Goodbye Trackpad!

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The LG Gram is a lightweight and powerful laptop with an impressive battery life, making it perfect for on-the-go productivity and entertainment. However, if you prioritize high-end graphics and gaming performance, it may not meet the requirements of heavy-duty gaming and graphics applications. Overall a decent laptop for on the go.

Edit: The track pad could definitely be a big deal to those who prefer that type of style or those who absolutely despise it.


Well after Dell has done it, probably thin and lights from other brands will also be using this kind of lower deck with invisible track a lot in the future.


I can’t believe it’s not butter!

Stick around, more Family Guy to come


It look lit thanks for the amazing videos austin

black superman

What a way to start the day

G Four Gadget

It’s actually one of the best looking thin and light laptop, and provides decently enough power for work. The invisible track pad is cool thou!


Trust me, from experience it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I had an old laptop that the trackpad was the same texture as the case and there was no noticeable edge. So I would go off the end of the trackpad constantly, it was annoying. I just started using a mouse.


I love the LG Gram series of laptops

Cricket England

Yea my XPS 13 is just like this

Jake Bonnett

I HATE when touchpads are hard to see, but the inclusion of the LEDs is awesome. So it can hide when I’m not using it but easily to find.

J Ren

Definitely agree, LG make great products. My TV is an LG, so was my last TV. My parents have also been buying LG for ages. Just wish they would come out with a gaming laptop.

Alex Sanchez

You guys are dope, keep up the good work dudes. Smoke weed every day.

The Lone Gunman

Now I have to have a harder time looking for the trackpad? Can we just get a whole trackpad minus the palm rest area

Pasha GG

ive seen toshiba ones with invisible touchpad


If I get this laptop, I’m gonna make my own trackpad border with a decal that closely resembles the original surface 😅

Axels Mayo

i watched the video and im still not clear on why the LG gram style is “so amazing” loll

Ryan 🎵

Yeah, the fact that is invisible is like the dumbest idea they could’ve possibly come up with. Yeah I don’t wanna know where the edge of my screen is can you remove the case it comes in know it’s stupid why would


now we just need one with a Ryzen 7840U

Shaun Kellison

Goodbye repairability!

100K Sub With No Video

Austin never disappoints us, he’s an incredible Content Creator and always creates masterpieces. His content is amazing.

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