I Give Up – WAN Show April 14, 2023

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Luiz Castro

FINALLY luke’s AI knowledge is unleashed upon us!

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С



Hearing Luke’s pure excitement whenever he discusses anything related to LML & AI…it warrants rebranding the show into “Weekly A.I. News”!


    ​@Brendinie YouTube flags timestamps automatically. They get removed untill approven by the creator.


    The WAI show?

    Paulo Köch

    Thank you for your service, Noki! 🫡

    Palama Kumar

    Well what did you think WAN stood for?🤷‍♂️

    Weekly AI News to the moon🚀🌕

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    🅷🅸 🅶🆄🆈🆂!!

Hamer Reviews

Less than 4 hours… what am I supposed to do with my Saturday if I don’t have a 5 hour WAN show to listen to 😂 😂 😂


    Right? The 4 hour WAN shows have made my 7am warehouse shift on Saturdays bearable.


    immesurable disappointment


    @Fire Falcon yep that’s what I do on my sat morning shift. And my boss hates Linus’s whiny Canadian voice as she calls it. Even more reason to do it haha.

    Fire Falcon

    @redlightbulb Oh haha, my place is too loud for that, we are allowed to wear buds

Skipper Pinguin

I can definitely see parasocial relationship skyrocketing with these A.I. Agents and they already have some grave consequences


I need an AutoGPT that on a weekly that gathers all AI news for the week, and summarizes them for me depending on level of importance. This field is moving so insanely quick right now, if you take a 1 week break you feel like a caveman when you get back to it. I really struggle to keep up as a non-programmer.


    That can be done with regular AI right now. Bing AI can do that.


    Seems that a lot of what’s now being rolled out as preview versions to the public, was researched and developed a year ago or more. So if you want to be ‘up to date’ the YouTube channels and sites that dig up research papers are probably the ones to watch, you just have to understand what you can though 😆. Eg. that Microsoft Research paper about GPT-4 was amazing stuff.


    Even as a programmer it’s even more impossible to keep up with everything that comes out


Not even 4 hours? I feel cheated, we deserve better. 😂😂

Existential Selkath

Using llms for game characters makes a lot of sense for certain games. Skyrim, fallout, and other bethesda games would make great use of them. The games have never been about the best quality but rather immersing yourself in a reactive world.

Personally, I prefer bioware style rpgs which greatly benefit from hand crafted dialogue, but bethesda style games could be really fun with llms too


Games with advanced AI will be amazing! Imagine persistent evolving worlds and depending the server you chose to play, the story will be always different. And depending on actions and reactions, stop playing the game and coming back later could make the world dramatically change. Some servers could even end in total caos destroyed by players and AI. It is going to be AWESOME!


I would love to see this generative AI character tech in something like Sniper Elite. NPCs able to form search parties and hunt the player, etc. They could consider where shots were heard from or where the player was last seen and anticipate where they’re going, pooling data between eachother, forming ambushes.

Emil Riikonen

I played Cyberpunk, and I did enjoy it. I was also blown away by the global illumination and RT that it had even though I couldn’t turn the insanity mode on. It did remind me of the feeling I got playing Farcry (the original) the first time when you look at the sunset.

I wanted more DLC for Cyberpunk like for Skyrim and was kinda bummed they are gonna kill it so soon.

Vigilante Cornflakes

It’s time for an ‘International standard of Ethics for AI’! This scares the crap out of me….


Does all this AI development mean that we can finally get a Civilization AI that acts coherent and smart?


    But I want Gandhi to throw nukes around


    The Vox Populi mod for Civ V already has AI that’s leagues better than the vanilla AI. Probably as close to a human player that we’re ever gonna get in a Civ game.


    ​@GumpPower doesn’t have to stop, would have to be included in the personality aspects of the nations ai

    Samuel Delgado

    I’m just worried we’re getting too close to an SAO Alicization situation where we create genuine people without bodies, and end up violating their human rights to existence. I personally don’t think we can get there because life is something we can’t create, but this is getting awfully close, and I’m open to having my mind changed.


    If we end up being able to create artificial life, then someone else could have (a few million of _our_ years ago), meaning you might already be an AI. I think this stuff might make some of us reevaluate ourselves and our universe! So AI or artificial life is pretty amazing if you consider it might do that!

    The idea that we are simulated beings in a simulation is basically the same thing people who believe in God and creation have been saying for a very long time. But the materialist reductionists said they were talking rubbish. Now scientists / technologists seem to be moving towards the same understanding!


I’m sad that I have woken up to find the wan show is not 6 hours long this week.


Linus: “You know what… my brain is tire…”
Luke (in his head: FANTASTIC!) starts talking with full exitement. 🙂

Andrew :)

