The TRUTH about working for Linus – Employees Answer

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Linus Media Group is a pretty unique place to work, but what is it actually like? Is Linus a tyrant? Is cool tech not all it's cracked up to be? Is Colton fired? Find out what employees think in this set of interviews. Management had no say in the production of this video. Select full interviews will be released on

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0:00 Intro
1:50 Best Part of Working Here
2:46 Worst Part of Working Here
5:09 Working with Linus
8:44 Is Linus the same off camera?
9:52 How has LMG changed?
11:29 Has Linus changed?
13:23 What do people get wrong?
14:31 What would you change?
16:28 Weirdest thing that happened to you?
18:53 Outro




“Working with Linus is like directing a river. Can’t stop it, but you change its flow.”

I have to say. I like this quote. It sums up the man pretty well.

    Nine Dragons

    you’re obviously not a media viewer that can spot propaganda

    just some guy

    @Kieran That’s exactly what I was going for

    Spicy Baguette

    @Matas Kart *The Netherlands want to know your location*


    Yikes. 3.4k!? Wow

    Dunc P

    I have said similar things that Linus is a raging river and Luke is the calm ocean, but every once in a while, the river calms and the ocean roars.

Tim Seguine

Riley’s psychoanalysis of Linus is the thing that I did not know I needed until Riley suggested it was possible.

    Stephan Brumme

    @jasondrummond9451  Oh, really, I didn’t know that, coz th WAN show is too long for me. 😉
    In the right environment ADHD can be an advantage for sure.

    Stephan Brumme

    @Chinto13 Stay strong! The channel “How to ADHD” helped me a lot, in case you don’t know it.


    @Stephan Brumme much appreciated! ADHDc definitely can have it’s advantages especially if we are interested more so on a hobby or anything that brings a lot of interest.

    Clive Lewis

    Definitely need this

    River Nile

    @Stephan Brumme I’d say the same. My employees would probably say most of this stuff about me too.

video game time

I love how they even got ex employees like Colton to share his experience


    ​@Fred Werza I think he said on the WAN show it was a newish hire and security training had not been done yet. This company seems very much wholesome. I wonder what LMG is going to be in 10yrs. I mean when do they reach their coasting speed ? This seems very hard to sustain.

    Karel De vries

    Didnt they fire that guy?


    @Fred Werza if he did, that makes this video a sham, but that with file/tv actor and the like that thay have public face/ the fans the in front of the camera’s, film/TV, but the second the cammara are off, you now the rest, over demanding big baby’s



    Wisdom Quotes

    *”Do not fear having no friends. Fear having bad friends” ~My life taught lesson* ( more wisdom in my channel)

Alex Lowe

When Riley admitted that his changes would just make things worse, I felt that.

    Tejasva Chauhan

    Where is Alex


    ​@Tejasva Chauhan Alex is just Riley without the glasses. I mean, have we ever seen the two in the same room before?

    Tejasva Chauhan

    @Rust_1809 oh yeah they kinda look like twins


I feel so proud for linus and the guys behind him at lmg for the juggernaut of a company he built off the back of a dream, I love the videos, like the people and its so inspiring to see how far lmg has come although i do miss the langley house days. I wonder what’s next


I need more of this type of content. Sarah needs her own segment or more video time. Riley needs to do an in depth dive into Linus psych

Roberto Foureaux

I’ve been watching Linus since 2014 I think, I was about 18yr old and just getting into IT professionally, this company is a huge part of my journey as a young adult and I have nothing but gratitude for you guys, Thanks for the Tips!❤❤❤

    Binuk Vidana

    I’m 15 and i’m hoping to be an electrical engineer when i hit adulthood. This channel helped me a lot to find my passion!

Ryan Lillie

More cars! More budget tech. Great view into lmg! You guys are true Canadians. Keep up the great work. It will be hard but it will be worth it. I hope the best to all at ltt!

Bobby Twoshoe

Well done Linus and the whole LTT staff. It’s so valuable to hear from your colleagues, and how you build with the strengths of the brilliant people you employ. I wish more companies did the same.

Hedge Earthridge

Something I see them say a lot is they love the freedom they have. I feel the same way in my job as a quality analyst, my boss basically said “Improve the quality. Figure it out. Ask me if you have any questions”. It’s a shock to me, I’ve never had a job where I didn’t have to ask for permission to do anything or be told to do something. I get to learn and study to improve my abilities and solve the problems myself. I can’t help but be motivated and always try my best; not trying would throw away all the responsibility that I’m trusted with. And I can’t help but grow and improve, I have no other choice, I’m in the deep end of the pool, I can’t expect someone to hold my hand through all the challenges.

