YouTube Made Me Review This Budget GPU

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YouTube continues to tell us that we have a content gap when it comes to NVIDIA's GT 1030, so we wanted to answer an age-old question: just how much performance do you get for a hundred dollars on a brand new card these days?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:07 GT 1030 vs Onboard
2:50 GT 1030 vs Alternatives
3:53 Gaming on the GT 1030
7:15 Overclocking
9:04 Conclusion
11:28 Outro




Can we just get a week’s worth of content only based on YouTube recommendations? 😂


    ​@F#СК МЕ. ТАР 0N MY Р1СHi

    James Collins

    ​@Alice1 I miss the extended 12″ mixes of songs.


    @Matthew W. If it’s anything like Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody it’d be a banger


    @James Collins The good old days.. Maybe sometime soon? I see a lot of stuff from the 90s seemingly making a stark return nowadays


    @Swagbtw I’m well aware there’s songs that are under 2 minutes, they’ve been around for a good while now. 99% of them don’t have a storyline behind them (and I’m not trying to say that songs always have to have a storyline behind them as they don’t) it just adds to the song if it has a story behind it. Take dreamcatcher’s maison song for example. Sure, only three minutes however has a storyline.

May W

It’s important to note that the GT1030 doesn’t include an NVENC core, so if you’re hoping to use it for transcoding video for say, a plex server, you’ll have to go with something higher end instead. (Minimum in Pascal was GTX 1050ti or a Quadro P400 which is tiny)

    Bảo Quốc

    @Wei it’s great that AMD has good encoder for more intensive content creation tasks, but Intel with the A380 that got improved a lot by corrected drivers has been putting pressure on AMD

    Jonah Simon

    Anyone thinking of getting a 1030, should instead take a look at the Nvidia T400. Basically the same price for a slightly stronger card that has an encoder, supports 3 monitors at 5K resolution (60Hz), and also has a 30 Watt TDP.

    Jame Gumb

    I had a 2nd graphics card. I needed to hook up 2 more screens.

    They can be useful for more I guess. Light inferencing, game AI, I used one at one point for physx, all without burdening the main gpu. I guess using audio pathtracing is another one.

    But for the lighter stuff these days you can probably use the gpu integrated into the cpu. TrueAudio Next reserves very few resources on the main gpu.


    ​@NarkomancersSome 6xx/7xx GTs had NVENC, depending on what chip revision they used.

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    The 1650 has low profile and single slot variants. But none that are both single slot and Low profile AFAIK.


I use a RX580 and I’m totally happy with it! It was one of AMD’s best decisions to give it 8GB cuz it still runs every game I ever tried without problems and at least 60fps, often even well over 100 (obviously on 1080p)


    Mine used to overheat a bit but now it’s all fine


    Yeah, I had one… sadly I had the 4GB version, which rapidly fell behind as games became more demanding. A friend gave me their old 1080 when they upgraded so now I’m doing better.

    Vitor de Lima

    @Logan Bates Gay between three parenthesis.

    GM Doni

    @Meatree5 amazing.. good job man..

    GM Doni

    @petr_je_nej_hej_není_gay ale 500Kč je 500Kč still works well indeed! Hi5


As a GT1030 owner, I would approve of this video and the graphs especially, if I were able to render it.

Jays Gaming Corner

i bought a pre built a while ago with a 1030, the upgrade to a 1080ti was monumental

    Yammo Yammamoto

    ofc… but if you don’t have the money for a 1080… then you don’t have the money for a 1080… 😀

    Ro Lux

    @Yammo Yammamoto aren’t those ancient cards pretty affordable by now?
    I mean a entry level card like a RTX 3050 is better now

    Yammo Yammamoto

    @Ro Lux
    Pretty affordable is relative.
    The card was 100 new, 50 used…
    For some people 50 is a stretch, granted… not for “let them have cake”-Linus, but for some people it is a LOT of money…

    Instantly comparing to cards that are 150 isn’t a viable reply… but rather – it’s the reply of that one annoying, unhelpful, toxic jerk that always exist in every forum… on Youtube – it’s apparently Linus.

    The ONLY thing Linus needed to do – was to say “it’s not a great card… but if it’s all you can afford, here is what performance you can expect playing games X, Y, Z…
    …instead Linus goes and tells struggling people:
    – “just buy a Tesla”.

    I’m putting this channel on “don’t ever recommend” after this atrociously nauseating bull excrement.

    _Sorry if I come off as hostile… it’s not directed towards you – but at jerks that think they can piss on their audience just because they’re famous._


    @Yammo Yammamoto The point is that you’re wasting your money with this card regardless of it being the only thing you can afford. If $50 is a lot to you then maybe just save it and stick to your igpu and the games it can play.

Sasha Valeria

I love that on the steam stats you showed the 750ti was right above the 1030. Like, the 750ti (especially if you can get the 4gig version) is just objectivly better in every way besides power consumption
I’m totally not saying that because it’s the card i’vebeen using since 2014 lol

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    The 750Ti was famous as the first Nvidia card to outperform AMD for compute performance / Watt. If AMD would have gone bankrupt during the dark years, we would remember the 750 Ti as the nail in the coffin.

