This Zombies Map is too hard 💀

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Thought it was Call Of Duty 💀

    Manhwa Reader

    It’d be nice if he ever comes back to COD and plays with the crew again.

    Jeremiah Allen

    He played it 6 months ago

    Jeremiah Allen


    Kevin Gilharry


    Joan Marquez

    Me too😅


Your videos are hilarious H2O

Colton Fine

Been watching you for 8 years man.

jordan adams

Dang was expecting backrooms🤣🤣

Jeremiah Kroto

A h20delirious classic

Aries S Platinum

Oh yeah I played this for a challenge this was way harder than it needed to be

derpy _warden2

I did play this mode before and it was hard as well

Hollow Naruto Uzumaki

Funny how I just played this map a few months ago XD


Yoo I play this everyday man it’s awesome and gives lots of xp for leveling up. It wont be as hard when playing it a couple more times.

Parker Jackson

Glad to see your videos again, your videos are HILARIOUS or should I say…DELIRIOUS


Ok Vanoss and the rest need to play this cause it’s actually kinda cool.


This map was straight up unplayable. It easy to die or give up entirely.

Caleb Degruise

“Yo this shotgun is giving me more health” has anyone notice no matter what gun he’s using is still giving him heth

NightOf Devils

Let’s go love the original Fortnite in creative


played this gamemode. first couple times were difficult because the longer you stay in the harder it gets. if you don’t win fast enough it’s impossible.


    What’s the game mode called ?


    @TheregoesDan Deadpines: Zombie Survival


I’ve played this before on creative with my cousin and his friends it was a great game

Jon Stewart

Oh hell ya. 🎉 please give us more.

icy lag

Played this map with my friend we had a fun time messing and fighting the zombies we did alot of funny things on that map


I remember when this guy was popping off 5 years ago on gta and gmod

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