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We don't hate hybrid membrane-mechanical keyboards, we hate when the box doesn't make it 100% clear that that's what you're buying. Despite the deception, is the Gaming Keyboard 550 from HP any good or should you stay very far away?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:05 Blind Tests
2:35 Switches
5:00 Marketing
6:00 10KRO
8:00 Alternatives
9:10 Conclusion
11:08 Outro




I can’t believe companies would lie to sell more of their products 😱

    ThanosIsUgly [GD]

    Few outright lie though, it’s more so just manipulation, since false advertising is illegal and can get a company in a LOT of trouble.


    @No Brakes r/ wooosh




    AINT NO WAY!!!!

Saul | Humbucker Enjoyer

Misinformation is the name of the game in the tech industry. I’m glad that we have people like Linus who don’t fall victim to the standard of business practices. Finally someone willing to expose them. Keep up the great work LMG❤️

    The Riddick

    Misinformation is legal in USA also. However here in Australia HP would run a foul with the consumer ombudsmen and face fines etc…!

    Demon Llama

    @The Riddick in theory false advertising is supposed to be illegal in the US too


    So these lies are just as bad, as the lies in the titles of the videos?

    10pm Memes

    Crazy how nobody was even using the word misinformation until a couple years ago. Seems like the hottest buzzword right now

    Saul | Humbucker Enjoyer

    @Wekki Meif why you do bring up a good point, I highly doubt they are putting minimum wage workers in charge of marketing and advertisement. I think your arguement would better hold up in a scenario like human to human contact in a store where an employee spreads the misinformation.


I think once the LTT lab is fully functional it will be an a amazing achievement!


    It already is

    My First and Last Name

    Rtings has been doing this kind of analysis for ages


    aaaannnnyyyy day now!

    Canons L.

    @I’m Kairyu 3:04 5:58 😅😅😅😅


This felt like an oldschool episode to me. Here’s a product being misleading, here’s why, and here are options in a similar price range that are objectively better. Simple but effective, love it.


    You’re right


    You’re right

    Tarek El Dick

    You’re you’re


    You’re right. A lot of people are saying it. Bigly.


    You’re right.


I accidentally bought a keyboard like this once but it was advertised as “mechanical feel”. It was much cheaper though and also came with a mouse.

watercannons collaboration

It’s crazy to see how far LTT has gone in terms of keyboard reviews, now that the lab is here. Compared to the GSkill cherry red keyboard review from a few years ago the production and testing quality have gone so far


“Words are not just words; they actually mean things!” Truly words to live by.


    Ahh, if only you’d typed something that meant things, but it’s only words!

    Emerald Unicorn

    I die by those words every yesterday!

    Luke Casey

    If we look closelier

James Fluker

Thank you for your work advocating for consumers! Tech feels like one of those places, where companies feel they can get away with lying because so many consumers lack the knowledge. It’s amazing to see an account with such wide reach calling them out.

Fam Bug

Doing like a full suite of Redragon product reviews would probably do the biggest favor to most consumers. I took the K552 pill recently and it’s been an amazing keyboard so far, although I’m saying it as someone who’s been living and breathing rubberdomes all my life.

    And Rei

    I have the K556. Amazing keyboard. Aluminum top. Feels solid. Has num pad. Amazing back light. Brown switches (comes in red variant too) and you can switch to the type you like. I’m enjoying it alot

    Jordan Tepen

    I have the K618 at work and love it. Plan to get another for home use. It may not be quite as good as the Logitech G915 but at 1/3 the price, it’s a no brainer for me.

Simon W

It’s amazing that they went to all the effort of creating the fake switches

    Adam Emery


    Tann Hauser

    @Hikari Tsumi – where do you think companies are producing keyboards or most of other equipment? 😉

    But to be serious and give it to the Chinese – they will produce all they can… according to the specification from the client.
    If the client requests a cheap product with average materials and components, they will do that. But if the client will request top of the range, made with a high level materials and components – they will do that too.

    The problem is most companies run on… greed and profit, hance most of the time they request a products to be manufactured with a low cost, cheap components and materials. Hence a lot of crap everywhere.

    LuckGrip252 GT

    Right? It’d be cheaper to manufacture if they just put unmodified switches, put a couple of holes in a PCB and all is good


    @The Echelon Not if you could have sold twice as many by making the product something people actually want to buy.

    Sion Theodorus

    @erwark Yep because they are very similar to a true mech switch just have more components for the laser and the holes. Although i wonder since they want to create memchanical keyboard, why didn’t they just put the rubber on each of the stem and maybe from a stiffer material


The lab stats + the input from keyboard enthusiasts has made these videos a lot more interesting, you guys did some good work




The force graph claim is interesting. Even linear switches can have a curved force curve because some switches uses a progressive or even a dual stage spring that have harder bottom outs the further you go.

val see

I literally bought this keyboard at a thrift shop for $4 and thought I found an amazing deal only to get it home and realize it’s not mech.

honestly, if there were pressure differential offset springs… tactile release to bottom out, it might be serviceable


I worked for HP tech support for 3 years. I had the best stats in my call center, so I was allowed to attend an actual meeting with HP big wigs discussing the future of their company. I told them to get into gaming products. this was back in 2004 or 5. they told me that was an awful idea. then months later they decided to do it. but they were so overpriced. they literally just took their consumer PC, added a stick of ram, a semi-good video card and added 1k to the cost. consumers weren’t buying it. HP upper management is soooo out of touch

    He who has no identity

    I’m sure you were the first and only person to ever suggest HP get involved in gaming. With the margins of the personal computer business, gaming is historically always a bad idea. Compaq knew this. HP knew this. The combined company sure knows it. There will be new generations of executives that wil learn for themselves and then know gaming personal computers is a money pit that will never work at large scale.


    They arrived late to the party with the HyperX acquisition. And yes, HP upper management is still way out of touch, both in PCs and Printing. Source: also work for them.

    Claudia Furlan

    @Badgabr just leave please


Never knew about key rollover before. Found an online test and was pleased to see my G610 Brown got up to at least 26, making me believe it’s probably just NKRO since I ran out of ways to press keys lol.

Chris Baker

I’m glad to see all of the data the lab can gather, I am also very thankful your team is making this happen.

Thank you for giving solid data and great reviews all these years.


thank you for shouting out the rhythm gamers!! back in the day on garbo keyboards, i thought i was just bad at mania games- surprised to learn it was likely (mostly) rollover! thanks for the interesting and informative video as always!

Will Deegan

Glad Linus recommended reddragon. I’ve been using their k570 for the last 7 years and it’s been ne of the best keyboards I’ve ever owned.


Had a k551 with blue switches for a few years, it held up pretty well but the cookies were fixed so I recently upgraded to a k580 with browns. Love it so far. Preference is absolutely right.

Bjørn Reemer

If I can give a bit of feedback about the graphs, like the one at 2:49, I feel layout of the graph could be improved by putting the name of the hardware (Havid KB487L) in the middle and placing the axis labels under it with a bit smaller font to help guide the eyes a bit (for example, giving a subtitle “force(grams) ↑ vs displacement(mm) →”). You can still put the labels next to the graph as well, but a I would make those a bit smaller as to not draw that much attention to them. Currently my eyes need to move quite a lot to find what I’m actually looking at. Also same for the labels “press” and “release”: I feel they should be quite a bit smaller as they now the first things that draw the attention of the viewer. But those are my own two cents on it.

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