Are AirPods Becoming iPods?! Real Talk on Apple’s Next Headphones

Apple’s patent details how adding a screen on AirPod cases turns it into an iPod-like device. But this isn’t a new concept. CNET’s Bridget Carey breaks down everything we know about Apple’s upcoming AirPods and other headphones — and why we may see a shift in accessory designs.

0:00 A Case For AirPods As iPods
1:30 Apple's New AirPod Patent Explored
3:53 Touchscreen Cases Aren't a New Idea
4:26 Apple May Be Offering AirPods Lite
6:40 When Could We Expect New AirPods?
7:59 Earbuds' Dirty Little Secret

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Just another way to charge you more for a simple device


    finally being able to listen to music while running outside, without having to take my phone with me,
    Seems useful to me.


    @efbay Apple watch doesnt exist ? JBL did this already on there new pods also no sync option its just another way to change your music while being on bluetooth.


    Apple Watch has no cellular in the Netherlands, that’s not available.

    So the only was to use my watch with internet is to have my phone with me.

    So the watch isn’t an option to have music on the go, except for a few saved songs since I can’t stream it outside of my house, except for when I have my phone.

    So, still, to me it would be a nice extra.

    It would be a great extra option, just also keep the normal bids for the people who don’t need it.


    @efbay you can sync the music on the apple watch , youll be doing the same thing with the pods lol there isnt going to he a sd card lol.


    If they become like iPods with storage, it’s usefull.

    Doesn’t need an SD cart, just needs enough storage, which a watch doesn’t have.

    If it doesn’t, it isn’t useful.

    Storing a lot of songs on a watch just isn’t ideal.

    Also, no one says you have to buy it.

Emerson De Oliveira

1:01 Don T- Embarrassed, Delux hitting hard 🔥🔥🔥

Ritik Nair

Then what the use of apple watch anyway besides the case which now use as a charger now seems it’s gonna get a battery itself !


    😂😂😂 this is what im saying , they just trying to charge you more some a simple device.

    Ritik Nair

    @SAINT TOMMY no wonder in the name of nostalgia they think they can shape any damn thing and serve us to feed in ..

    Ross MK

    Some don’t have an Apple Watch


    @Ross MK i mean youll be paying close to one now or the same as the basic entry now with the screen 😂

    Ross MK

    @SAINT TOMMY the pros are already $250 which is close to the SE price


missed the chance to say what is dead may never die

Charles Smith

Apologies for pointing this downstream though, but those woven 🍏⌚️Bands: one could add fiber optics to the bands allowing collection of telemetry 1st on the wrist then on other apparel. Apple & Nike (search Flyknit) might be working different faces of the same design mountain.

Torro Torrentazos

Nice to meet you, Bird Cheekarry

Chris G

If this so called ipod doesn’t have 2Tb we’ll try again.

Jenn Madison

Thank you. New tech updates used to feel fun, now kinda frightening. 🕵️‍♂️🧐 Wonder if they will announce an updated version of the ‘tile tracker’ thing.

Pulkit Chhabra

It is good when one can leave the iphone at home and take the only airpod for all music in a gym

Theme One

Controls on the case that you are already carrying with your AirPods makes sense, but, in my opinion, the key feature missing from AirPods is the ability to get full lossless and high-res music from Apple Music. Presently the Apple Music ecosystem doesn’t make any sense, particularly given the recent release of Apple Classical. Apple’s advertising emphasizes that this new app (and Apple Music generally) offers lossless and high-res music, but none of Apple’s own hardware supports it. You can’t get it through any of the AirPods because of the bandwidth limitation of Bluetooth, nor can you get it through an Apple TV. To take advantage of this feature you need to connect your iPhone or iPad through a USB cable to an external DAC. With a phone on the go, that means phone, camera dongle, DAC dongle, wired headphones; a total mess! If Apple can find a way to increase wireless bandwidth beyond the limitations of Bluetooth (wifi? ultra wide band?) to get this feature of Apple Music available through their hardware, that would be amazing.

    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    Honestly due to the drivers in the AirPods/AirPods Pro you’d get much more from just.. improving the drivers than adding lossless or high res lossless.
    That’s what the AirPods Pro 2nd gen did but they could go further


Thanks for another great video, Bridget!


Airpods as Music Notes🤯

Louis Martini

Awesome video Bridget!

Amory Lazlo

Am I the only person who hears the thump thump thump when I walk and wear AirPods pro2s’ ? And I couldn’t wear them for more than an hour or two.
Managed to return mine and reverted to AirPods gen 2


Let’s go! Perfect for the ones not sporting an iwatch.

Jared Perez

Fire for having emotional oranges – personal playing on those bad boys

Christian Matthys Grobler

So its basically an JBL Tour Pro 2 but for 

James Joshua Escandor

Ooh. So they’re look like what JBL Tour Pro 2 did. Had a touchscreen on the case. Nice

Holly Elizabeth.

I already have an apple watch ultra, air pods pro, and an iphone. I have no need for what ever that is.


This was pretty neutral. I’m a fan of the absurd reports of how this will revolutionize the way people listen to music …. Controls for your music that you have on your phone or watch … and most of which you can do from the AirPods already.

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