You’ll want to look at their Penultimate line, then.

    Tommy Vercetti’s Gaming News Gameplay Music

    Ultimate Pro Max is better


    Ultimate Frisbee


    Reminds me of Windows 7 Ultimate


the ROG phone line has just been something out of this world lmao. plus it has near stock android. love it. remember the weird gaming UI they had for the first phone and then changed it in the second version? lmao i love that they listen to feedback




    @Aurelia true lmao

    Ashutosh Kureel

    @Senpai XD benchmarks dont matter iphone beats the crap out of all gaming phones while having the best display best camera best design best battery best durability best software best speakers and of course the best performance cpu matters in mobile games a16 is 2 generations ahead in cpu

    Ashutosh Kureel

    @H2q iphone performs best in cpu

David Reyna

“What can I say// gaming phones have come a long way” went hard with that beat.

    B A

    True! 👍🏻





    Ryan R.

    Never thought I’d see gaming phone but man they’re cool

Axel Sypkens Smit

Dang, this thing has better specs than some new pcs.


16Gb ram, 165Hz display, 2 USB c ports, external cooling system

MY Pc: Wait, that’s illegal.


    This guy must be from Taiwan


    my PC is still far better than this phone, and mobile hardware is tuned down from desktop hardware (my PC is 3 1/2 yrs old)

    Michael Nafari

    Lmao 😂

    kphandy gmail

    bro my monitor is capped at 75 hz lol.

    Sk Tawhidul Islam

    @naucnik you can’t overclock s23 ultra. Not ideal for gaming

Yehuda Tzvi Ben-Yaacov

It’s incredible how better you can make a phone just by making it thicker!


    @Yehuda Tzvi Ben-Yaacov It bends because it has no internal frame. Phone rigidity depends a lot on the the metal frame that defines the position of the pieces and borders. Since it has too much divisions they just put an cheap frame in the edges and go on with it, making it really fragile. they could use an aluminum frame for each big component, but they sell this phones with such a high margin that it would make it at least 100$ more expansive.


    It’s not that much thicker🤨🤨

    Kyle Duddleston

    Yes! I would gladly trade away a thin phone for a thick one with double the battery life! Will they ever give us the option in mainstream phones?


    ​@JO DLAA also a moot point as you should be using a case if you have a phone that thick lol

    Swachchhanda Dahal

    @onionkypon what you’re saying is ‘why buy a home when an earthquake will destroy it’ so you’d rather be homeless?

Kennedy Amos

Perfectly Balanced as all things should be! Couldn’t help saying that😅

    Ravmot Wilson

    Thanos would love this phone. 😅

    Tsu Mann

    Haha Right! When he was saying Perfectly Balanced, I was like just say it already. 😂

    Nelson Detepo


    Ryzen Agustin

    Its more than that now he is am illuminati member!

    Lightning Bolt

    @Ravmot Wilson Gamer Thanos in alternate timeline playing with stark

Dhruven Turakhia

10:00 MKBHD: “There is a new vapor chamber cooling system inside of this phone that you’ll never see”
JerryRigEverything: “Hold my beer”

    NEL Nior

    Vapor chamber really tasty when its open 😏

    Khandaker Faisal

    Probably has the same failure point in the chassis as well

    Paulo Pechula

    I was about to go there check if he has tear that up already… lol



Yazan Abbas

At that price point, I really think a gaming phone should come with a controller accessory similar to the razer kishi. It looks like the external cooler is not compatible with such an accessory, which seems like an oversight to me.


    all competitive games exhibit controllers. & pads/tabs


    A bigger oversight is that it doesn’t use AMD or Intel instead of ARM so you could play PC games.

    Yazan Abbas

    @protocetid Using intel/AMD would make it a totally different product. If someone wants an intel or AMD gaming device they can get a steam deck or another hand held gaming PC.


