Vote for Becca! Vote for Full Frame! (Get us out of last place…?) #shorts

Full Frame has been nominated for a Webby! You can vote for Best Technology Video here:

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The Verge

vote here, bud:
ty ty ❤️ -becca

    Ankoma Sealy

    Done and dusted! Good luck!


    You’re truly great at what you do, you can immediately see the passion but also the competence, and frankly even an admittedly not so scientifically quantifiable general likeability (?) haha
    And I’m always glad to see this sentiment widely shared by the audience on this channel as well. I hope you do win this award, but even if that doesn’t pan out, all of the above will always be the case. Cheers and keep it up! ❤️


    I’ve never seen you on my feed before but you seem truly amazing so here’s a sub and a vote😊



    Bipin Mohan

    Done. All the best 👍🏼

Daniel Scoular

Full Frame is so much fun, and so well put together. It made me enjoy photography again. You totally deserve this award!

Alexandre T

Good luck Becca, love your sound test videos

Sean Alvarado

Doesn’t matter if your last place you’re nominated


Just voted. Best of luck!

Pete Dillon

Voted! Good luck Becca, you’re the highlight of The Verge for me. Be well.

    Joe Nicholls

    “Highlight of the verge” is a great way to put it. Those are my thoughts as well.

Barbod coliaie

Hope you win:)


For you, Becca, I will vote for you now, change my name legally, and vote for you twice

Francisco Guimaraes

I see Becca, I click. And this time I got to click twice😆

Becca Farsace

buds<3 wowee, tyty! we are already moving the percentage i cant believe it..


“I’m afraid I can’t do that…bud.”

Henry Louey

Voted! Never even heard of the other entries

Helena Pikuzinski

Becca ❤❤❤

Aidan Kelly

Best of luck!!


Becca talking smack about buds? I don’t even know you anymore! 😂


I usually don’t comment on videos I just like and move on but I think it’s worth me taking time out of my day to tell you you’re an amazing content creator. You’re really entertaining and your comment content is too notch. Keep doing what you do regardless of that competition.

f’d up lulz

Done! Hope you at least move out of last place😆


Voted for you bud!

Jarryd Hall CSI

Done and done! Greatly appreciate your fun yet attention to detail focus in your vids! On the other hand, man that Webby site is bad. I had to give up on the phone and move to a desktop because voting did *not* work for me haha.

Alejandro Carrera

Go Becca! Love all your videos. Every time an earphone gets released I can´t wait to see your microphone review.
Love your vlogs too btw, just in case you decide to post again on your personal channel ❤🫶

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