You Can Smash This Coffee Cup and Leave It on the Ground (It’s Made from Dirt)

GaeaStar is getting ready to introduce its 3D-printed clay coffee cups in the US. The startup says there's no need to recycle or compost the cups because they're made from just dirt, salt and water.

0:00 Intro
0:36 Problem with Paper Cups
0:47 Disposable Clay Cups
1:41 3D Printed
2:37 Dirt Cheap
3:09 Where to Find GaeaStar Cups

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Good going. Envo friendly


Eco-Awesome. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner? Good going, guy!

    Jasmeet Singh Chawla

    Being used for centuries in India 🤷‍♂️


    Because they probably cost $1.50 each vs $0.02 each. At some point paying $8 for a cup of coffee makes no sense for anyone but the wealthiest consumers. And very few people have a problem with paper or plastic anyway.

    zoza todorovski

    @zunedog31 in India they reuse them

Graham McDonald

Brilliant Idea. Starbucks needs to get on this.

Adam R

Ceramics for the win!


They need spoons and fork made of these.


I have a strong feeling, that these are not made from just clay. You cant put regular clay in a 3d printer and it will not dry like this. What about the additives?

    reyan rahman

    It’s just clay, we have been using this for centuries in india


    @reyan rahman You had 3D printers for centuries in india? And you bake the cups inside a coffe shop without sun or a fireplace?

Mayur Das

Amazing idea why didn’t anybody think of this sooner?

    Rohan Shah

    It’s been there for ages in Asian countries.

Max The Beagle

Something that is sold for pennies in India will be sold for dollars in USA all in the name eco friendly innovation😂😂😂

    Ashwini Kumar

    Yeahhhh true, that’s what i was thinking. 😂

    Vaisakh P



How about people take their own bloody cup and get it filled from the coffee shop


Replace wood, paper, and plastic with hemp.

Sujan Roy

We’ve had disposable terracotta clay cups in India for centuries. They don’t need 3D printing, just a potter’s wheel.


    How is going from a factory producing hundreds of thousands of 2 cent cups a day to craftsman making dozens of them by hand for $2 each considered progress?


I would like them to compare that cup to a biodegradable plastic cup.

Furry Donkey

If this hold the heat & cold in this is going to mess up the person who invented the cardboard kosy around the coffee cups in the states…

Christoff Elster

Can’t wait to see this every where on the ground.


    Kick in the dirt or when it rains it will dissolve.

Alvarado Ramos

In México we been usin this clay cups for 100 of years


In India, we have fridges made from clay that do not require electricity.
In India, we are down to earth.


This is amazing; I hope it catches on.

R Collinge

I would like to see more reports like this rather than another video on the latest Apple product.

Christopher Mara



What about a lid?

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