    At that price point you’d be a fool to even consider the device an option of purchase


    You can pair the Asus aero active cooler with the kunai gamepad and make a monster of a device. But only the cooler comes with the ultimate version, and it seems the kunai 3 doesn’t completely fit the camera module of the ultimate 7


I’ve lived from $1000 digital cameras shooting 640X480 to 50 megapixel phone cameras “good enough that you’re not mad” 😮



    Ash The Geek



    The OG in the house


    Unfortunately more megapixels doesn’t mean better photos. Most new phones have high MP numbers but their photos usually look pretty average.


    mp dont mean anything if sensors are crap

Joe aka m1lk3y

Can’t wait to see the teardown and durability test of this one…


Honestly the cooling system is really useful when you are Emulating games

    Syonaga Auron

    @Talha Rehman
    Nah, people buying this phone are those who wants to cram all things inside of a smartphone! Steamdeck cannot play mobile games, But this gaming phone can play all of those retro, emulators, mobile games, steam games, watching animes, movies, youtube, etc, etc…

    Source: Trust me bro!

    John Ekow

    Honestly, gaming phones don’t need cameras.


    Steamdeck can play PC games

    Swachchhanda Dahal

    @Yu Yuaru hear me out.. buy a steam deck for $650 for better gaming, and buy a pixel 7 pro with the remaining $750 which you’d spend on this phone anyway. You got best of the both worlds, checkmate.


Imagine if Nvidia’s AI image tech could be used in these “gaming” phones? 1080P upscalling for the camera, denoise, etc, that would be a pretty interesting way to meld the “gamer” and “creative” side.


    Too bad Nvidia is one of the worst chip devs to partner with. Nobody even wants to work with them anymore, except Nintendo (lol).

Debra: Come over.[𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

i am i hardcore gamer and i have used the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro for about 7 months now…switched from legion y90 which was great too except for a crappy battery life and bugs that didn’t really get fixed with updates…nice 1st impression review…wish there was a gamer dedicated review affterwards…the fan make the phone a bit heavy especially if you play 1st person shooter with 5 “claw” finger set up so i prefer not to have it on all the time…the Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro had issues with higher fps game modes but they fixed it with an update plus on highest fps the battery drains very fast but with the qualcomm snapdragon 8 gen 2 lower power comsumption figures compared to the it’s 8+ gen 1 predecessor hope the battery life will be better..compared to mainstream premium brands Asus ROG Phone 6 Pro will shine in refresh rate and battery life plus the ergonomics are really good…i have tried out the iphone 3 pro max and the galaxy s22 ultra and they are really good too in gaming especially the iphone but that gotta do with their ecosystem which makes games on the ios platform more optimizable than in android….


    I don’t respect anyone with that pfp

    Desslosh (Nos)

    It’s just a bot stealing comments


I love that the music is back in the intro. That’s one thing I have to admit I missed. It kind of has that ahhhhhhh (relaxed sigh) feeling as if you were watching some of the older videos. It’s a familiar and warm feeling. Music intros for the win 🎉☺️


Yay! Marquis actually acknowledged that wide bezels can serve a useful purpose. Those of us with big fingers and thumbs have hated narrow bezels forever.

Brian Dijkshoorn

I feel like comparing the current camera quality to the equivalent of what an older smartphone would have would be great!


Bought the ROG 6. Phone jack, dual speaker and proper bezels are reason enough to buy it for me. Barely any phones have this nowadays. Insane battery life, fast charging and high refresh rate is a nice plus.


I actually bought one for $800 a year ago then decided to put it up on ebay, to my surprise they were selling them at one point for $2.3k, so I sold mine for $2.1k. Honestly still miss this phone. It was actually amazing


    Do you mean Asus rog phone 6 or 5?

Prakhar Kumar

I have been a fan of mkbhd from the day i started watching tech videos. In one of the resolutions, his goal was to hit certain number of videos a year. In a year or so i miss the old mkbhd. He has diversified his videos for better but recently his videos feel like a summary of a normal man. More facts or testing what other companies are trying to sell would be helpful.

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