This horror game will make you cry

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Sean treating us with so much horror games, i love it!


    So true


    @ChaoticUsernamr cheese 🧀

    Ts Hangout

    jacksepticeye PLZ do a video for my brothers birthday! it would mean so much to him and he’es turning 15! I asked him what his favourite you tuber is and he said you (duh) we are both subscribed, my name is Tristan and his name is Haiden! It would mean the world to us, pls respond.🥺🥺🥺 his birthday is in may 8th!


    It’s giving me nostalgic vibes and I’m here for it


    It makes me feel happy when things are down


I love how jack reads off the terrifying description of the game like he’s happy to hear it 😂

    Legendary Fries

    Fr 🤣🤣

    Keed Gmaer

    Around the corner
    Somewhere to the right
    And a bit more to the left


    @HELLHOUND literal child


    @Xipron  24 mate so try again

Saphire Axe

Use me as a ”Remind Jack that Dredge exists before he forgets about it completely” button.

    Dr. Acula

    Yea been waiting for a part 2.

    Suvarna Maya





    He’s just posting pre recorded stuff because he flew to America for creator clash. I’m sure more dredge is coming it’s his most viewed video in a couple of weeks


Sean is the only gamer on this earth that will actually make me sit down and watch an hour long gameplay.


    Yes definitely

    Adam Williamson

    Same Here i Have Adhd and told to sit still for 5 minutes i pull up yt and watch jack 7 hours come by why havent you left your room

    Pablo Buquet

    Cant relate. I always stop watching, because i always get bored

    Rachel Edger

    Sean/jake and daz


    Seán also jack not jake


I usually don’t like horror, don’t watch that kind of movies because I hate jumpscares. But somehow it feels okay to watch gameplays of horror games. Maybe because I focus more on the person playing… anyhow it’s so nice and fun to watch these with you Sean! ❤

    Pengu Diegu

    Think a lot of people just don’t play or watch the right horror stuff

    Lord Cantalo

    There are actually different types of horror. I prefer the scy-fy original horror where it’s not based on jumpscares but the fact that giant monsters are slaughtering people. The Godzilla type of horror. Eight-Legged Freaks is one of my faves if you want to try it out. Also Arachnophobia.



    Legendary Fries





12:26 Sean quoting Shane Madej’s iconic “hey there demons, it’s me …. ya boi” made my day

    The Alarm

    Shane Madej stole part of that, so how is it iconic. Literally stolen lines from Noel.


    @The Alarm even if something is stolen it can still be iconic. best example british museum


    ​@Lily Omg, I just watched “Museum: Last weeks tonight with John Oliver”. It was about this exact thing! It’s horrible what the museums hide.


    ​@Lily Good point

imogen kyte

its now 2:42 in the morning and still going strong with my jacksepticeye marathon


time stamps for spooky stuff
8:20 something falling and cat sounds (idk if that’s sean or in the game)
8:42 air raid sounds
12:45 door knocking
14:36 someone’s running sounds
15:07 rolling sounds
15:51 camera glitch and door bell
21:09 kid/ghost walking
24:21 knocking on a door and some other sounds continuing for another 10-15 seconds
24:48 ghost running
25:07 a woman in the air
25:20 someone being dragged
27:44 blood dripping from the ceiling & camera glitching
27:55 lights turn off with the doll jumping at u
28:11 doll running
30:37 something fell
30:57 camera glitch
37:42 another air raid
39:32 doll running
42:05 kid running outside
42:23 kid looking at you from the outside and then running away
45:09 spooky sounds (idk how to call them)
46:14 ghost running (and even looking at you)
47:16 crying screaming sounds while sean tryna read 😀
48:59 door knocking again
49:13 doll running away as soon as the door opens
50:16 kid running at you (THE SCAERIEST I GUESS)
50:41 doll running
50:44 SCARY kid in the bathroom
53:24 camera glitch & hanging body appearing again
53:32 some spooky dude running at you (scary)

    Asher Burns

    ​@RossInAustralia just so you can find this later 😊


    This comment thread is so wholesome ❤


    thanks yall ❤. for me i literally cant watch these kinds of videos without knowing when the scares are so im always looking for the timestamp comments hahaha


    Just wanted to take a minute and say this thread is super cute! 😊 I accidentally fell asleep to this video, so I’m here to rewatch. 😀

    Ageesh T George



More scary stuff with Sean? Don’t mind if I yes!❤ Also Dredge exists 😂

Tiffany Rowe

You don’t realize how much I need these hour long horror games from Jack. They’re currently my crutch for life and anytime you post a new one I get a good hit of dopamine.


    Damn homie you good?


The jumpscare at 27:44 is still one of my favorites in any modern horror game.


the “don’t haunt me” bit at 12:22 was so out of the blue and I’m all here for it😭

Gemini Mojo

Man needs an award for that performance. He actually got into it so much he started crying for real. That’s actual talent, and one of the many reasons I love Sean’s videos.


15:50 sean’s tiny gasp is hilarious 😂

Jacob Fox

I’ve been taking Russian for the past couple semesters in college so every time Sean says “I don’t know what this says” I’m like “I do!”
For my fellow Russian speakers,
Здравствуйте. Я надеюсь, что у вас сегодня будет хороший день.

    Kevin Killer mk666

    As Russian, I wish you a great day too!!!


    Hi, thanks ☺ and happy Easter to those who celebrate


    Every time the “I need my Russian to English dictionary” prompt comes up, I’m like “No, I don’t”. And the translation is a bit janky, admittedly, but I’m glad to see a local game be recognized outside of the country.

    Little Fox

    As a comrade I have to say, that’s one damn fine sentence structure. Reads good if a bit official.

    Dana Kotlyarova

    As a Russian, I wish you a great day too! Also, I think that’s super cool that you are taking Russian in college, I live in Hong Kong and go to university here and it’s not often I meet people who are actually trying to study Russian. It’s a very complex language but also such a beautiful one

Nathan King

As a heart transplant patient myself, I wanted to say the kidneys are a lot of times needed pre or post cardiac transplant because the meds for heart transplantation can lead to extreme kidney failure. So although this predates common cardiac transplant and it might’ve been unknown at the time, that could have been implemented in the game.


    I just assumed that the guy wanted the kidneys to sell on the black market, and in exchange he would do the heart surgery for the lady.


The amount of horror content we’ve been fed is incredible

Rachel K

Sean screaming ” THIS IS WHAT THERAPY IS FOR” lives rent free in my head

Lyriana Lee

“I dunno, a heart transplant isn’t something you can like Kombucha your way through. ” I laughed so hard.

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