A small but meaningful example, is I didn’t like the basic report template, so I modified it. Bosses were cool with it, and gave feedback like to be more concise. I’m on the 5th iteration and everyone compliments me on my reports. That alone is so meaningful to me, to be rewarded for improving something and having the freedom to do so.

Socialist Ape

It’s wild to me that they feel like the quality is not that high. The new videos feel so much more quality and well made. Shows how much they care about the channel.

    Marcell Kovacs

    @JollyGreen same here, so I actually enjoy the longer WAN shows. I really wish they tried slowing down a little bit and focus more on the production like they do with Mac Address.

    I Z

    The videos are not as well thought out anymore, especially the reviews.


    ​@balaclava351 I don’t disagree that there isn’t the same energy but at the same time if Linus chooses to cover a lot of tech topics and release a lot of videos weekly i don’t think him and the staff have the energy to deliver 100%, mood and fatigue will affect them, but i think it’s a constantly evolving company so you can take it as them trying a lot of different stuff sometimes less stuff but more excitement with the latest hardware or new technologies, it’s not like their schedule is gonna be the same forever, it also has to do with tech sponsors and new stuff coming out i guess.


    I appreciate what Linus and his team is doing. But some of the videos are the jankiest of jank. Like pure entertainment I get it – but this part often is not for me. Like the one with fitting the computer into a sign. Whereas a smaller channel would prebuild it, check if it works, and then build it on camera the second time – Linus will go full yolo mode with different results.

    TheCustom FHD

    Some things aint as indepth as id like

Gabriel Jackson

Coming from photo/video editor: Dear LMG Staff, I hear you say you want to improve your quality but you have some of the best production on YouTube. And it’s all because of you beautiful individuals. This video itself feels like a short documentary, all love for your hard work!

    BlueFire Animations

    They don’t mean quality as on production quality, they mean as in the passion that used to be in the videos is gone. The videos are just product reviews and promotions now, with the exception of the odd video like this one.


    ​​@BlueFire Animations I guess it’s parallel to today’s tech advancements, which kind of getting “stale” and just improvements of an already exist tech. Unlike a decade ago, tech stuffs really the talk of YT because, well, there’s a lot of new techs back in that time that’s groudbreaking. I would surf around LTT’s old videos to check out a particular tech and it does have the quality of informations and how they present them in a fun approach


I remember awhile ago (less employees back then obviously) when Linus’ goal was to be able to put ALL of his employees in position to buy their own home. That tells you a lot about him.


    Then the housing market span in the face of all millenials and made them unobtainable to almost everyone. It’s a great goal, but the housing markets are so screwed right now, even a 6 figure salary isn’t enough.

Jan Strojil

I absolutely love the silliness and randomness of Riley and James when they present. I’m not even that much into tech, I just really enjoy the people this channel brings together. This video just confirms that, if the crew clicks and they enjoy doing what they do, you get it across.

Paul Brooks

It’s always a good idea to take time and focus on quality. Don’t burn your staff out—sometimes people come up with even better ideas and execution when they have downtime.


    They do have some good policies to prevent burn-out, you can’t work an all-nighter to get a project done. I think the problem is Youtube, if they cut down a video or two, that’s a lot of lost revenue, since their algorithm expects a video everyday to get it in to top of the feed for viewers. The only way to make that back is to hire more staff, but then that inevitably leads to pressure to get one more video out the door since they have more labor. I do agree though, the camera guys and writers especially need more time to focus on quality. Brandon I imagine left because being the camera operator provided very little challenge, since the videos were cookie cutter 90% of the time.

Jackson Rad

I love these BTS videos, everybody is so relatable and passionate about it, I really wished my company would to stuff like this internally. It is unfortunately in the very nature of tech business and capitalism, that the pace is much too fast to be able to really enjoy every moment, but I hope they get to have it a little bit.

Jurriaan de Jongh

This channel has shot so much forward in quality and interestring stuff to watch. It actually changed my viewing behavior, I tend to watch almost everything published on this channel, whether it’s relatable for me or not, I most often still find it interesting in the end, either because of the quality/writing or that I actually learned something new. Surely that must reflect that he quality actually really is there. However to some of the feedback about having more time, I can get that, things at LTT always feel like a speed film from my perspective, I guess they channel that energy to the public partly on purpose, but I defo would like to see maybe some more consistency in a topic, or a quicker follow-up.


Hands down, one of the hardest working YouTube channels out there with the numbers to show for it. If they were able to get that one day to focus on the retrospect and analyze, not only would productivity skyrocket, but every team at LMG is going to feel much more content and satisfied.

Scott Hayes

I hope the whole team knows how much the community loves and supports them!


I’d love like a timeline video of how the company started and where it is now. I know parts of this has been covered in multiple videos, but one big video 30mins+ telling the whole story of how the company and the team has evolved over time would be super cool.

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