Justin Eshelman

I love these low end hardware reviews. I think you’d be surprised how many people are running this type of hardware

    Gary Stinten

    Surprised in a bad way or good way??

    Manoj Kumar

    @Gary Stinten its all good man


    I don’t think it’s a surprise when looking at steam hardware survey.

    Justin Eshelman

    @Gary Stinten surprised as in the amount of people running low end hardware. LTT lives in a bubble where (nearly) everyone they interact with runs high end hardware. In reality, a lot of people are scraping by on the lowest-end hardware that’s out there. Or really really old hardware. So I think that there’s a real audience out there that would find these low end hardware reviews helpful. And I think it’s awesome that LTT is giving recommendations on the best alternatives for a given price range.

Sebastian Contreras

I was trying to decide between the Rx550 and GT1030 some years ago, but then realized that the RX560 was way faster and not much more expensive so I went for that

It was like 25% more expensive, but literally double the performance


    @Bird Man even that seems over priced compared to a new RX 580 for $90, it’s less than twice the price and double the VRAM is starting to become a very worthwhile feature. It also sounded like used cards were going for about that too post mining bust.


    @kz thats not true across the board it depends entirely on your use case. For 40-50 bucks you got a failry powerful tiny card for the tpd. Its fucked that it doesn’t have nvec but it still made for an excellent little card to play 4k tv on a mini htpc. They where also total powerhouses for bulding a mame station. Even more so if you wanted to use a crt.


    @zeroa69 If you have absolutely no interest in 3D gaming then yeah, otherwise you could buy a used 1050.

    Furious TV

    nowadays an hidden gem is the rx 6600M, it has the same performance and even slightly better perf than a rx 6600 if you unlock it and fiddle a little bit with it’s better memory, and it’s made for desktop too


    i was going to buy an RTX 3090 for 250


Bought a Rx580 right before the pandemic for about $150 and it’s been absolute beast for the past 3 years. I’ll upgrade soon but I couldn’t have been happier with it. Highly recommend for those on a budget

    s G

    I bought it when it was released for 100 wanted a bit mine for fun but broke the bios and had then always so much to do so never used it. Then I repaired it 2-3 years ago mined 100 bucks or sth on it and sold it for 400 on the peak of crypto hype.


    Also remember 480 is literally the same GPU just clocked a bit lower, so if you can find that used for super cheap then just buy it and OC it, that’s literally what AMD did lol.

    Domantas Dobrovolskas

    right now it’s 800+ euro in europe for new ones

    Andres Acosta

    I got my 1070ti from this guy that bought a 3080 on release. $200 and a few weeks later the shortage hit hard.


    My 1050ti died right before the shortage. Got the 580 for $190. Slight improvement out of the box, got better with driver updates, haven’t found a game it won’t run at playable levels. Not really needing anything better for at least a year or two.

    Unless your power supply is trash or it won’t fit in the case, the 580 is the budget builder’s card, in my opinion.


The RX580 8Gb was such a good buy in the long run.
Still kicking in my father’s computer running recent games like Company of Heroes 3.

Christiaan Claassen

I ran my RX 580 8GB since it’s launch up until January of this year when I upgraded to 3070ti. Would recommend it if your budget is tight, such a great card.


That half height card is important for those some of those small desktops that business get rid of. I have a friend who got an old Dell from work last year and I think he put a 1030 in it.

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    There are half height and single slot variants of the 1650, but none that have both AFAIK. if you have 2 half height slots, the 1650 is a much better option.


The gt 1030 will always be sentimental to me for being part of the office tower case scraped together first pc that my friends all pitched in on for my 13th birthday (stock motherboard/power supply and a 6th Gen Intel i5!). It was definitely a massive upgrade from the low end asus laptop I was trying to use before. This review just makes me thankful that I’ve found this channel and have learned enough to know objectively that cards like this are a bad option. It ran Minecraft, terraria, CSGO, destiny, and rainbow 6 well enough for me at the time though, which I guess is a lesson in low expectations making a happier person 🤷


    I still have an i5 6500 and it works great!

James Button

It’s great to see some consideration towards the lower end hardware 😄 would love to see the entry level newer stuff too such as the RX 6500XT 😁 built a few PC’s with those and I find them to be quite impressive, outperforming stuff like the GTX 1060 6GB and RX 580 for £170 new 🤣

    Rares Macovei

    Yeah, but you know the usual compromises. 4 GB VRAM and needing PCIe 4.0 for best performance.


    Honestly, for $170 or below you just might as well take the risk and buy a used GPU, instead. For around $140-$170, you can fairly easily pick up either a Vega 64, 2060 or RX 5700 off Ebay. Any of them will easily push out 90fps at 1080p, in most current games.


I enjoyed this, it’s interesting to see how older cards perform nowadays! Would like to see more like this in the future

Lionel Alva

Need more such videos as it makes me feel a lot better about my 1660ti.

Dale Cooper

Man, I love how this channel is about tech, but pure entertainment. A gem.


One thing you overlooked, is passive cooling on many sku’s. That along with power target and size is why i bought one for an old prebuilt that I turned into a relatively decent htpc at the time for £60 outlay.


This really brings me back to my childhood, looking at the absolute lowest cost cards because my parents weren’t going to spend “extra” unless I gave them a good reason.

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