Revv 1 E-Bike Review: Super Fun, Not Super Practical

The Revv 1 from Ride1Up is a moped-style electric bike that’s incredibly fun to ride but maybe not your daily driver.
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Revv 1 from Ride1UP –

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i dont get these bikes, you cant adjust the seat and theres a gaping hole in the middle for no reason


    Plus it defeats the exercise purposes of biking


    The middle is for a storage container which is an $100 extra add on.

Jensen Raylight

just ditch the pedal, and put a platform to place your feet instead.
there are no place where you can relax your feet.
just be a full motor electric bike.

if i want to ride a bike, i buy a bike, and not an e-bike that confuse about which mode that they want to be.

The Transformation Channel

In other words the bike is a failure


    It seems like that they are trying to compete with Juiced Bikes.

    They are very similar and they been doing very well for the last 5+ years.

PED Garage

Weird product.
In Europe, e-bike MUST be pedal assisted only, you can’t use just the throttle to go around, because at that point you are using a moped or an electric motorcycle with cosmetic pedals, and this means you need a plate, a license and insurance since it’s a vehicle and not more a bike (rightful so).


    That’s exactly the point. They get around those requirements on a technicality.

    PED Garage

    @RedFury03 They don’t.
    If it can go without pedaling it’s outlaw. Fines are up to 3/4.000€.

Bruce Hewat

This isn’t a bike. It’s an electric moped. Peddling is barely an afterthought. Any ebike with a throttle is an electric moped. They should come with a proper motorcycle helmet.


    My question is can I ride this without a motorcycle license in California?


30 whole miles per hour?? whoaa that’s way too fast and dangerous


It’s too big.


Bought a BMW R850R for less than that.


I have over 100 miles on mine within two weeks. How practical is fun? This type of emobility provides a low maintenance (judging from my numerous other e-bikes), less noisy, less smelly and messy scrambler motorcycle type experience. What’s that worth to you?


The turn signals seems like not bright enough in the video to get the job by getting other vehicles to notice it.

I know Juiced Bikes turn signals get bright enough.

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