Inside the US government’s battle to ban TikTok

For nearly three years, the US government has tried to ban TikTok. Concerns over the app’s alleged risks to national security have spanned two presidential administrations and forged alliances among Republicans and Democrats. At a time of heightened partisanship, TikTok and its Chinese parent company, ByteDance, have become the focus of anti-China policy — a convenient villain most lawmakers are prepared to fight.

So last month, The Verge went to Washington, DC, to meet with lawmakers, creators, and civil rights experts. We wanted to find out whether the federal government would finally ban TikTok… and how the fight is affecting the internet at large. #tiktok #technology #news

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0:00 The drama with TikTok
1:19 Why Senator Mark Warner doesn’t trust TikTok
2:40 TikTok’s history with the US Government
3:36 The RESTRICT act
4:26 The people fighting to keep TikTok in the US
6:30 The TikTok hearing
9:04 Civil rights experts weigh in
11:24 Conclusion

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The Verge

Should TikTok be banned?



    Lance Forrest






    K C


John Ekow

If it wasn’t financially beneficial, nobody would care about the app.


How is TikTok any different to Facebook and other social media companies? Also, can someone explain why it is okay for the US to spie on everyone else? We know this is happening because a US serviceman leaked ‘intelligence’ for memes this week.

    Walt Duncan

    I have huge reservations about Facebook and Google collecting data, but I thought it was clear from the start that TikTok was collecting like 5x the data of any like-for-like service. Someone correct me if that was disproven.

    And the added layer that I don’t think typical Americans understand is that the CCP does massively manipulate information for their own people. Because of how complicated their written language is, all digital writing relies heavily on predictive text, and has done so for a long time. And, for instance, it’s almost impossible to communicate any conversation about Tiananmen Square and the date June 4 in the same message.

Jay Green

It’s always good to keep files of everything on social media just in case if they ban your account or the app get rid of the website

    Jay Green

    I keep anything I ever posted on social media & etc. on my flash drives

Lucky 8s

The reasoning is geopolitics. The consequences extend far beyond just losing Tik Tok. The bill is a harm to Americans with the right to freedom of speech.

BattleGround One

I am betting the majority who say not to ban tiki tokky are democrats

Eric Lotze

I haven’t watched all of the video yet, so you may have covered it, but covering the tagged-on Patriot Act esque aspects to the bill should be mentioned as well in discussions on this.


After the ban of tik tok for more than 2 years in India there has been relief and peacefulness. Thanks to our government.

    Robby William

    Can you explain why and how?

SoSo Sp

US Goverment: No social app is No.1 than American’s!


Google does the same thing!

John Smith

TikTok protects free speech? Give me a break!😂

jTrvls The Wrld

The inkeeper trusts his guests after his own character 😉

Max Castro

It is not about xenophobia it is about national security!


Most useful TikTok end up on YouTube Shorts. So I’m content staying on this platform 😅

Samuel Marndi

So does google and microsoft do everywhere in the world like tiktok so that means should we ban them here in india also?. google learns everytime u use google youtube and all its other products. even facebook

Jack Parkinson

The idea that banning one app stops free speech on the internet seems a bit ridiculous. If you remove a town hall, doesn’t mean you’ve banned regular free speech

Dave Adams

If the US government had thought of it first and a US app was so popular in China believe me you wouldn’t hear a single complaint

Al Mansur

Two words I wish everyone will stop using it: influencer & TikTok


4:36 that woman’s phone is really living on the edge…

Rakibul Islam

While some people are commenting about US app and trying to implying that those company doing the same thing as tiktok. Why don’t you understand thats the whole point that US doesn’t want their data to be outside their territory.
In that case I think the point is pretty self explanatory for banning tiktok and its reasonably right too on that note.

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