Revealing My Camera Bag MAJOR Upgrade. (Completely Revamped Sony Setup)

What’s in my camera bag update!
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Johnny Cash III

YES Camera Bag! Love seeing you gear videos. You’re always heavy on functionality.

    Johnny Cash III

    Simply put: Sara is stays prepared!

Jacob Randall Holmes

The fact that you still rock the A7siii as your main run gun when you have the means to have any camera you want truly speaks to how confident you are in your abilities. That is awesome!! You are awesome. I loved this video. Just ordered the mic handle for my DJI lavs!


    I mean the A7SIII isn’t a bad camera lol.

    Haitham A

    It also proves how good the a7siii is


    Having shot with the A1 and A7Siii, it’s actually annoying to use the A1 as a hybrid since all the photos take up so much space and if you don’t actually crop, it’ll easily fill up most SD cards way faster then the A7siii. The A7iv is a more reasonable MP size but not having 4K120 is prolly why she didn’t go with that

Gyasi Linje

Love seeing your camera gear videos!

Tom Buck

Tenba bags are so underrated. Love a good compact backpack!

    Joseph Kim

    Yes! Hi, Tom 🙂

Norman Effendi

I got myself a Tenba bag as well but a bit bigger, due to my Lumix BGH-1. However, my biggest huddle is that I have to make less than 7 kg (15 pounds) as carry-on bag, for my travelling around South East Asia, and I’m trying to find a laptop that is small and lightweight but it can takes a punch in graphics and rendering but man, Tenba is THE BEST ever bag to carry around.

Ake Rouge

Tenba is really really good. They are seriously awesome. Not only are they bags extremely functional but they look great! Not something I can say with many other brands that do camera bags. I rock the Tenba Fulton V2 16L and it holds a truckload of stuff including the MBP 16″. Even so, it retains a slim silhouette which is just so satisfying.

Can’t recommend Tenba enough.


Haha I laughed when you said “You guys must be exhausted” and “We’re going back in” Your energy is great and gave me a few giggles lol. Love my Sony a7iv

Sir Bennett

The pacing on your videos is so good sara. Literally watch anything you put out (even the ads and stuff) and it’s always fun to watch!


Come on Sara we all know when you get serious about family photography you grab the Leica 🤗 Totally agree with you that the Logitech anywhere mouse is the best 👍😎

Zickie A

Love me the DJI Mic system. Use it on doco shoots ALL the time … raised my audio game!

Dave Kent

The bag looks very similar to like the Lowepro protactic 350 that I have, but with a lot more extra accessible pockets on the outside.


Great job on the video Sara! Thanks for making it. I’m a film student here in Vegas and we were strongly encouraged (bribed with extra credit) to go to NAB so maybe I will get the chance to say hello!

Third Monarch

I rock the lowepro 450 bag and almost always think this is an unnecessarily large bag, but always liked that look, I think you just solved my next purchase. so cool. Thanks Sara!!

Monique Beastie

Thanks for another great review! This bag looks awesome. I love the styling of it. The 14mm lens was not even on my radar, until now…it looks perfect paired with the A7IV. (Side note: Some of these comments are outrageous, the misogyny is heavy—I do not know how you deal with it, but you are a champ!)

    Roving Cyclops

    Misogyny? Where.

Phil Knall

Thank God I’m not the only person preferring a smaller bag 😅

Tomas Bay

Sara, I love the Sony ECM-B10 mic. My settings are auto and digital. I never use any of the filters as they make my voice sound weird. But yes, I am a fan.

Andrew Deitsch

This was an incredible video. Thank you Sara!!

Dronie Up

It doesn’t surprise me that most social media people go through the peak design etc., bags first before coming to a photography brand bag. They were on everyone’s wish list.
Tenba is a great back; I like it because it’s small and still functional. My everyday back is the Lowepro Protactic 450, and my lite version is the Protactic 350.
Have fun at NAB!=

Charlie Gerancher

That old Macintosh in the background rocks! I’m old enough to remember them when they were new. All the folks in the drafting department at work had them. Those Sony machines just aren’t anywhere close to my budget, but I do also love dials on a camera and aperture rings on lenses. Two years or so ago I was able to find a barely used X-T3 at a great price. I’m still using it and really like it. Now, I’m not a video shooter, only photography for now. So, the X-T3 is plenty of camera for me. Maybe I will be able to afford a newer body some day. Until then, I’m still enjoying this one. Thanks for the bag tour! I love bags with MOLLE loops for attaching things. I almost got the LowePro bag that is similar to yours. But, I ended up getting the Hatchback instead because I wanted the access panel on the back of the bag. But, yours has both!! Will have to check it out. Have a rockin’ weekend!

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