Nintendo’s Lawyers are Ready This Time – Nintendo Wii Dev Kit

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The Nintendo NDev is the Wii that Nintendo doesn’t want you to have. What sets it apart from the default bog standard Wii? Is it filled with the usual hardware and software or is it stuffed with beta quirks and Miyamoto’s secret poetry?

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 The first Wii was fake
0:30 All the Wii dev kits
1:40 Teardown
2:05 JK, here's the outside first
3:24 Ok, NOW we look at the insides
7:10 Turning it on (feat. Windows XP)
8:15 The Simpsons game demo
9:50 Heat & power draw
10:56 GoldenEye game demo
13:22 Naruto game demo




Nintendo has been real lawsuity this month
I’m amazed you posted this


    they only sue people they know they can intimidate


    @Adithya Dewangga they got mad at Deadmau5 for making a “Purrari” badge and putting it on his car, not for the livery


    Maybe they borrowed Dbrands lawyers


    @CubedMelons A multi-million dollar company vs a multi-billion dollar company (Nintendo). I wonder who comes out on top…..


Nintendo really needs to allow content creators to make content about its games. It’s ridiculous at this point.


    the amount of nintendo bootlickers in this thread is great.

    Wide-O killed the wadio star

    @S41L0R Nah, under your comment of “ikr”, google kindly translated it to “ikr” for me


    @xNyxiee i think they just havent heard the news


    Nintendo really needs to do a lot of stuff, but they won’t, because Nintendo is shite.


    @Ghomer HustCan Mario track my pupils using the camera?

Ryan Murray

Linus really do be testing Nintendo lately 😂

For real though glad to see a stance against Nintendo’s crazy actions.

    Chris aka Schulbus

    @Yeriel Zamora They get the topic a bit more attention, that’s good.
    But many in this comment section are praising them like linus and co are heroes. When they are just using their damn freedom of expression.
    That shouldn’t be “brave”… that shouldn’t be something that earns you respect or anything.

    Alex Barbu

    Where exactly is the stance against Nintendo in this? Am I taking crazy pills and missing something? Linus just gave Nintendo free advertising without calling out any of their predatory behavior.


    And it’s a good thing, too. LTT is probably the largest non-corporate channel on YT, if anyone can make a change it’s them


    @Daylen if a stupid hack can destroy linus channel you think a multi billionaire company cant?

Jaime Morais

That is the secret, mates. Nintendo’s Lawyers are always ready to go crazy.


Seeing this video of someone using Windows XP just brought back so many memories of simpler times. It may not have been the most advanced OS, but there was something charming about its familiar startup sound and colorful interface. Nostalgia hits hard when I think about all the hours I spent customizing my desktop and playing classic games like Minesweeper and Solitaire. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

    Brobecks Kazoo Remixes

    Just installed it on my steamdeck lol


    I used Windows XP in 2006*-2013 until I switched to Windows 7 which I used until late 2020.

    *On my mom’s laptop which was basically the family computer. My own PC ran Windows ME until 2009


    I still end up using Windows XP a few times a year. I have an old scanner that doesn’t have drivers past XP and doesn’t work properly under Linux (everything comes out pink), so an XP virtual machine keeps it in use.


    tho I do hope that PC is airgapped enough tho it might be a VM

    Microwave Dave

    @Roxor128 Check to see if VueScan can use it

Haris Khan

Linus way of telling companies to do better is just on another level

    rick roller

    ​@Kelb 😅😅

    rick roller

    ​@billyhatcher643 iok😅😅😅😅jbk😊

    rick roller

    ​@fleur’de’ win ä

    rick roller

    ​@Kelb 😅&ö


    Yeah. I always go to people with no real world code experience to comment on hardware for code development….

Aman Khanna

I love how he just tells companies to do better. Thank you for the amazing work, LMG!

Luci Cuh

very brave video considering all the pointcrow drama with nintendo copystriking lmao




    when will vince upload??


    Nice spam YouTube short lol


    And the ridiculous Gary bowser sentencing

matt osborne

The controllers were removed due to the hack that allowed you to use a wii with an external HDD that contained all the games and would be fine unless you tried to play any title that connected up to the net. I knew some of the guys in the CS dept of uni where I was at the time who successfully did this. They bought units that had a broken CD drive and got them “Working” again.

Jasper Peters

You could also use the SD slot with the photo channel. And because Nintendo put in some fun “tools” I actually liked doing that from time to time as a kid. Go through our photos on the TV and maybe doodle something on it, do a sliding puzzle of one of the photos. ’twas good fun.

Emma Lethaltail

YES!! I lent this kit out to LMG a few months back, and it was great talking with them to coordinate that. I really like how this devkit series is going.