Timestamps, in honor of NoKi1119 awesome contributions! o7
0:00 Chapters
1:06 Intro
1:32 [Topic 1]: AI Agents
2:05 >Auto GPT
4:34 >Examples/Potential Dangers of this tech
8:46 >AI Agent Gaming
18:24 >AI Agent Game caveats
21:10 >Discussion Question: What are the likely applications and limitations of this technology?
22:51 >Building a better AAA game is impossible
26:45 >LocalGPT
27:12 [Topic 2]:Elon Musk’s AI Investments
29:24 >Is Elon giving up on Twitter?
32:25 >AI Startup Bubble
34:53 >OpenAI not working on GPT 5
36:19 [Topic 3]:Linkedin Verified
41:08 >Have we given up on privacy?
43:43 >Roasting Luke’s Linkedin Profile
44:15 >Linus’ Linkedin
46:38 Side topic: Mirrored Channels
49:04 Merch Messages 1.
49:11 If LMG didn’t exist, where would you work?
1:01:07 Flipper Zero ethics
1:03:45 [Topic 4]:Mario Movie
1:05:00 >Linus liked it!
1:07:50 >How was the voice acting?
1:08:37 >Mario Movie 2?
1:11:49 Nintendo Cinematic Universe
1:14:37 [Topic 5]:Potential Microsoft Steam Deck
1:16:37 >Perils of Saves in games
1:20:13 >ROG ALLY
1:24:52 >Handhelds from other companies
1:28:09 Sponsors
1:30:42 Side topic: Seasonic is Cool!
1:32:35 Merch Messages 2
1:32:37 AI Adult Content Ethics
1:36:31 Calibration Tech under right to repair?
1:39:07 Sticker Shock in Niche Markets
1:44:51 Who is your Professional Inspiration?
1:49:41 [Topic 6]:4070
1:56:25 >Future of GPU Market
1:59:48 [Topic 7]:Universal Music Group vs AI Scraping
2:00:13 >Does this matter/can they stop it?
2:04:24 [Topic 8]:Floatplane Exclusives coming to YouTube (Memberships)!
2:14:57 Side topic: Mech Messages are getting long/ new ideas
2:16:45 Linus’s weirdest thing confiscated by TSA
2:21:30 [Topic 9]: Tesla recording Users
2:25:16 [Topic 10]: Intel Teams up with ARM
2:27:23 WAN SHOW: After Dark
2:27:53 Are young people going to be better at AI Tech?
2:29:57 Which one of Linus’ cats is his favorite?
2:31:35 Will company’s be able to make a LLM lie detectors.
2:32:20 Why is Multi Monitor Management not better?
2:38:18 AI Antivirus
2:37:10 What will Linus’ last video be (in 2074)
2:38:42 What antiquated tech will you keep?
2:40:10 WAN guests when?
2:41:14 LTT handwarmer
2:43:37 Stubby Screwdriver Progress Update
2:43:59 AI Crypto Trading/Betting
2:44:52 Have the goals of Floatplane changed?
2:47:22 New Desk pad lttstore dot com
2:51:09 Are there areas where we should regulate to preserve jobs?
2:58:18 Why hasn’t AMD released any new GPUS since 7900 in December?
3:01:43 What surprised you at Micron?
3:03:05 What would you change about the Telecom Industry?
3:04:35 What will be the future of portable gaming?
3:07:07 What Tech courses should you take?
3:08:02 Any LTT garments should you not use fabric softener on?
3:10:10 What do you guys think about tech channels releasing time before NDA deadline?
3:15:48 Nebula’s Lifetime Membership
3:19:47 Have you ever seen a surface election display monitor
3:20:32 LTT partnership with Ifixit?
3:21:08 LTT relocation services?
3:21:24 Linus offering a screwdriver with all the bit sets
3:22:05 Favorite Small form-factor case?
3:22:58 Recreating Old LTT videos?
3:24:51 Split screen support on the iPad for Floatplane
3:25:05 Luxury Backpack update
3:30:05 Rapid Fire Questions
UV backpack update?
Non AI product looking forward for?
Linus TV or Movie casting choice? (Ryan Gosling)
Favorite controller to use?
3:32:14 New AI safety Measures?
3:32:44 New Mainframe tech
3:33:07 LTT as consultants?
3:35:30 Home PC, Rack vs Tower
3:35:44 G-suit Issues
3:36:12 Creator Warehouse concerns
3:37:24 Linus’s Parent Tips
3:37:33 Nostalgic Gaming Era
3:39:16 Jobs after AI
3:40:14 AMD Driver Updates
3:40:36 Linus too trusting
3:41:35 Labs testing screen protectors
3:42:28 What chargers do you travel with for Steamdeck?
3:43:30 Should companies block Chat GPT?
3:44:44 How would you sell Apple products?
3:46:42 QLED longevity
3:47:14 Janky tech solutions
3:48:40 Can you saved hacked Drives?
3:50:55 New His and Her’s Undergarments
3:52:40 Italy Blocked Chat GPT
3:53:50 Linus Mentoring Smaller Creators
3:55:20 Outro


    Elon musk is what happens when you give a 13 year old troll limitless money: a couple of good and funny thing, and lots of crap.

    Truth Decay

    Absolute effing legend.

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С

    Ĥi ĝuys

    Alex Greenwood

    I for one welcome our new Andrew timestamp overlord!



Cole Cousins

Luke and Linus explaining Star Citizen end game goals for several minutes without realizing it.

    F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


Infinity Master

The section were Linus/Luke were talking about how “player choices” can impact a virtual world in which NPCs presumably are “living in” reminded me so much of *”Reboot”* which, funny enough, is a *Canadian computer-animated TV* series that originally aired on TV back in 1994 (such a great animated show and was ahead of its time back in the day).


Can definitely say I’ve had the screen priority issue a few times. Main reason I wanted the one primary is that some games would first launch with your primary display, not the one you launched it on or last one you used. But the only thing I could do to get it to work was turn off my system, unplug the one I don’t want primary, and plug it back in while running. But it is finicky. I did find turning on my VR headset seemed to help a bit with it as it seemed to mess with Windows memory on my displays.


There should be a 24h AI generated WAN Show where they answer Merch Messages.


1:44:51 Strange as it may seem, Linus is on my list too.

The drive to constantly go go go is really motivational for me. I think to myself “if he can do all this, all the time, then I have no excuse to not put in 100% for 8 hours of work today.”

Letting Youtube autoplay LTT videos and your other channels while I get ready in the morning has become routine for me, gets the gears going and has made a positive difference in my daily work performance.

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