Titus Chon

Dang we got rick rolled by MKBHD 😂

    roula M

    The mrwhoosetheboss effect

    Infernal Stan



he rick-rolled us in the most nonchalant way😂


    He’s becoming Mrwhosetheboss

    Infernal Stan


Andrew Mantha

There’s one big pain point I have with this. If I have a google assistant playing a radio station on TuneIn or something similar, and I ask it to identify what’s playing, it sees that it’s my other device playing and just tells me the metadata from it, which is usually just the radio station name and nothing about the song!

Víktor Bautista i Roca

new? It’s been there for years. I mean, every time I click on the microphone for asking something by voice on the bottom of the screen there’s a button asking «Search a song»

Edit: I’ve got a 24% mumbling Eleanor Rigby.


this feature is so underrated

I’m hot and I’ll undress

I’ve known this for quite a long while.

5K Sub With No Video

This is hilarious, MKBHD totally got us with a Rick roll 😆


I’ve been using this for years now, I can’t believe MKBHD didn’t know about this


    Same here, but I think it’s less that he didn’t know about it and moreso, that he believes that other people didn’t know. Plus he is trying to be more like MrWhosetheBoss featuring hidden facts lol 😅



Lumify | Gil

I think I remember this feature way back when Google made Home Max. I remember the ad, Diplo was singing “Know No Better” and the Assistant recognised it.


    unrelated but remember when burger king did their “okay google, tell me about the whopper” commercial? good times.

Wilbur Yuen

I’m not singing to my phone, you are.

Cynthia Padilla

Thank u so much I found my song I’ve been trying to find for years ❤

Debra: Come over.[𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

This has tought me that even google prefers iOS 😢

    Itz Banga

    No it’s not a copy
    It’s an important feature 👀


    Seems that way, but it’s more like Apple demands an app look and perform a certain way. Google has to comply if they want to be featured on their competitors’ platform. ( And rake in that ad revenue ) Still sucks that they don’t work around those negotiations and make a better version on Android.


am i the only one who just can’t do this? google responds with “Sorry, I don’t have that information” and doesnt even let me try to sing it


Honestly, this has helped me find some very old songs I heard on the radio and didn’t know the names to. Found them by humming.

・your non favorite person 👍・

If I recall correctly. About 2 years ago, Kid Cudi made an ad with Google on this feature. He hummed one of his songs, I can’t remember if it’s Day n Night or Memories

David Zagan

I’ve been using this feature for the past 2-3 years, and i can say that this is the most practical things from Google assistant

Hamza Ibn Mujib

The amazing part of this is for pixel users now playing won’t show you the songs which aren’t in their database for like Hindi or Bengali songs. But if you hum it to google it exactly finds you the song. Pretty sick!


I have used it for like a year and it’s perfect 😀

Derek Leung

Google really needs to step up their advertising. This is a feature from a few years ago and still not many people knew about it.


Zamn, Marques got some singing skills

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