Samsung A54 Matte or Gloss

Which do you prefer? the Samsung Galaxy A53 with its gloss frame and matte back? or the Samsung Galaxy A54 with matte frame and gloss back? We think one is better than the other but what do you think?

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I like A54 more.
One of the reasons cause it was easiest one to repair.
And matte back feels better too.

Adithyan S. Vijayan

Matte finish


I hate glass backs. Much more likely to crack if dropped.

shubhankar das


Vishnu Karthik

A54 and then get a matte cover… You get a lighter phone too

Fabio Raitz

My A71 has a fake chrome frame with a silver matte plastic back, it feels very nice.


I don’t like glass backs on anything, they look great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re horrible fingerprint magnets. I currently own a OnePlus 8T, which has a glass back, but I use a phone case.


I’m team phone case. So it really does not matter.

Jana Bama

Matte. All day, baby πŸ˜»πŸ’—

Shadow The HellJumper


I immediately put a case on every phone I get so the feel and design are irrelevant


I think you are better. Cheers

stef catalin

Don’t really care, I use a case. But for replacing batteries and durability….plastic for sure, handles impacts better than glass

Johnny P

I’m tired of reviewers obsessing over dumb finish differences that don’t matter because 90% of people are going to use a case anyway. That’s how we ended up with glass backs that are less durable and other dumb distinctions like rounded off edges on screens so it’s annoying AF to get a screen protector to work.

    Android Authority


Edward Fletcher

Hot tip ! DON’T put your thumbnail text at the bottom where it gets overwritten by the YouTube file name !

Binoy Mathew

Gloss frame on a matte body is always better. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ½

Bruno Miguel Santos

Don’t care, i use a case for the back …


Matte body anyday


WRONG the back of the A54 Is GLASS

Nabid Hasan

matt frame, matt body

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