    I Love Cats

    Did it get tagged?


As far as the Wii Mini goes, it has the hardware for at least half of the GC compatibility, that can be modded back in. I did some light diving into the idea when some channel was doing Wii mods, and found this out, I’m not sure if the other half of GC compatibility exists elsewhere on the board, or if there was a chip change that sacrificed compatibility, etc., but there’s at least pads for two controller pinouts and a memory card pinout.

The wired WiiMote thing is also a bit weird. I went patent diving at one time and there was a full wireless variant based on the GameCube, controller port wireless module and a full WiiMote. IIRC this was also during the middle of the GC’s lifecycle, wireless was _super_ early in development and probably an extension of the WaveBird’s wireless, so these wired WiiMotes must’ve been super early, and for some reason retained throughout the devkits. It also has nothing to do with the IR, as tracking is internal to the WiiMote themselves, the sensor bar was just an emitter with standardized placement of the LEDs for the WiiMote’s tracking triangulation. Assuming GC had the API overhead for motion tracking (which realistically was just a stick replacement in most uses), motion could’ve existed on the platform, given how the dev cycle for the Wii played out; which also means those GC-Wii dev units had updated firmware to allow for this, which makes me curious how forward-compatible the GC could’ve been with updated firmware.

Aristides Tranquillini Neto

4:00: the Wii retailed with 512mb of storage, not 256mb, so it was not the double, but the same.
Love to see these videos of dev kits, but what I love more is this segue, to our sponsor!


    Came here to say the exact same thing.


    I can confirm because my BootMii Nand backups are ~512MB.

    Ed the Nerd

    Not to mention calling this some precursor to the wii. This was the main dev kit used throughout the wii’s entire lifespan.

    Amina [F?СК.МЕ]



    also this is why a soft modded wii only usb 2 can be used for disk image ,ssme protocal as the dev kit instructions


I got to round Eurocom (the Goldeneye reboot Dev) in Derby, UK, right after they closed down. They had piles of Wii U dev Kits in the main corridor (I assume Dev kits, they had the same controllers but different chassis). One of the coolest things was the MoCap studio to the rear of the site, a big warehouse lined with black sheeting. The cameras had been removed but all the mounts were still in place.
A lot of the art dept was still full of sketches of the Tarzan game they did from the late 90’s, a massive Batman stature, and a post it Pikachu.
Shame they went they way they did, went from a 250+ employee company to bust in a year.


Absolutely love these dev kit videos. Great stuff!

Ingwie Phoenix

Sometimes, I feel like Linus is just ready to challenge Nintendo, full force, and is just waiting for them to strike first. xD
Always love a look at a devkit, those things are true gems!

    E V

    There’s nothing challenging Nintendo in this video. You got baited.


About Goldeneye;
It’s a “gate deliverable.” Could’ve been for a Kick-Off, First Prototype, Alpha, etc.
David is pretty much correct; it’s the package you show to editorial about the progress of the game and make sure things are still going as planned. Sometimes they’re “vertical slices” of the game, where it’s a short part of the actual full game. Sometimes they’re tech demos and prototype showcases like in this case.

Steven Yau

Having enough USB ports free for the Wii dev kit was a bit of a challenge at times 😅

The IDE was CodeWarrior (the Code Masters guess was close!)


    could you use a USB hub?

    Steven Yau

    @CouchPotator Yes but for other devices. I vaguely remember that you couldn’t use it for the dev kit cables due to some issue.

    Carl Mueller

    @CouchPotator You could use a USB hub. It was easier to move an SDEV with the plugged-in hub than otherwise. The 4th hub port was taken up by the USB-serial adapter (for the serial debug output).


    You were a Wii dev?

    Steven Yau

    @isaac10231 I worked on a couple of cross platform games at EA during the Wii, PS2/3 and Xbox era 🙂


A blockout in game dev terms is a rough design of a level containing no detailed models, just blocks to show the general layout and design. they are good for testing the flow of the level before adding environmental details.

    DOGGO_ Woo

    @Jonathan Haller Ayy, a fellow Hawken player! Unfortunate they shut down the game though 🙁

    Raghar de ishi

    I was doing that stuff on paper. In some cases I could just scan paper and let an algorithm to autogenerate stuff.

    Jonathan Haller

    @DOGGO_ Woo ⚰️o7


    i remember that stanley game got a level with that. I think CSGO had some maps that’s basically that too… feels more like Airsoft training camp

    Jonathan Haller

    @PrograError Dev texture with albedo


As someone studying games development I always love seeing these dev kit videos from you guys.

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