Is The Linus Tech Backpack Worth It?

I've spent a lot of time with the LTT Backpack and I have some thoughts. I've used TONS of backapcks for my tech, but let's see how the Linus Tech Tips version stacks up.

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David Dawn

I’ve been waiting for this!

After I watched it kinda happy I didn’t insta buy. Here recently I’ve been going to minimalist edc rout and using remote play and cloud source streaming while keeping lite on the go

william Lidgett

with all of your knowledge and countless backpacks you have used and reviewed can we expect a UrAvgCoumer backpack


OK, great video. I own the LTT backpack. I will say this. I LOVE IT. I do fit the category of I take everything with me, so I love all the space. Best Backpack I have ever owned. I have tried a lot. Yes its not fancy, but I am over 40 and I don’t care about look good for someone. These are things I like to keep with me. I work in IT, and CyberSecurity so its worth it to me t carry a lot of stuff. Now, like many have posted, and you hinted at it. I would love to see a Backpack made by the king him self, UrAvgConsumer. I would buy that sight unseen, because I trust you, and I have never once disagreed with you when you do reviews, or whats in my Backpack videos. PLESE PLEASE make one. Thank you again, Great video.


    @Tony Vawnz yes, I forgot to mention the famous Teal color. Man, now I am way to excited.

    Just Dark

    I hope it has support for 2 17.3 inch laptops and 1 18.4 inch laptop.

    Outside Duh Box

    Nah…I like space but I dont want to look like a freaking UHAUL walking lol

    Just Dark

    @Outside Duh Box 3 may be a bit overkill but some jobs require 3 laptops which is why I suggested it.

    Outside Duh Box

    @justdark28  not the amount you can fit in…the SHAPE/ it always looks like a House on your back whether it is full or not loool


Great overview of the LTT tech bag. as a power user digital nomad I have been very satisfied with the ability to carry laptops with this bag. I have an assigned company laptop 17 inch. personal gaming laptop 15 inch, small portable secondary company laptop 14 inch and an Ipad pro that I always need to carry with me. This bag was the answer.


I’m just glad I’m not the only “freak” that brings all his stuff in a bag pack 😂

Austin Evans

My dude…I know you live the Ninja Turtle life but I’ve never really appreciated JUST HOW much lives in there 😅


    i love u

    Alex X

    @SUBWAY SO FRESH i love u more


    @Alex X I love you more that you love you more


    Holmes packed a lan party in his backpack.

    USA For The Win! 🇺🇸

    Can you please make an all black one?

Matburn Defoe

Full transparency I got a little concerned trying to fit my entire load out into it….but I’m not ven gonna be able to utilize the entirety of the 2 big pockets😂 although once I have my ltt bag my load out will probably change up to make the best of the space available.

Dre Drums

Amazing looking backpack!! But $250… I don’t know about that price.


    It is expensive, but it’s not unique in this regard. Good quality bags like this aren’t cheap. I’ve spent as much on camera messenger bags in the past that I still get heavy use out of 15 years later.

Jim Kaynee

I’m shocked you carry your cables loose without being better organized!


Congratulations on being able to use the new space. Looking forward to the future videos you’ll be making there.


Like LTT with the Creator screwdrivers, it would be awesome to see alternate colour versions for the inside. So instead of orange for example, UrAvgConsumer would have teal instead! Alternate colour versions would be amazing!

Kiyo Gallimore

Love the bag, cannot justify the cost, but this is def a nice bag

Just a Sellout

As a college student the bag allows me to bring literally everything I will ever need for an entire semester on me at all times (which I don’t need to do). It also allows me to be ready to build out on film shoots since I have the ability to pack everything I need. I have also used it for a couple trips and it is able to fit a pair of size 14 shoes easily as well as a change of clothes, some books, a computer, pair of headphones, and many other things. If all you need is a big rectangle this is the bag for you. It is expensive but it will do that job perfectly


Loved the video man great as always, might get one just to have one but the older I get the more of a digital nomad I realize I am becoming and want all I need but in a sleek and slim form factor, I want the LTT Backpack but cant justify that size, I hope they make a slimmer one in the future. Currently daily driving a G14, w/ a 15.6 usb-c portable monitor, Bluetooth mouse and headset, Nintendo Switch, and a USB-C battery bank and a couple of notebooks, all in the solo NY hybrid breifcase/backpack, sometimes interchange with the tomtoc 14in sling bang minus the monitor.


I use this bag everyday. I once used a small bag just for my tablet, and things, but now I have a bag that carries everything. If you made a bag, and it was a bit smaller than this then it would be perfect. I do feel this is a large backpack, but since I only need one bag (outside of a job where I need all my recording equipment) this is fine.

Cansee Mentality

LTT should release a much simpler version of this for the everyday person for around $150. I feel like that would sell like crazy to the average student market. Instead of that second big compartment area there’s just the one and it’ll just look slimmer and have a nicer look to it.

    César Bonilla

    make that 50$ or 75$ max and I’m in


    @César Bonilla quality products cost quality money, the tech sack costs $60 and its just a pouch

Luca Alfieri

bro drops legendary loot when he gets downed


    BRO 🤣

    ᴛ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴇ.ɢ.ʀ.ᴀ.ᴍ.ᴍ.ᴇ 👉AvgConsumer11

    I appreciate your perks 👆🏻
    Massage for profitable ideas



Jason Larawan

I love it! i take it to work everyday, if i would point out any flaws it would be that the carabiner/LTT zippers are so flimsy that I broke one just by pushing the arm to one side, thus negating the overall usefulness of it.

    ᴛ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴇ.ɢ.ʀ.ᴀ.ᴍ.ᴍ.ᴇ 👉AvgConsumer11

    I appreciate your perks 👆🏻
    Massage for profitable ideas!

Lightning Gamer

The thing I love about your backpack videos is that I know you’re gonna stuff literally everything including the sun in there 😆 so I know if I get a backpack you recommend it will last me for everything I need lol

    ᴛ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴇ.ɢ.ʀ.ᴀ.ᴍ.ᴍ.ᴇ 👉AvgConsumer11

    I appreciate your perks 👆🏻
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Shehzad Imtiaz

Amazing Studio! One major upgrade will be installing some sound panels, can hear echos. Other than that Proud of Jud going from a small desk setup and now has an amazing family and a whole studio! Best of luck for the upcoming days jud!

    ᴛ.ᴇ.ʟ.ᴇ.ɢ.ʀ.ᴀ.ᴍ.ᴍ.ᴇ 👉AvgConsumer11

    I appreciate your perks 👆🏻
    Massage for profitable ideas

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