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I am now more confident than ever that Mark’s gonna be in the FNAF movie lol


    @CeedayGaming you have no content.

    F?СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1С


    Panicked Nøødle

    Memento Mori


    ​@Icedcone NDA


    It would be cool but i genuinely think hes just messing with us-


Stunt Double: “It hurts a lot”
Markiplier: “Okay, my turn”
also mark: **I’m not a masochist**

    Kagemusha Shien

    Russian Mark comes out.


    I’m imagining this stunt is like when John Wick falls on the van

    Kagemusha Shien

    @Jdogisbest Or being punched and send flying into a wall.

    braeden winstead


    Taryn Romine

    @Ghalaghor McAllistor they know, just popping a funny joke!😀


if Mark is actually in the fnaf movie I really hope he has just one Single line being “was that the bite of 87??”

    Blu Furball

    why should the fnaf king have just one line!

    Sentry Gaming


    Feng Main Big Brain

    14 000 likes after 14 hours. that’s about 16 likes per minute damn

    Lauren Edge

    He walks into the facility for his day shift, discovers a bloodbath, and says “The bite of 87” then looks at the camera for a solid 5 seconds then continues on


    I want him to say “I am the KING of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S”

Ganebri Ticu

I am new to the Markiplier community, Mark got me into the FNAF Games a week ago. I am very happy to hear about your movie, I hope it goes well. Please get some rest, have a great time, Mark, thank you again.


    welcome to the hellhole >:)
    it’s a good time

    Juno Antares

    Been watching since 2013, and I still have a hoodie from one of his first really massive charity live streams. I can honestly say having his videos got me through my last year of high school, my ged testing, and then finally getting out of an extremely toxic family situation. I truly hope you have a great time here, please ignore the trolls, they are like termites and we don’t know the trick to getting rid of the infestation.

    Makenna Eagle

    Welcome. I’ve dabbled since 2017 and committed in 2019-2020 due to a no longer existing channel. You’re loved and welcome here! 🖤


    I hope you find happiness on this channel but…. Don’t go to twitter 👁️👁️, you’ll see awful sh*ts of degenerate of fans and hate the community. Just stay on youtube or Instagram but not twitter


    Eyy!! Welcome to the chaos!! It’s a wild ride you’re in for 😂

Alsi Redwood

I am ecstatic with what more this year may bring us, and it gives me something to look forward to, honestly. I hope everyone knows to take breaks, rest up, treat yourselves. Some cool projects are heading our way!


    Mark said my content is better, who else agrees?


Ethan was absolutely phenomenal, and it was amazing to see you and Jacksepticeye celebrating his win in the audience.

    Mbita Çhi



    I’ve watched so many videos of it and keep crying. So precious.


    Where can I watch that? 🥺🙏


    Where can I watch the clips??


You know it’s serious when Mark decides to stream the updates.
If Mark’s serious about the fnaf movie, there’s so many one-liners he could hypothetically do.


    @CeedayGaming you’re either trolling or 13


    i figured the line he would have would be “Nope” as he sees the help wanted sign as we walks by

    Hangboy Gamer

    “Was that the bite of 87?!”

    Paul Hikari

    @CeedayGaming You’re a spam bot.

    Again, Why

    ​@CeedayGaming john madden


Hearing how tired he is kinda puts some calming sense to me
He sounds like the calming sounds of rain and night and bring a lot of comfort.

Also I do hope he takes some time to rest and relax 🙂
And we can’t wait to see when the trailer comes out at some point today or when it does. Very proud of what you’re doing 💖


    Mark said my content is better, who else agrees?

    Mackenzie Harvey

    His voice, the lighting, the lofi. Watching this is the calmest I’ve been this month

    Jordan M

    Its the gravel that his voice gets when he slows down, combined with the relaxed sleepy tone of speech. Very ASMR worthy honestly!

    Royal Tinman

    He said the trailer is in one week, so we potentially have 6 Days 18hrs left to wait


Mark voice is very soothing and makes things super captivating whenever he is talking so calmly. I could listen to him talking me to sleep. Very relaxing for my little soul 🫂




I’m so incredibly excited to see what mark has been working on. He’s been working so hard I know it’s gonna be a masterpiece!


    Mark is best 💖



    Sanjyot Anil Pawar

    ​@CeedayGaming no one


    Masterpiece? An FNAF movie? Sorry but a complete pile of crap with some specks of brilliance in it is still a complete pile of crap.


    ​@TheMysteriouswatcher Have faith.

Cassandra H

Hearing the words “you will see it in theaters” has me so excited and surprised. Can’t wait Mark!


    @Kazantha my mistake, mixed up the series and the movie lol

    Katie G

    @Dark Skull893 9:43 It’s not FNAF. He said definitively that it is not related to FNAF at all.


    @Katie G good, not really my thing.


    @Katie G Tell me you didn’t watch til the end without telling me you didn’t watch til the end.

    Alex Castro

    You really couldn’t put the two together mark going unactive and fnaf being worked on?

Cole Kiesler

If Mark actually manages to get in the FNAF movie, it will only be a matter of time before we will get the bite of 87 meme at a 50/50 chance possibly.


    @Another Person From Norfolkdude scott has had complete control over the fnaf movie, so i’m /pretty/ sure almost everyone who worked on the fnaf movie over the last 8 years has heard about markipler.

    Another Person From Norfolk

    @CitrusCirrus Well, you can also look up the cast of the movie rn

    Max Rachel

    Imagine if he ended up getting the role of security guard from FNAF2.

    Taco Bell

    ​@Another Person From Norfolkyes but Scott knows about him


    @Another Person From Norfolk not being in the movie ≠ scott & bloomberg studios not knowing about him. everyone working on the movie has been taking the fandom into account very much.

Megan Misura

*My whole energy in this can only be described as “TAKE MY MONEY!” It’s gonna feel so bizarre to see someone I ‘grew up with’ on the big screen.*


    I felt the same way when I saw Free Guy in the cinema and Jackcepticeye made multiple cameos in the film it definitely was weird considering 😂


seeing the clips of Mark going absolutely feral on Ethan winning the match last night was so heartwarming. i’m very proud of Ethan, & i hope both you & him get lots of rest


    I know! I can’t believe EATHEN BECAME GIGA CHAD 😂 HE WON SO EASILY

    Retrovex Official

    Am i the only one who didnt even know ethan was a fighter?😂

    Tyke and Jonsie Show

    Where have people been watching the full creator clash? I don’t see the full event posted on YouTube yet and I’m upset that I had a random Reddit post spoil for me that Ethan won, before I even knew the event had happened yet. He’s the only person I care about in the event so naturally it had to be him that was spoiled for me. :/

Kristina Adams

well no matter how “known” mark gets…. we can all say we found and loved Mark first and that is enough for all of us… Spread your wings Mark we will always be here ready for the next one.

    Taco Bell

    He is already famous. He literally has over 30 Million people who know who he is


    ​​@Taco Bell true I’ve been with him since 5 million and I’m just glad he gets everything he wants and is getting the attention ☺️

Mikaela Blackpaw

It’s so… satisfying, as a fan of Mark since way back when he had 1500 subs to his name. To see him grow, learn, create, and thrive in his element.
Every time he beamed in excitement for his projects and joked around at the FNAF movie, you could tell he was truly happy just living in the moment and taking in all the positive things that have gotten him to this point over the years.
Mark, seeing you *this* happy… It brings small tears of joy to my eyes and I’m beyond proud of you <3 You've come a long way from that nerdy boy in his bedroom making "dark" videos


I think Mark and Keanu need to make a movie called lunch and it’s just an hour and a half of them just having lunch and talking.

    Penelope – Jade Horning

    Yes. God please, yes. I have been seeing TikTok’s where they’re edited eating together for that one trend and it’s hysterical, I need more lmao

    Henry Smith

    so…an one-time podcast with john wick, penguinz0 and Mr “WHERE’S THE BLACKSMITH?” where they spend the whole episode eating?

    Natalie Pastura

    Like Séan and Matt Mercer ❤


    I think it should instead be both of them admiring a banana for an hour and a half


Honestly whether Mark is in the FNAF movie or not, what I can definitely say is that I’m really excited to see Mark’s own movie. I know Mark and everyone is working hard on it and I can’t wait to see it!

Kyler McKenna

I just want to say, as a fan who has been with you since 2012, I am so proud of how far you’ve come. Simply to hear you say that this is a movie that will be in /theaters/ had me welling up with tears. You deserve so much love and happiness, Mark, and I’m so glad your visions and dreams are coming true for you.

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